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We had our second garage sale this weekend We'd had another in May and made about $400.
We did it Friday and Saturday and made about $165, plus another $35 that is going to my friend (she left her stuff that didn't sell at the last sale we had).
Leftovers are packed up- all clothes 18 months and up are going to one of my daycare families. I let the neighbor come over and pick out anything her teen girls wanted. All the VHS tapes are going to my brother. Books are going to a used book store so we can get credit for other books we'd like. Everything belonging to my friend is going back to her and is already in the van for next time I see her. A few misc bigger ticket items that might sell on craigslist are being kept, but just about everything else will be going to a resale shop to be donated.

Just wanted to share, it is a big relief to have this stuff leaving. I think that the hardest part for me now is that we really won't have enough to have a yard sale, and it's a lot easier to get rid of things when I can rationalize that I'll be getting money for them... Decluttering is going to be a lot harder.