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Nursing Necklaces

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Hey Mamas - do you use a nursing necklace? I never have but ds, even at 10weeks he claws at my neck and pulls at my neckline so I've been wondering about getting one. Any recommendations? What does babe like best? Obviously I would like a more mama inspired design but does baby like something like this better? http://www.mommynecklaces.com/ If so I could even use one like that at home and a nicer one when out. With the nicer one, should it have lots of beads that babe can spin and play with or is one large rock/pendant still comforting and interesting? Like this place that offers the "simple" necklace or the more ornate ones - is one better or is it just personal preference?

Thanks for your help!! Spam away
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I *loved* using nursing necklaces with ds. It actually really helped him focus. A pendant was great, as well as a more complex one with lots of beads, he didn't really care either way...
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I make nursing necklaces and would love to go out and show off my wares - beautiful sparkly stones, clickity, clackity beads.... just lovely.... but my dd doesn't like ANY of my pretty ones.... she likes the one I made of (hand)knotted hemp and one PLAIN stone

but yes! I suggest buying a nursing necklace - especially if you can support a WAHM. I know MDC has a WAHM who sells necklaces online.... I can't remember her name....
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Ha, ha! I never heard of a nursing necklace before, but I accidentally created one.

I was going to put an elastic headband on (they make ones that are about 1/4 inch thick--just to pull the stray hairs out of your face), and I don't know, got distracted & had to pick up the baby or something, and it stayed on around my neck, like a necklace. I soon discovered that (1) it actually looks pretty good--I have different colors to match my shirts and it's a sporty/classy look and (2) DS likes to grab it instead of grabbing the skin around my neck I've got him tossed up on my shoulder. And of course, unlike my gold chain, (3) it's not gonna break.

At some point I'll have to find some pendant to add to it--something that doesn't scratch me.
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I bought my nursing necklace from the WAHM at the above link. She's located in Ottawa Ontario (but I'm pretty sure she ships to the US for any Americans that are reading!). One thing I love about her necklaces is the safety bead that she uses. If baby pulls too hard on the necklace, the safety bead breaks apart (and is easily put back together) rather than the string breaking, and the beads causing a choking hazard.
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I've never had one for my first two children, but I'm thinking about buying one from Laughing Starfish (on Etsy) for the next time around. I have some other jewelry from her and she's great to work with.

Personally, I don't like the look of the plastic bead necklaces. If you want something colorful, natural materials can still be colorful, and I think stone, glass, or metal would feel better against your skin and in baby's hands, anyway.
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I made myself a nursing necklace using random wooden and stone beads, with a pi bead (shaped like a donut) over them, so that the donut bead would go all though the necklace. Does that make sense? It was beautiful, but I dropped the necklace and the pi bead shattered.

Edit to add: my necklace looked like this, but not so colorful.
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