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Who is feeling movements?

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I just felt the baby move! Wow, it's awfully early, yet I definitely felt it. It was like a tiny tickle. : Like someone was doing a butterfly kiss from the inside.
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I have an- awareness of activity? It's not related to gassiness, and feels different to gas, but I'm very aware that there is someone independent of me living and growing and stuff down there.
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Im feeling movement, my husband swears Im nuts, but I know I feel her moving in there!
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You know, my MW laughed at me when I thought I was feeling movement with #3 a few years ago, and she's a petty down to earth open minded lady. I swear I am feeling something when I lay down at night, and it is not gas... I wonder if it is just the extra blood flowing though my uterus.?.? In any case, I'd like to believe it's my little one!
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I'm pretty sure I have been feeling the baby for the last week or two. Flutters and swishes.
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I'm with Flapjack on this one - since this is my first though, I have no idea what to expect. But I'm pretty sure my uterus is moving up, and since m/s kicked in, I'm just very very aware of this babe and that he is his own little life and I'm the vessel. It's pretty cool.
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Wow! No movement here, I don't expect to feel any for at least another month. I am anxious though and can't wait to feel that very first kick! With my first pregnancy I knew right away when I felt it that it was the baby--there was no feeling like it! It felt like a strong involuntary eyelid twitch in my belly. Such a fun feeling!
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Yep! I felt movement the other night. It felt like a twitch and a flutter, just like with dd. I've felt it a couple times, but that night it was definite and lasted 3-5 seconds. The babe was spazzing out or something!
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I have felt things I would like to think are the baby, but my gas is so out of control that I'm almost positive that's all it is. Sometimes I think I feel weird muscle spasms, like my uterus stretching, but who really knows? I can't wait though!
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I'm so excited that there are others who feel it this early too. People think I am nuts, but my midwife didn't think I was! Woohoo.
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I'm only 8 weeks along, so I haven't felt anything yet. Those arms and legs dont move independantly yet. But, I felt my first pregnancy at 15 weeks and my second at 11 weeks. I'm hoping this will be an early moving and shaker too.
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The past week or so I've been feeling a lot down there, but it was quickly followed by gas. So last night when I felt the tiny flutter I waited.. and nothing. I realized that my stomach didn't hurt and I didn't have gas at all. Then I felt the flutter a few more times. It was low on the left side, right where they picked up the heartbeat with the doppler. (I know this because she tried in the middle and on the right and nothing. It took her 10 minutes to find it because it was tucked down low on the left side.)

I'm not 100% sure... but I do think I felt the baby last night.
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I'm sitting at the computer right now feeling the bean move about and loving it
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I have been feeling little bumps down low that I know are not gas bubbles! When I was listening with my doppler the other day I could hear his little kicks right where I have been feeling stuff so I know it's the bub and not gas.
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