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Pregnancy after being deemed infertile?

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Anyone else out there in the group pregnant after being told it wasn't likely to ever happen? In Jan 05 my husband and I started to try for a baby. After a year still no luck. After appointments with my dr and urologist we were referred on to a fertility clinic. After several tests there it was determined that due to an injury at age 11 my husbands swimmers just didn't swim very well. The clinic gave us less than 10% chance we would ever concieve naturally and 35-40% if we did IVF. Well since we don't have the 12 to 14,000 sitting around for IVF we quit. Gave up. That was May 06. Here we are to today almost 12 weeks pregnant and still sort of shocked about it! Very excited! Anyone else been througth the lows and highs of inferility?
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My cousin was told in her late teens that she would never be able to have children (not quite sure why though). She's 29 now, just had her third last year, he joined a 1 y/o sister and a 7 y/o brother.
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When I went to Planned Parenthood because my mom wanted to "put me on the pill" when I was 13, the doctor said (in the hallway but loud enough for me to hear) that I had an abnormally small uterus and would never be able to have kids so there was no way he was going to follow my mother's wishes and wind up with a lawsuit in a few years. The other doctor suggested handing me some condoms and sending me on my way but the first doctor didn't think that would satisfy my mother so I wound up with a diaphragm and no motivation to use it consistently and correctly.

It was six more years before my first unplanned pregnancy, so I am hardly a Fertile Myrtle, but I have had three unplanned and one planned between the ages of 19 and 27.

It was a long time before I was ready to accept the fact that Mr. Right, or even Mr. This-will-do, was not going to materialize but that I very much wanted to have another child anyway.

My sad tale of woe is on the 40+ and TTC Spring thread. I couldn't afford an RE or any of the heroic measures that may or may not have done any good and I seemed to be well into perimenopause.

Fifteen cycles later, my little miracle appeared on the scene. S/he's only ten weeks along now, but s/he is doing BEAUTIFULLY and this is my easiest pregnancy so far.

That doctor was obviously wrong.
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DH and I tried for many, many years (10 or so) to have a child. I have a rarer form of PCOS, and was told I would never be able to have children without lots of (expensive) ART. I got a period once a year or so and then would bleed for weeks. I've had 3 m/c.

After the third one, I had this strange feeling that I would get pg again before the last baby would have been born. I was at peace with everything that had happened up to that point. Don't get me wrong, I struggled with hatred, bitterness, envy, depression over my infertility. I have only ever wanted a family.

I got a + test the day before my EDD with m/c #3. Our dd is now 18 mo and I am 10 wks pg. We are ecstatic!!! I attribute my sudden fertility to dealing with issues that have bothered me my whole life, completely changing my lifestyle and becoming aware of my body, working with it, not against it.
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They told me that i can't sustain pregnancies, given my 9 angels in heaven... but I proved them wrong with my two boys.
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I wouldn't say that I was deemed infertile, but I did have to take a lot of freaky drugs and finally ended with 21 days of needles to finally get pregnant. If I wasn't successful this cycle I would have to go for surgery to unblock the blocked tube, 'cause it's on the side of my good ovary.
Anyhow it's really strange for me to be pregnant. I was used to what happened next and my RE was really open with me and let me make the descions I needed to make regarding my care. Now, I have no clue. I know I have a healthy baby, (I've had 3 US already to make sure) but it still is really surreal for me. I think I'll actually breathe around week 15 and truly believe that I'll get to be a mom, which is literally my life's dream.
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I had tried for 2 years to get my periods back after anorexia and nothing was working. I gained enough weight that I was on the + side of normal for BMI, I had a healthy diet and moderate exercise. Two doctors figured I had just damaged my system so badly that it wouldn't come back. It was heartbreaking because I wanted a baby so badly!
My boobs hurt one day, and a doctor who had done a random blood work up a few days before called to ask that I come in for more because things suddenly looked "strange". Later that afternoon, she called back to congratulate me on my first pregnancy - and ask that I come in for an u/s because nobody had any idea how far along I was because I didn't get periods.

I was 6w 2d. If I didn't get pregnant that month, it would have been my first natural period in 14 years! 1 year to the day PP, AF returned like clockwork and I got pregnant our first try in June!

Looks like doctors don't always have al of the answers
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