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Need help with Wedding gift

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We have a wedding to attend on August 4. We are not particularly close with the couple but are friends with the parents. Our money is very tight right now. I would love to do something nice/thoughtful, but am at a loss since we aren't tight with the couple. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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pictures frames are nice. do you live near a Value City? They have nice inexpensive frames.
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a couple of things...

you can frame/ shadow box their wedding invitation. It's a really sweet gift that can be inexpensive, if you shop around (even second hand) for nice frames. You can also expand the idea to incude keepsakes from the wedding, like the invitation, place cards, rose petals from the table, and other sentimental things along with a photo of them at the wedding.

if you are close to the parents, you might explain you situation, and ask if there is anything that you can do as your gift. they may need something for the wedding that you can do!
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Do you have a budget on what you can spend? Are you at all crafty?

In the past I've made photo albums and also crosstitch samplers (has wedding date, etc on them).

I made a padded photo album, but that was decades ago and I don't know if they're in fashion now.

Here are instructions for one that looks a bit more trendy:


You can choose fabrics and colors that are more bridal.

If you can quilt or know someone who can, you could organize a wedding quilt for the couple. Basically you cut up some simple quilt squares and then have guests sign them using a fabric marker. Someone embroiders the words on (or you can just leave them as-is with the fabric marker) and then assembles the quilt. (you can split the work among several people).
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The most recent issue of Mother Earth News had a great project that would make a perfect wedding gift! It was for pressed flower glassware. You pressed some flowers/leaves/grass. Once they pressed, (or maybe you could cheat and buy something cheap since the date looms), you would modge podge them onto plain glassware. They showed serving plates, vases, regular plates...Then you took rice paper and modge podged that on top. There are different kinds of rice paper, so you can get different looks depending on thickness/grain of the paper and how many layers you put on. They were made hand washing safe then by shelacking them. Very pretty.

Link: http://www.motherearthnews.com/Homes...er-Plates.aspx

Also, just a thought, Target has some very nice hand-made looking thank you cards that aren't too expensive. Brides are sure to need thank you cards! If you're sneaky, you could claim credit for making them...unless the bride shops at target!
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Go buy a locking wrench, or screwdriver, or hammer, or some other tool you know you are always looking for. It was one of the most appreciated gifts I ever gave for the least amount of money.
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What about collecting a bunch of your fave recipes and compiling them in a nice book with some kitchen utensils?
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I still remember feeling overwhelmed by all of the things we recieved at our wedding--I loved and was grateful for each gift, but just felt innondated. So--with that in mind, here are 3 ideas that I really appreciated...

1) a charitable donation in the couple's honor--no one did this for us, but we were hoping people would.

2) a safe (or other symbolic gift)--one couple who came to our wedding cringed and appologized for thier gift as they gave it to us,they said it was 'not good enough'. Needless to say, this broke my heart--we were delighted that they came to our wedding, and did not expect a gift. Anyway, their gift was a small safe (something we were planning to buy anyway...). We loved it! I wanted very much for them to know that their gift was appreciated, so in the thank you note I wrote about how the safe was not only a useful item, but a very symbolic gift--a reminder to enjoy the good times, but remain prepared for the bad and to remember that only a small number of [I]items[I] are really worth saving in bad times, its relationships and love that count--they loved the card. Maybe you could give a similarly symbolic (yet inexpensive) gift and a card explaining what it means/ your wishes for their marriage.

3) offer to be on bathroom duty at the reception. Even the nicest reception halls do little/nothing with the bathrooms--you could offer to decorate and to check in and make sure there is tp throught the night

I was married in a park, and a friend offered to do this as my gift--it was the best! She cleaned the bathrooms (what a great friend!), and in the lady's room (men would never notice ) she added flowers on the stahl doors, real hand towels on lovely stands, and framed wedding cards on the walls--and she checked to make sure the rooms stayed clean/ stocked with tp--it was lovely, and she gave me all the frames, towel racks, towels etc. She got everything at the dollar store, but it looked great and I still use the stuff and think of our wedding.

A good friend of mine was married on a farm where they had to use 'honey buckets'--so we set up a lovely 'honey bucket'/ wash area for her. We put lights in the buckets, and checked on the tp levels. Between the buckets we set-up a table covered in a crisp, white linnen table cloth. On the table were fresh flowers, some cute little soaps, lovely antique handtowels, and candels, to make everything look romantic and classy. We also set out hand sanitizor, bug spray and really nice hand cream--everything had a very romantic feel so people felt less like they were using an outhouse and more like they were on some extravigant victorian picnic. The bride kept everything after the wedding in that case, too.

Hope that helps!
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TulikaEma-What a VERY lovely idea! Would you mind if I borrowed a few of your friends? They sound like gems! : )
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We usually give a fire extinguisher, household or kitchen version. It's something most people don't have and is a good setting-up-a-household thing. It's not romantic but very practical and ... reasonably priced!

(and one couple to whom we gave that gift, used it within a couple of weeks on a car fire!)
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Thank you!

Thank you for all of your creative ideas. I have settled on framing the invitation. A nice keepsake. I also like the fire extinguisher idea. We received one for our wedding, along with a nice bottle of wine. The note said something like: "Here is something to warm things up, and something to put out the fire." I thought that was cute.
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i got a framed invitation for my wedding and i really like it.
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I got one too and I didn't like it, but because I made my own invitations and they put the invitation in the shadowbox and then glued additional stuff to it. I guess I didn't get why I needed more stuff glued onto it, especially given I made it myself, I would have preferred to have it framed as it was originally, kwim? But the thought was nice, I just didn't like this particular execution.
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