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I really need help and advice

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Since June 30th, my mom's birthday, I've had this horrible sinus stuff going on. I am 13 weeks tomorrow. I cough constantly, and it's so forceful I even (TMI) pee a little bit in my panties (and have to change them a lot of course). Also my coughing is so intense my head hurts SO BAD because everytime I cough I feel like my brain is hitting my skull. My nose runs all the time, like I have to blow it all the time, and it's yellow and thick. NO FEVER. I went to the midwife last week and it was 97.1 Fahrenheit (I'm usually low anyway) so it's not bacterial, but my midwife gave me a prescription for a Z-pak. Today marks my last day taking the pills with no improvement except for maybe more breaking up the crap in my chest. I have had some bouts of shortness of breath and I always breath with my mouth open because my nasal passageways are so blocked. I'm craving water constantly and drinking it (and peeing too of course). I've called out work once and feel bad enough about that but it is honestly a struggle to go in. I am desperate and feel like normal everyday activity is very hard. Prior to pregnancy I would occasionally if I ever GOT sick it would be sinusy-related but I've never had anything like this and for this LONG. I want to call my midwife back however if you were me would you see your regular doctor instead? (who happens to know me very well I've seen her for 10 years going now).

I am quite worried as this is my first pregnancy and scared about this affecting the baby. I am already terrified I've even used these antibiotics even though the midwife said they wouldn't hurt the baby but I am concerned about taking ANYTHING over the counter for fear it would not be safe for the baby. I am also worried this will never go away no matter what I do
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Doctorly advice here, but I think running things past your own doc wouldn't hurt either.

Nasal congestion increases during pregnancy and so sinus problems after colds etc are exacerbated. Using an intranasal steroid spray (do you have Flixonase or similar in the USA) for a couple of weeks has a good effect on the symptoms you describe, with very minimal absorption of the steroid so that it would not harm the baby (in fact I've just used mine for two weeks after a cold and avoided getting a terrible sinus infection which I often do).

Getting a netipot and doing sinus washes is another effective way to clean out the mucus. Ask a pharmacist about this, involves saline up the nose.

I found the worst bit of my recent cold was that I threw up every time I coughed. I hope you're feeling better soon.

Anna, in NZ, partner to Leah, mums to Bede 7 and Emmett 3.5, and new one coming in Jan 08
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It sounds like this is worrying you quite a bit. When I am worried about my health (or my dd's health), calling my doctor helps me feel less worried/anxious about the situation. If I were you, feeling this worried and stressed, I would call my doctor. It sounds like you trust your doctor a lot, and by talking with him/her may help you to relieve some of the anxiety regarding your illness.

I think you need to do what will make you feel most at ease, if that means calling your doctor and seeing him/her, by all means, I think you should.

Let us know what happens,

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Definitely can't offer any medical advice, but wanted to say that I agree wholeheartedly with Mama_y_sol.

At the very least, you could call up your health care provider's office (there is often a special pregnancy line for situations like this--I know they gave me the number for one!). Then you can talk to a nurse/midwife who can give you some tips and let you know if it's serious enough that you need to come in.

Good luck, and I hope you feel better soon! I've been having some sinus issues too, but nothing that bad (thankfully!). I don't envy you.
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I don't honestly know which doctor I would call - I think you should call whomever you are most comfortable with.

But I wanted to second the neti pot recommendation. It worked wonders for me when preg with #1. I am rarely sick also but had 2 awful head colds when preg. last time. They sounded very similar to yours. I don't know how you have managed to go to work!! My mucous was so thick the neti pot wouldn't unclog it so I had to sit over steam or in a steamy bathroom for a while to kind of unclog things. Then do the neti pot. It is amazing how clear you feel. It does feel a little weird at first but not too bad and it is *SO* worth it.

good luck!
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what helps me with my sinus issues on a daily, preventative basis (sounds like you're in more of an acute situation) - just in case any of this will help, i'll list it (some of it comes from consultation with a naturopath, others are things i've read about and tried over years of sinus issues):

cod liver oil, the equivalent of a teaspoon daily. i was taking nordic naturals capsules, but someone gave me a bottle of prenatal stuff recently and it works just as well. for me this helps keep most of my respitory/nasal inflamatory reactions from even starting, which is great, but if i'm already clogged up i need additional help.

honey - also a teaspoon daily (in tea, on toast, plain if you like) - as local as you can get it. this is also more for soothing and minimizing inflamation/allergic responses to allergens.

saline nasal spray

applying pressure to sinus pressure points in my armpits. make a fist and fit it into the opposing armpit. hold your elbow and push into the pit as hard as is comfortable. after a couple of minutes your opposing nostril will clear. this is temporary relief that i extend at nighttime by lying on my side with my arm extended stretching upwards underneath my body. pressure is applied from the weight of my body and i can breathe while i sleep. over time this has not been great for my back, but breathing is pretty important!

