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My mother showed me how to thread the machine, then I taught myself with books and online techniques. I did a lot of trial and error (like with bias trim) but finally realized you can learn the easy and best way to do just about anything by Google-ing it. Also, if you follow a pattern very closely, it will really teach you a lot. Like my mom said after showing me how to thread the machine - "There is the pattern, do what it says."
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I took classes at a really funky sewing school in NYC, sew fast sew easy.
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my grandmother sewed and i was always bugging her to let me use her machine and all the scraps she had left over from projects.i think the first thing i made was a doll i was about 5 so i was pretty little,by the time i got into highschool and took clothing design i was better than the teacher!
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From my mom.
She also taught me to crochet and embroider.
I self-taught knitting.
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I made tube dresses for my barbies by hand then my mom showed me how to use the machine and I made more tube dresses for them, think polyester that stretches and 1 seam up the back, you could change the length or the fabric, it was fun and what I wanted to do at the time.

curtains came next, simple hem line to insert a rod or rope, trial and error

a wrap-around skirt with pattern came next, that turned out nice, still have it too and it still fits (that's the cool thing with wrap arounds...)

kids toys and things for around the house came next, some were silly but I made them so they were pretty in my eyes.

then I wanted to quilt so I read read read, no TV so couldn't watch programs, later we got a TV and now the puter so can get more knowledge there

I sewed a shirt for Father's day this year, button up and down collered, no cuffs, turned out pretty good!

you will get the hang of it, I think the quilting helped me alot, I learned how to sew a straight line and use my machines with that so when I did the shirt this last time it was soooo much easier, think I will do more clothing in the future, will still quilt since there are a thousand patterns I wnt to try!
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Reader's Digest Guide to Sewing....

looked things up as I went along....
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Mom sewed. Then I took Home Ec in Junior High.

There are some books out there that teach the very basics; look in the crafts section of a bookstore or ask at your library.
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Thanks for the Sewing With Nancy idea, I am looking her up online.

My friend and I are taking classes for free from a local place. I get adult education class catalogs in the mail and there are SO many useful classes there for free or fairly cheap.

We bought the book Sewing for Dummies, and we're keeping our eyes open for other ways to learn more. We both know only bare basics and while she made some baby clothes 10 years ago, it wasn't great quality and she didn't care much then. We would really like (and need) to do great things.
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I'm mostly self taught. I did take home ec in jr. high and high school. My high school home ec teacher was awesome, but had high expectations. We made a pair of jeans!?!?! She created the pattern herself and tailored it to each of us, I made clam diggers that were so skin tight, ewwww! I was way to preppy to wear them. The one "head banger" in our class saw me throwing them away and asked if she could have them.

My Dad bought me a sewing machine for a wedding present. He used to sew all of his own clothes, has done some costume design/sewing, and made my wedding dress. He wasn't around when I was growing up though and my mother was reasonably talented, but not at teaching. Once I got that sewing machine I just started plugging away, ripped a lot of seams, decided it was much easier to sew for children and made my niece's a lot of dresses. I'm still not very successful at sewing for myself. I'd like to learn though and I really want to make a ductape dummy for myself.

I saw someone mention these classes:


That looks so cool! I really want to teach my kids to sew, we homeschool, but I want them to learn proper skills, not just what I've figured out for myself, kwim?
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So, taking a quick look at the site I posted a link too, is it me or are they geared to girls??? My son is 8, I'd love to teach him to sew too, but blouses? Skirts? I know I can teach him to sew regardless of what they offer, but why would they call themselves *kid*sew, when what they mean is *girl*sew, kwim? :
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I taught myself- trial and error... and error
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