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wisdom teeth coming out!arnica&nursing?

Hey tooth goddess!

getting out 2 teeth tomorrow and picked up some arnica...is that ok while nursing, as far as you know? Seen a listing that it is not, but no reason why......

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Oh, yes, absolutely safe.

Good luck!

(:LOL tooth goddess :LOL. That cracks me up every time! Sometimes it even pops into my head during the day, it is so cool. Thanks! )
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I'm glad I made you smile

Both teeth are now with the tooth fairy and all is good. Although the Arnica did not do much for me once the novicaine wore off and I hit the tylenol. The next day the mouth didn't feel too bad!

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wisdom teeth need to come out and I'm breastfeeding

Just wanted to know what to do about the fact that I am breastfeeding and need my wisdom teeth out. My DS is 27 months old now, so I suspect it won't be much of a problem, but is there any type of drugs/sedation I should avoid? And what if the doctor says I should wean before having it done?

I'm also trying to get pregnant again, so should I try to time it for when I know I'm not pregnant? What if I'm 2-3 weeks pregnant and don't know it and I have the teeth taken out? Is that dangerous?

I have one impacted on the bottom, and 2 that are in on top (I only have 3)

by the way, smilemomma, my cousin had her twins about a month ago, and she is still attempting to breastfeed. I don't know for how much longer, since she is supplementing with formula and doing a lot of pumping. My guess is that she'll give up soon if she's going through all of that. She had a c-section, and the little boy was in NICU for 24 hours because he had problems breathing for the first 20 mintues. And my Aunt mentioned that she didn't try nursing the little girl until about 12 hours after the birth, so I don't think she got off to a very good start. Oh well, I did give her the nursing pillow, and I know she has a friend that is a lactation consultant, so maybe things will improve???
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Hi, girlfriend, long time no see!

There's a thread on the archives dedicated to this very subject!

And yes, I'd try to have it over with before conceiving again, just to be on the safe side. Theoretically, there is no problem, but it would be awful if something happened and you started second guessing yourself. And as for the weaning, I'd just tell him you're nursing, that it's not up for debate, and I might forget to tell him that the child is 27 months old ... Some folks are more accommodating if you're nursing a newborn.

Hurray for the twins! They are so special. My little guys are just now starting to work together, they were tugging and pulling together one high chair at a time over to its designated spot, then the other. And if a stranger waves at dtd, she points to her brother and waves to them, then points again, clearly saying, "wave to my brother, too!"

Doesn't sound good for the nursing, I agree. At least they got some colostrum, that's gotta help. And a little is better than nothing, I guess. I just heard a mom say that when she was holding her recently weaned 5 month old nephew, he was turning and rooting on her ... Oh, well, my view on this is "skewed" from society's norm, anyway. : I had a c-section, too, for my son. My daughter was born on a Thursday night fairly easily, and he just wouldn't come out! So finally Friday morning we did the section. We were trying everything in the meantime, though, so my daughter didn't get nursed for a while either. And to make it even WORSE, I read her chart about the third day and discovered they had given her a bottle of formula!!! I am still thinking of suing, to this day. I have been proud to say that none of my children has ever had a drop of that crap, and here they gave it to her, against my express and written consent, while I was incapacitated and in surgery, for crying out loud ... Oops, slightly OT! I get a little rambly ... Anyway, you might pass on that my little smoochies are still happily nursing away at 19 months ... It can be done. I don't know if that will make her feel better or worse, though.

Blessings to you and Peter! And good luck with the baby making!
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I had mine out when DD was about four months old. For the extraction itself, I just got numbed with shots -- did not want to get general anesthesia due to BF and because everyone I talked to who had a hard time with recovery had general. I didn't use anything more than Ibuprofen for pain afterwards. I did take Arnica for a few days before and after, and had no swelling or bruising. I have to say that for all the worrying I did beforehand, it turned out to be rather easy.
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CanOBeans, What is Arnica? I've been needing to get my wisdom teeth taken out for a while now and am so scared of the aftermath.

Also, What problems did they have from general?


"I'm a scardy-cat!!"
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zzzz97, it's a homeopathic remedy for swelling and bruising. Out of all the homeopathics I've tried, that's one that really seems to work well for me. I use Arnica gel all the time for the kids and for me. I took Arnica tablets in advance of having my wisdom teeth out because I had heard that it can minimize physical effects of surgery. Like I said, I didn't end up with even a bit of swelling or bruising (my sister and brother both swelled like crazy when they had theirs out) and unlike anyone else I talked to, I didn't need codeine or anything for pain. I took ibuprofen once afterwards, and kept up with the Arnica for a couple of days. I will say thought that none of mine were impacted or super difficult to remove, so the dentist did not have to cut into my gums at all which she said can lead to a more painful recovery. I was also careful about keeping the sockets cleaned out -- I was terrified of getting a dry socket.