i do eat dairy and wheat, but when i'm having an acute flair up that is making me miserable i cut dairy out entirely and minimize the wheat, maybe only at breakfast giving my body a lot of time to process it. other times i'm okay if i just keep my intake of those things (and sugar) at a minimum. i love both dairy and wheat and can slip into consuming them very frequently. then i have a bad sinus issue, cut them out, miss them terribly, but end up feeling amazing and SO clear. there is a huge difference.

also, when not pregnant, i've used sudafed. i've read you can use it when pregnant, but i wouldn't personally. my last tough episode was a month and a half ago and every sinus cavity in my face was clogged or inflamed (jaw, teeth, all through my cheeks, nose and brow...) and i read an online article about tapping and rubbing in a specific pattern twice a day. it really did seem to help with the draining. if i can find it again i'll post it.

here it is:
the method is described on that page and there is a link to a face chart to illustrate the method. there is some option to purchase something on that page... i never really even read into that area, the tapping/rubbing was enough. it wasn't some immediate a-ha, but helped over a few days.

good luck and i hope you find some relief! i know how painful and frustrating it can be!
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I'm sorry you feel so crappy. :

First, I had a small bought with pneumonia when I was at your stage, and they gave me zpac, which my (mostly crunchy) cnm was fine with.

Make sure you are sleeping with a humidifier, and if there are any pets in your bedroom, you need to remove them for a couple of days. You might try benadryl or a cough expectorant. Some are considered "safe" during pregnancy and might be better in the long run than coughing up a lung.

Take care.
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y'all are really wonderful. Thank you so much for your replies!

I called my "regular" doctor and left a message last night. Turns out she's on vacation this week. So this morning I called the midwife who had prescribed me the Z-pak last week and explained the situation. She suggested I get an OTC Robitussin DM (decongestant and cough suppresant) and it has helped me some today. I'm not coughing as much.

I guess the main reason I'm freaking out so much is this is my first pregnancy and I've NEVER been sick like this. I worry I am not doing the right things for my baby you know? I hate I took antibiotics and this medicine but according to my midwife I should be okay (or BABY will be okay) but I worry.

I USED to whenever I was a little sick (like a cold or something similar) drinking a glass of red wine would help haha. NO CHANCE of me doing that now!

thank you again. Y'all are so awesome when I "freak-out" !
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I recommend Congaplex. A midwife gave it to me early on in my pregnancy for very similar symptoms to yours (including the leaking pee!). I was miserable the first day I was on it and then was very mildly stuffy for about a week after. I've never had any cold or sinus meds work like that before! The best thing is that it is just made up of foods and vitamins so it is totally safe while pg.
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OB nurse, fellow preggo, former preggo who suffered with massive congestion from hell in her last trimester when pg with her first kid....

I agree w/the pp's, call your doc again if you're worried. Do NOT stress about the zpack. My goodness. It's not going to hurt the baby. Sudafed is fine when pg, BUT, I would caution against taking it more than 3 days, and more than when you NEED it (as in only at night so you can breathe), and DO NOT take it in the 3rd trimester, it CAN affect your milk supply (I learned THAT one the hard way...: ).

If you're wanting to stay away from drugs, some natural things that really helped me:

*A neti pot really does work wonders. The idea seems a little gross, but I'm telling you...do it 3x a day with the little saline packet added in, and you will feel soooooooooooooooo much better. I got mine for $11 at CVS.
*Breathe Right vapor strips, which have vapo-rub stuff in them. They help A LOT as well.
*I third (fourth, fifth?) the use a humidifier suggestion. Or if you don't have a humidifier, grab a cheapie vaporizer and toss some menthol solution in the little tray on there.

Hope you feel better soon.
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I'm definitely getting a neti pot tomorrow!
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Did you try the neti pot?
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yes I did. Tried it last night. VERY WEIRD EXPERIENCE! But I think definitely beneficial
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Originally Posted by PurpleMonkey View Post
yes I did. Tried it last night. VERY WEIRD EXPERIENCE!
: : : Yes, yes it is. It may be gross and pretty weird, but it does help. I wouldn't do it if it didn't help, I hate snot. My dh saw me doing it and was like "what the hell is THAT??!!?" LOL. I call it my snot pot.
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When I felt myself coming down with a cold last week, my MW had me taking ZiCam (homeopathic zinc) and Airborne (herbal and okay for baby) 'round the clock. She said there are tons of homeopathic cold remedies out there, and they are all safe during pregnancy. You just have to mix and match and find what works for you.

The neti pot sounds interesting. . . .

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You've gotten some good advice already, but I want to suggest Acupuncture. I was having horrible sinus headaches and wanted to avoid tylenol/sudafed this time around (no problems or neg effects on my 19th son, thank goodness) just because I worry too! I am feeling terrific and haven't had a debilitating sinus headache in almost 4 weeks!!! It's safe-try to find one that specializes in pre-natal. Good luck and I hope you're feeling better soon!

By the way I love my neti pot and love the nickname snot pot!!
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