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Homeopathy - Good for VPD or Placebo Effect? - Page 3

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Originally Posted by dis View Post
Did you do a test to see if it worked any better than just massage alone?

True homeopathics are just water, so no, some won't work better than others. Lots of things are labelled homeopathic when they really do have active ingredients, so they aren't really homeopathic.
No, not an actual test. I'd use it in conjunction with massage. It does seem to take swelling down, and sore muscles and bruises feel better after using it-I am a runner and use it a lot myself. Maybe the topical arnica is more effective than the tablets, and it could be that there are active ingredients in that.
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Originally Posted by firefaery View Post
I think it's funny how many threads there are like this.
Me too! OK if you don't like the idea of homeopathy, no one's forcing you to open a bottle or even find out how it's really put together! Hee hee.
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When my ds was 16 mos, he developed head-to-toe eczema. It was horrible, itchy, hot, red, the stuff of nightmares. For a year, I tried everything. Allopathic creams/lotions/liquids/pills, herbal lotions/tinctures, homeopathics, elimination diets, NAET. Then, when he was 28 mos, I tried a homeopathic I found on the internet. The eczema began to clear within 24 hrs and was completely gone within a week. For the next 1.5 yrs, I stopped giving it to him for a few days every 3-4 months. The eczema would come back. Finally, it didn't come back when he stopped taking it.
He was way too young for it to have been a placebo. He had no way to tell the thing that worked from all the other things we had tried. I know it is hard to find the right homeopathic remedy, as we had tried others before the one that worked. But, when you do find the right one, it does work.
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