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For 4 weeks

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I have been strictly vegan and I have gained 15 pounds. How is that?

I have been drinking tons of water and eating only good, healthy meals. I make sure I eat a variety of foods to balance my diet and I take a vegan daily vitamin.

I am already obese and this is not helping my self esteem. I am embarrassed and hate myself.

This evening I went shopping for clothing and noticed I don't where a 26.28 anymore, but a 32.

I am at such a loss.
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I am no longer a practicing vegan... but I am wondering are you hitting the carbs hard? Are you eating brown rice instead of white? (white rice send my blood sugar though the roof)
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oh mama, you sound very frustrated.
what types of foods are you eating the most? many vegans eat a diet high in grains, nuts, and seeds which for some people is just too many carbs and fats. i've been vegetarian for about 10yrs and overweight for pretty much all that time. just recently i've started losing weight by making greens, fruits, and veggies the bulk of my diet; i eat one, sometimes two servings of grains a day (and sometimes none at all) and 1-2 servings of nuts/seeds. i occasionally eat eggs and cheese too, but not everyday. granted i've also started a regualr exercise program but it wasn't until i started incorporating more raw foods into my diet that i saw a big difference; in fact i did 30 days of almost all raw vegan foods and lost 12lbs in that month alone. and i felt great too, not deprived or hungry as i thought i might be. if you're interested in learning more about a raw vegan lifestyle there's lots of information available on the web. heck, there's even a thread on this board.
i hope you find some peace mama.
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hardly any carbs at all.

Mostly I eat fruits, veggies, some rice, even less of potato.

Maybe I eat to late at night.
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It could be the fruits... I would try and back off of them some and do more veggies. What are you using for protien sources? What time are you normally eating at night? That has been my problem lately. I have been eating with my husband at 8 when he is getting home... bad for my hips... very bad.
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I gained a lot when I was a vegetarian, too. My body really needs larger quantities of protein than I was able to get through a veggie diet. (I was a veg for seven years.)
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Originally Posted by Artisan View Post
I gained a lot when I was a vegetarian, too. My body really needs larger quantities of protein than I was able to get through a veggie diet. (I was a veg for seven years.)

This is my end too veganism as well. I have PCOS and I could just not make it work for me.
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Are you getting enough protein in? Beans or anything like that? Maybe there is an allergy to something going on.... something that you are suddenly eating more of?
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Originally Posted by hotwings640 View Post
Are you getting enough protein in? Beans or anything like that? Maybe there is an allergy to something going on.... something that you are suddenly eating more of?
I'd look into this.

The whole eating late at night thing is a myth. It doesn't matter when you eat (I grew up eating dinner at 8:30pm every night and my parents still eat this way) but rather balancing calories in vs calories out. That's barring any reactions to foods or thyroid issues etc.
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Could you be retaining fluids? You mentioned lots of water.
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First of all, .

If you are trying to lose weight with your diet, then I think you might want to look at Eat to Live. There's a lot of good information in that book (by Dr. Joel Furhman), and it's compatible with a vegan diet. If you're not already, it would be a good time to add some sort of exercise, walking, dancing, or something like that.
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Originally Posted by Potty Diva View Post
I am already obese and this is not helping my self esteem. I am embarrassed and hate myself.

This evening I went shopping for clothing and noticed I don't where a 26.28 anymore, but a 32.

I am at such a loss.
Potty Diva, in my post I completely skipped over this part and I'm sorry.

Try to be easy on yourself as you figure out what's happening. You're treating your body to a healthy, respectful diet and maybe it's just adjusting.

If you're interested I know several people who have done very well keeping to low GI foods. Foods that fill you up, don't spike your blood sugar etc.. BF lost quite a bit more weight than I did when we made the switch but he definitely eats lower on the gylcemic index than I do. First thing he does when he gets up is make oatmeal and I can't stomach food in the morning so I usually skip breakfast and go until lunch and then eat. I think not keeping my blood sugar even right from rising is why I haven't lost in the same way BF has.

