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My list is pretty boring - thankfully! Extreme fatigue...sleep for several hours and wake up to only want to go back to sleep, kinda tired. Slight nausea, more sensitives bbs, out of breath, super thirsty and of course hungry, but don't have the patience to actually make myself anything. Did I mention really irritable? I'm sure my family would....YIKES! And oh the dreams! They are just too comical - should really write them down.
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I've been having some really vivid and strange dreams too. In fact, I had two pregnancy dreams bef. I got my BFP.

Despite the symptoms, I really can't complain. I'm feeling pregnant and that's just wonderful. I'm so glad to know that the backache isn't anything to worry about. I know I had it with dd1, but didn't remember it starting so early. The heartburn is what's freaking me out. I had it sooooo bad the first time around and it is starting early. It's so miserable.

My feet hurt too and my dh is afraid to give me foot rubs--he's concerned about pressure points. I tried to make him remember that he rubbed my feet almost daily with my last pregnancy, but his memory fails him. Hmm, convenient.
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Don't hate me but I have been feeling fine. I didn't have M/S with my first. Only some aversions to some foods when I smelled them. Late in pregnancy I had awful stabs of pain in my kidney area that were almost unbearable. This time around the only thing I can even call close to M/S is when I wake up and I am hungry I KNOW I HAVE to get food quickly and feel a slight twinge of impending nausea, but I never really get there. My only symptoms are a change in taste buds, stronger sense of smell, and I am more emotional. I guess I am a little more tired too. I have noticed a slight change in breast sensation when nursing, but nothing to really complain about. I feel for all you severe M/S experiencers out there
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My breasts are always sore lately, I have lots of ligament pain, tired all the time, and my complexion has gotten really good. I get occassional nausea but nothing to speak of really yet.

Oh yeah also my sense of smell has become like a dog's. The other day I was saying to dh ew it smells like cigarette smoke in the living room. He thought I was nuts. He went outside and there was someone smoking across the street while walking their dog and we had our windows closed!
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To add to the list....

the cleaning aisle at Target!
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Originally Posted by joshs_girl View Post
To add to the list....

the cleaning aisle at Target!
YUCK! That is the worst. It kills me if I even get close to it.

Lately I think our house stinks. Today I'm sprinkling baking soda on the carpets bef. vacuuming and washing all the blankets and sheets. I sent my dh and dd away so I could get some cleaning done. Now, if I could only pull myself away from the computer...
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Or the smell of bacon cooking? *shudder*

I thought the m/s was bad before...I've been dragging myself off the floor for the last few days. I'm bloated, feel like I'm growing a ton (lots of round ligament pain)
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I'm 9 weeks now...Due feb 25-26

I have m/s(i currently am on Zofran, Unisom, B6 ) to control the vomiting. I am dizzy all the time, I get headaches backaches I could literally sleep the whole day long. I have a weird tast ein my mouth and have so much saliva it could choke me. if I move to fast I get shooting pains in my stomach. (round ligament maybe) I can not smell food I eat if i do I wont eat it. I am emotional but no insomia yet I have the oppisite problem I can't stay awake for anything!

Three more week to 12 weeks..........
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The all day queasy feeling has hit me hard. I've been trying to keep my belly full but I've got so many food aversions it's hard. Even this being my 4th pg I can't believe how hungry I get. Just about every smell annoys me, I'm feeling ligament pains already, peeing a ton, and my very first symptom was burping a lot. Oh yeah, can't forget the blinding tiredness that's going on. Ugh, is it week 12/13 yet? Just wake me up when we get there.

ETA--still nursing here too and when my son latches on it is wickedly painful.
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Originally Posted by mn_mom View Post
Ugh, is it week 12/13 yet? Just wake me up when we get there.
Oh i feel ya on that! Time is D-r-a-g-g-i-n-g for me. Feeling fine one second and awful the next is starting to get really old!
So the waves of nausea and super painful breasts, coupled with wanting to eat all the time are pretty much whats going on over here...
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I'll be 6 weeks on Wednesday.

* Boobs are bigger with more pronounced veins, but feel okay
* Abdominal area is crazy bloated
* Out of breath
* Nausea is creeping in...usually in the morning
* I'm hungry ALL THE TIME. I just had dinner with dh and he can't believe that I am already hungry again. He's cutting up some fruit for me now. It's not that I need to eat tons *more*, just that I need to be munching just about all the time.
* I'm starting to feel fatigue. I took a 15 minute nap in the car earlier and felt so refreshed.
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Pink orchid - hey I'm 6 weeks on wednesday too
I wish I could take naps! Im so busy all the time by lunch time i could really use one!
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Anyone else experiencing random rapid heartbeat? All of a sudden my heart is going a mile a minute. Ive especially noticed it right before Im about to get sick. But in general my pulse is faster than usual.
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By my best guess (Oed late), I'm 5w2d and I woke up this morning to very sore breasts, which was actually encouraging. I've been exhausted for what feels like weeks now, and I really need a nap to get through the day. I've noticed that I have much less patience with anything that doesn't go exactly my way and I have an increased sex drive (which is a new one for me). My clothes are starting to get a little tighter and I feel like what little bit of waist I had is going away VERY quickly.
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I'm just 4w3d, but only crampy feelings so far. I'm so excited to be pregnant though. We haven't done this in 5 1/2 years!!
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I'm 4wks 2d. So far, I have waves of nausea that come and go throughout the day. I get hungry, but can't eat. I'm craving cooked tomatoes, tomato sauces... weird. I did have some shooting pains in my vagina, that was really the first sign for me. Very tired. I'm hoping the m/s will stay away, as I was extremely sick with my other pgs. My boobs aren't sore at all, thank goodness, because I am still nursing my three yo ds sometimes.
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I'm 6-7 weeks. I feel mostly ok, no m/s or anything. At the casino the other night someone sat next to me and lit up a cigarette and I felt like I was going to be sick, I had to get out of there. Sensitive to smells. Very irritable when dealing with other people. Random crying jags. Horny.
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5 weeks here

I am so tired I can barely function today. I am taking a nap in the afternoon with my kids and sleeping 8 + hours at night. I have had lots of twinges in my lower abdomen, I am emotional, bloated, gassy and did I mention tired. The good news no m/s yet, I threw up every single day with my last pregnancy almost from day one. So I am already ahead of that game. I think the tired might have to do with me bfing my 23 month old as well. She still nurses a lot and I think that with the pregnancy is making me super tired.
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6.5 weeks here and feeling queasy. Nipples a little sore when DD nurses, but no major tenderness. The only times I feel okay is when I'm hungry. If I'm starving, to the point of hunger pangs, I have ZERO nausea. But the moment I eat something, I get nauseated again. Plus, I can only eat a few bites before I'm so full to the point I'm uncomfortable.
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Hi Bellejar! We were in the TTC forums together a few months back and look--now we're 5 weeks pregnant together! Congrats!

Today I'm just really sad. Sad about everything. I chalking it up to hormones. It sucks. I just want to cry, cry, cry--and I don't really know why :
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