Everyone I talked to who had general anesthesia (and in my fear I talked to EVERYONE who would talk to me about their experiences, LOL) said they were "wiped out" or "whacked out" for at least a day afterwards. My DH had planned to take a whole day off when I had my teeth out because he remembered how hard hit he was, but I sent him back to work about an hour after I got home! I don't have a huge fear of needles and although being knocked out for it was tempting, I had to think of what was best for DD and nursing (she was only four months at the time so still nursing nearly all the time).

Hope that helps!
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CanOBeans , Thanks that does help. Where can I buy Arnica. It sounds like a must have.

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Originally posted by zzzz97
CanOBeans , Thanks that does help. Where can I buy Arnica. It sounds like a must have.

I used to buy mine at a co-op, I think maybe health food stores too? You could ask on the Health and Healing forum, they'll know good places to look. Or you can get it from a homeopath.

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Update......just had my wisdom teeth pulled 2 hours ago. With only a local. It went very well, but he gave me a prescription for some pretty powerful pain killers. He said not to nurse. I'm going to try not to use them. Motrin is all I have. Any suggestions? I havn't taken anything yet. My husband is going out of town early tomorrow morning. It will be just me and my 2 yr old.
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My wisdom tooth is coming in,Ouch!

My wisdom teeth have been slowly coming in for the past 5 years.My bottom one just poked through the skin and now my ear and throat are killing me.Plus my mouth is so sore!I know i am supposed to get them out but i have no dental insurance and when i did have Medicaid there were no dentists in our town that would take it.Is there anything i can do to help get through this initial pain?
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Believe it or not, Hyland's teething tablets work pretty good for wisdom teeth. Check out the "wisdom teeth" thread under the archives for more info.

And start saving your pennies! Those suckers got to go!

Hope you feel better soon!
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Clove oil soaked on a qtip or cotton ball. I dilute with oil for dd, but used straight for myself. My advise is to get it taken care of. I waited and waited, finally got them out at 33 years old, now all my teeth are shifting 10yrs later and I need braces!! I really regret letting them go on so long. Check to see if there is a dental school near you for discount care!
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Ditto on the vote for clove oil! Works well -
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(just kidding. I read somewhere that some very enlightened crack parents use that on their kids)

Clove oil, yes. Teething gel, maybe??
Isn't it a great way nature forces us to empathize with our babies?
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Dh's face is swollen and he is in terrible pain...

Dh and I both have all of our wisdom teeth. I have a deathly fear of dentists, and dh is just of the "if it ain't broke..." philosophy, so we never had them pulled.

Once ever year or two I have an "attack" of swelling and pain and it is gone in a day or so, around one of my wisdom teeth. Dh has only had an attack like this once in the 7 years we have been married.

Well, last week he had another attack, and it has been horrible. The gums around one of his wisdom teeth became inflamed and his jaw ached. He has been in agony. He cannot sleep or eat. He went to a dentist yesterday, who said the gum was infected, and gave him an antibiotic and pain killer (it is that bad).

However he said the wisdom tooth itself is perfectly healthy, no cavity, no root infection, nothing. He said that since it is only partially errupted, the gums around it are prone to easy infection and that he should have the tooth pulled.

This is dh's second day on antibiotics (amoxicillin) and even with the pain killer his face looks even more swollen. This is awful!

My first question is, how long will it take for this to improve?? He has not had a fever but clearly this *is* an infection, and I am upset this morning to see him looking worse. Even if dh decides to pull the tooth, the dentist said the infection needed to be cleared up first.

Second question, how likely is it this could happen again? It is unsettling to let the dentist pull a perfectly healthy tooth. Dh is very good about brushing/flossing...is it possible this is a one time attack? This is his only wisdom tooth that is partially erupted, the rest came in fine. (Several of *mine* however did not come in fully, and I hate to think this could happen to me. But I am even more terrified of dental work, so I will have to just hope I get lucky : ).

I don't know what else to do for dh, I hate seeing him like this

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Well the only advice that I can offer you is that it will happen again if you don't get it pulled.

I had 1/2 erupted wisdom teeth and they got infected many times before I finally had them pulled (over the course of 3 or 4 years). Never as serious as your hubby's, but it sucked, they bothered me a lot.
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