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So who is still nursing a kiddo?

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I know there were quite a few of us who were planning on tandeming(whether willingly or not )...who is left, and how is it going?

Sam (my 4.5 yr old) rarely nursess at all anymore. He goes a day or two sometimes even. When he does nurse it is quick.

Violet on the other hand. LOL She was down to just a couple of times a day while I was empty, but now that I have colostrum again she is wanting to be attached to me all. day. long. And she cries when I say, ok...mommy has to do this, or that(you know pee, or eat something). I worry a little bit about her wanting to nurse nonstop when new babe is here. Last time I tandemed Sam gained 34# in the year following Violet's birth. I really believe there were other things involved, chemically or emotionally with him, but I still get scared about it.

So, how are you all doing?
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I've got the same situation as your older one. Sorry no advice but I wanted to send you a hug. DS is 3.5 and was still nursing round the clock when I got pregnant, but really slowed down dramatically and is now down to once a day or even once every couple days. He will have a quick sip and then say, "Oh, better save some for the baby." and he's done.
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My 2.5 year old still nurses 2-3 times in a 24 hr period. He goes through the night without it, which was a major struggle, but he still likes to nurse to sleep. I can see that being a problem when the baby is born, although my sister still nurses both her toddler and her 7 month old to sleep at night. Not at the same time, though.

With my oldest (who self-weaned at a little over 4) the nurse-to-sleep session was one of the last he gave up, even though he had been going to sleep by himself at naptime for a long, long time before that. Sometimes I feel guilty that I'm depriving ds2 of the chance to wean on his own schedule by getting pregnant. I know he would not have night weaned yet if I hadn't insisted. But then I've always regretted not being able to give ds1 a sibling closer in age, so I guess if it's not one thing it's another.
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My 2.5 year old loooooooves nursing and would probably nurse all day if I let her. I'm pretty worried about how she'll react to seeing a baby nurse. . .
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I am still nursing my four year old about three times a day, sometimes more and other days less. She is sleeping alone most nights in the toddler bed in our room so that is getting easier. She really wants me to go to sleep with her more than anything and then when she wakes up it is kind of iffy, depends on her mood. I have milk again but just on the right side as far as I can tell. That side is getting sore and I had a lump a few days ago so had to offer to nurse more. At least I am not as tender anymore when she latches. Since I am 35 weeks today I don't really see things changing. We do talk a lot about the baby coming and that he will need to nurse all the time. She won't really get it until he arrives though.
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my ds is 1.75 now and nurses like a fiend. lately my nips have been too sore for a bra so i'm just wearing a tshirt and he LOVES that. he won't leave me alone. and it hurts really, really badly to feed him... plus the strong, instant ctx i get when he feeds... : i'd gladly wean him right now but i know he wouldn't go for it.
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DD will be 3 on Oct 6 and would nurse all day long if she could. I posted on the earlier nursing thread about cutting her back from 3x a day to 2x, then just to morning na-nas. I had *the worst* creepy-crawlies when nursing her; aversion just isn't a strong enough word for it. She was totally fine with the cut-backs until a couple weeks ago when she started asking all day long and seemed truly hurt when I said no/distracted/etc. : So I gave in and while I still feel some aversions to it, nursing her is easier than a few months ago. It still hurts though. She does this cute little giggle when I say yes to her request that makes me feel so good about still nursing her though.

I really wonder how much she'll want to nurse when I have lot of milk.
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DS will be 2 Sept. 7th, he is still nursing 2x a day. I did night wean him 4 months ago, and last month cut out the morning meme's too. I realized that what he really needs first thing in the morning is breakfast and nursing him only dragged things out. He nurses to sleep at nap time and has a quick nurse before laying down to sleep at night.

I also am wondering what's going to happen when the new baby comes and I have lots of milk.
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Originally Posted by ani'smommy View Post
My 2.5 year old loooooooves nursing and would probably nurse all day if I let her. I'm pretty worried about how she'll react to seeing a baby nurse. . .
ditto for me.
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Violet and I talk a lot about the baby needing lots of num nums and her sharing and stuff. I actually think Sam might wean all the way once the baby is really here and he see's how small she is, and then how small VIolet is and what a big boy he is(not that I say anythign like that, but he's a smart kiddo).

I think she will be ok sharing(thank god I have two breasts), but I worry she is going to want to nurse every time the baby does(which is how it worked with all my other kids), and I am not sure I can handle that at this point. I've been nursing for almost 10 years with no break. I am sort of worn out. LOL
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My 31-month-old is still nursing She's down to about 2-3 times a day, from around 8-10 when I conceived. She night-weaned in January with very little help from me. Thank goodness, I was so exhausted.

But like ani'smommy and walden's momma I'm worried that she'll be a bit freaked out when she sees the new baby nursing. I talk to her a lot about it trying to prepare her, but don't know if that's going to adequately prepare her for the experience. She's in a very MINE phase right now.
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DS is still nursing to sleep and during our nightly baths. But I keep it very short since it feels like a clamp on my nipples even when he's trying to be gentle. I really hope it's due to the milk having dried up and that it won't be so irritating when the milk returns. I've been telling him that his sister is going to be bringing milk with her to share with him so he will see that she's bringing something to the table too.
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I'm nursing my 21.5mo 1-2 times a day, although he'd gladly nurse more if I could handle it. Nursing has been incredibly painful this entire pregnancy and I'm so relieved it's almost over! He nightweaned himself at 17 months, thank goodness. I'm very much looking forward to enjoying nursing again. I don't think DS will have too much difficulty adjusting to sharing his milkies - he's very laid-back and easygoing.
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Still nursing my 18m old. Man, she just wanted to nurse all day today. We've been talking a lot more about the baby needing "eee, eees" and I think she might be understanding a little and not doing well with it. *sigh*

I've got a kid who needs so much advanced notice on everything we do, this is going to be tough.
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