I'm sorry you're feeling down. I wish I had something empowering to say to you. I'm really trying to let go of body issues but it's hard living in the society we do.
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Thank you mamas.

It all kind of overwhelmed me when I went shopping for work closes tonight.

And I was embarrassed. I was wearing a pair of khaki linen pants that I love. I happened to look in the dressing room mirror and noticed they had gotten so thin that I could see the color of my underwear through them- and I have been wearing these pants to work! I just started feelign so horrible about myself.

Back to food intake:
I eat kidney, black, and pinto beans for protein, oh and lentels, but I prefer the first three.

I haven't been exercising at all, in fact I have been so tired lately

I am easting much, much less than I was a month ago, but I am going to start doing some exercising tomorrow. I also work four hours a day- sitting on my butt (I do data entry and receptionist work) so I am sure that is not helping.

When I first started I lost 10 pounds immediately. It's so strange.

I'll see what exercising does for me- thanks mamas.
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OK - how much of your food is made from scratch and how much are you buying in? If you are eating any processed things, or meat subs or dairy subs then these could well be your culprits. Any amount of nuts over a handful a day is considered too much by most dieticians - and a handful turns into about 2tsp of nut butter...

I suspect that your diet has probably got the fat/protein/starch balance rather off kilter, and that is what has caused the weight gain. Its really easy to slather on the fats and oils with a new vegan diet because you miss the mouth feel of dairy fats, and quickly find that 40% plus of calorie intake is fat!! Aiming for 20% and less is usually about right for most people, however they eat, although aiming to eat a good balance of the omega fatty acids will actually promote weight loss, as well as helping your brain :-) WRT the fruit/veg balance, you need to be eating around 4 servings of veg to each serving of fruit, and around 30-35% of your daily veg intake should be greens. Eating as much of your veg intake as possible raw will help with satity, and you can swap out potato products for sweet potatoes to lower the GI balance nicely :-)
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Your body is adjusting to all the change. Sometimes when our bodies feel like we are depriving it of something, it will go into defense mode and start hoarding calories and fats. Once your body realizes it is not being deprived, this should level out. You also mentioned that you lost ten pounds very quickly. A lot of this was probably natural water that you have now picked back up. You were probably dehydrated so again the body is balancing itself out. As long as you are getting all the nutrients you need and a good balance of fats, proteins, carbs, you will balance out. It just takes time. Our bodies do not like for us to make sudden changes.

I know how you feel about feeling bad about yourself. My son's birthday was the other day. When I saw pictures of myself from his party, I thought "who is this ugly fat person." I was feeling really bad that day and the pictures just confirmed how fat and ugly I was. I wear between a 30 and 32 depending on how it's made, occasionally still a 28. It's hard to think well of yourself at this size. I have an old t-shirt that says "All women are beautiful." It has drawings of women from super super thin to the Goddess of Villindorf, (Very large). I wear it whenever I'm feeling really down on myself. And I get so many compliments when I'm wearing it.

You are a beautiful strong woman. Your body will level itself out. Then if you want to lose weight you will be able to. Andif you don't want to lose weight, you will love the you who you truely are.

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can you give us an example of what you normally eat in a day?

have you heard of the book 'green for life'? i'm halfway through it right now and it's been a real eye opener for me. greens are high in protein, and low in carbs and fat; almost all other vegan protein sources are either high fat (nuts&seeds) or high carbs (grains&beans). the author suggests that greens are one of the most perfectly balanced foods for humans to eat and that they should be the majority of our diet. personally i've been drinking a quart of green smoothie every morning for a couple of months and it has done wondeful things for my body. blendning the greens makes them easier to digest (and IMO easier to eat in huge amounts!). it's definitly something to look into, if you're interested in overhauling your eating and changing your body i would highly recommend reading the book.
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I have been following a diet plan that could easily be talored to be vegan. My plan has egg whites or a whole egg every few mornings and 4 oz of chicken every few days. It has lots of beans, brown rice, barley, veggies and fruit. But for example I cannot eat Bananas, pineapple or avacados.. I cannot eat white rice, pasta patotoes or bread yet....which I miss but can deal with. I have lost 15lbs this month so far..I can pm you the details if you are interested. Just let me know. I am twice the woman I used to be and it is not fun!
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We rarely have prepackaged foods. Maybe twice since we started. Everything else is cooked from scratched and we only use extra virgin olive oil for cooking.

