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Back From Orlando

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AGHHHHH!!! As most of you know already, we are moving to Orlando next weekend. Well, our lease started today and dh had to move there this weekend because he starts work tomorrow! Anyways, we decide to all head down there and clean and get the place ready. Good thing we did because OMG.. the place was disgusting!!! Brand new house, never been lived in but dead spiders, live spiders, lizards, bugs, dirt, the toilets had poo all under the rims (in all 5 bathrooms) EWWWW!! It was terrible. Luckily, the management company said they just ran out of time to have someone clean it and since we cleaned it, they would deduct it off our rent $400! So yay! but still ewwwww! lol. We got a lot done, our phone, electricity, water, internet, and cable are now all on and our new couches/ottoman was delivered so it was nice. My mom, the kids, and I all went down on Fri (she took a day off work) and then dh came down Sat morning. So as soon as dh got there we loaded up and drove to Downtown Disney for lunch.. but man those restraunts are EXPENSIVE!!! LOL.. Ended up getting out with lunch for $80.. never saw that coming lol. oh well. the kids LOVED it! Im glad to be home but missing dh. Our doppler came while I was gone, so I cant wait to try that out kinda sucks that dh wont be here the first time I hear the baby though, I may call him lol. Im soo exhausted though! I doubt Ill be online much in the next 2-3 weeks.
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Phew! I'm exhausted just reading about your weekend!

Glad the place is cleaned and you actually get paid for it, that's great. Disney is notoriously expensive, so I'm not surprised they got you at $80 for lunch, but I'm sure it must have been really fun (and hopefully the food was great too!).

Have fun settling in your new place and exploring your new hometown!
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I was born and raised in Orlando. We moved here about 2 years ago. Those restaurants (and anything Disney) are so expensive!
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Yeah I was shocked at the prices. I mean, I knew they were expensive but figured lunch would be the cheaper way lol.. oh well, it was healthier than McDonalds lol..

The good thing though about having to clean it ourselves is that we got to use safe cleaners instead of the chemical laden crap Im sure they would have used lol. But after this next weekend when we finish moving, i never want to see another box again in my life
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Can I just say that I'm really jealous you're moving to Orlando? Ahhh.. I love it there. I don't know if I could handle it year-round, though. The heat really bothers me.. but everything is air-conditioned, anyway.
Good luck with the rest of your move!
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haha I know. Orlando is my fave place on earth thanks to a certain mouse and whale lol.. I have lived in Jacksonville, FL my entire life so its only 2 hrs south of where Ive always lived but I swear it still feels a million degrees hotter there than here but I think its because Im outside more there (disney, seaworld, etc..) DH thinks Ill get tired of Disney but boy is he WRONG!
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Glad you got the place cleaned and hope the rest of the move goes well. Ugh, moving in summer. . . . . yuck! I love the warm climate but I sure am having a hard time enjoying it this year!
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Originally Posted by Tiffany_PartyOf5 View Post
DH thinks Ill get tired of Disney but boy is he WRONG!
Oh, silly man. That's impossible
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