Daily intake:

morning snack of either an apple, banana, nuts, dairless pumpkin bread, and two bottles of water (I eat one of the foods listed not all of them at one time)

We eat earlier now, so at about 4-5 pm we have dinner consisting of:

a bean and 2-3 veggies
rice and some veggies
baked potato and veggies
noodles and veggies

I do not eat anything with meat or dairy (no butter, sour cream, cream cheese, milk, ice cream, etc)

No canned veggies (only fresh, once or twice frozen).

We have been eatin white rice though because it is what we have i the house, but, I have been eating far less than before the change.

I eat strawberries, cantaloupe, apples, and bananas (some kind of fruit daily)

veggies 2-3 times day

We drink soy milk (could this be the culprit?)

We eat soy ice cream (it's expensive so I have only bought it twice)

I am not exercising at all.

There must be something I am not doing right.

I notice I do eat more of whatever I cook though. I do not snack except for on raw veggies.

Do you think making a list of what I eat daily for a week or so would help figure it out? I can write down the amounts as well.

Thanks for the iput mamas.
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I did not have the experience that you did of gaining weight on a vegan diet, so this may or may not be at all helpful. (I.e. -- take it with a grain of salt if need be.)

What you list in your daily diet sounds fairly reasonable. The one thing that I have always found helps me lose weight, though, is eating lots and lots of fruits and veggies. Counting them out and eating around 8-12 servings of fruits and veggies/day (it's a ton) always takes a few lbs off for me. I'm not overweight to start with and not very tall so a few lbs is noticable. I would imagine that, if you have weight to lose, you'd drop more than a few lbs.

Just a couple other ?s:

You mention losing 10 lbs. at the start and then gaining 15 lbs. So, are you now at a net gain of 5 lbs. or did you regain the 10 plus another 15 for a net gain of 15?

Do you have any idea how many calories total you are eating in a day? I have to be honest that this is not something I count at all and the idea of living on some of the caloric amounts I see in some diets in magazines, for instance (like 1200-1400), sounds a bit low to me. I'd hazard to guess that I eat at least 2000 calories/day, but I could be wrong. Perhaps keeping a food journal for a few days and calculating the total avg calorie intake/day might help you ascertain if you need to reduce quantity or fill up more on lower cal foods like raw fruits and veggies.

That said, and despite my touting of fruits and veggies, I would strongly recommend not cutting fats super low as you will be constantly hungry and/or lacking a feeling of satiety. I always eat some avocado or roasted almonds or peanut butter or something like that so that I am not overly hungry or feeling deprived. I would suggest those fats that you find the most satisfying and can eat without eating in large quantity, though. For me that would be roasted almonds over raw almonds, for example.
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It's hard to say, but that doesn't seem like you're eating enough food.
One goal that I try to keep up with (paraphrased from Eat to Live) is to eat a lb of raw veggies a day, a lb of cooked veggies a day, and 4-5 servings of fruit.
When I'm trying to watch my weight, I shoot for this every day, then add in a few other things (some protien source and some grains - by having some dry cereal with breakfast and usually a lifestream waffle, and having rice/tofu or something with a stir fry for dinner).
It takes a lot of eating to get in 2 lbs of veggies a day, so you feel pretty full. (Just for reference, a pre-washed bag of salad greens is 5 oz...so you would need to eat 3 bags!).
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