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Weekly Thread July 23

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Yesterday I got up to the worst case of diarrhea I've ever had. Followed shortly thereafter by throwing up. I couldn't keep even water down until late in the afternoon. (I lost 5 pounds yesterday.) Great timing as yesterday was my shower Oh well, I didn't eat a thing and felt like crying and besides that it still went well.
I woke up this morning around 3 and felt hungry - what relief!! I was a bit worried about the whole thing. In the end I believe it was food poisoning from eating out Saturday night.

My nights are plagued with dreaming about names. Why does it have to be so difficult?

Saturday I finally got my son's baby stuff down from the attic (ok, dh did) and was not happy about the condition of most of the clothes. Oh well, guess I'll just go shopping!

Now that there is stuff in the baby's room, and a carseat installed in dh's car, this finally feels real to me.
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We will be doing more to prep this week too. I have an ultrasound Friday to see how big baby is and to make sure of his position. He has been headdown for a few weeks now. I'm almost 36 weeks and feeling really nervous about the birth.
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I've been wondering when it would hit. Well, yesterday was the first official bout. I had endless energy until about 4:00 and then my back started to ache. I feel so excited about how much I organized and cleaned. Tossed out so much junk. How does that stuff accumulate so quickly? And what will I do after I'm through having babies? Just live in squalor? I won't be able to rely on the nesting urge to do that kind of cleaning anymore. My dh was great! Played with the kids all day so I wasn't interrupted much. My 2.5 y.o. ds even vaccuumed for me. He loves it.

We still don't have a name picked out yet. I find boy's names to be difficult.

Anyone read that article about the maternity underwear being "soft-porn"? How do you feel about that? I personally think it's fantastic that they are making beautiful nursing and maternity underwear for women and I think the picture was completely tasteful.

Things are coming together but there's still so much to do! And our house is so small I'm wondering where in the world I'm going to fit everything!
Plus, I think I'm going to be the last one on this thread. I'm not due until August 28. Anyone else out there going until the end of this month?
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Kelly - I am at the opposite end of the spectrum. I am due August 4 and have been wondering if I should have joined the July ddc.

Trying my best to be patient here. 1 w 5 d and counting until my due date, but of course I could be weeks late, too. This is such an exercise in letting go of control.

Finally got the car seat in the car and a couple of naps in this weekend!
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Originally Posted by SeekingJoy View Post
I am due August 4 and have been wondering if I should have joined the July ddc.
me too!

maybe some of you already read my thread in I'm Pregnant, but yesterday after dtd i bled and started cramping and was so filled with nervous energy i could not sit still. i was so sure yesterday was going to be the day, but the spotty bleeding stopped and i ran out of energy and still no labor today. im still having irregular contractions though, and i think today (or tonight) may be the day... im sure i won't make it much longer than that. i have a feeling im already dilated to at least 5cm, and that once my contractions really get going i'll have a short labor.
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Cool! I've been wondering when we'd start showing signs of labor around here...this DDC has been pretty darn healthy and long gestating!! Good luck mamas!

I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow, and finally got motivated to get ready for baby. Nesting? Maybe. I've been cleaning/organizing the house a bit (going out to buy some tubs to do more), and buying things for baby/birth...a fishy pool, some baby clothes, I'll be getting a carseat and changing table and maybe cradle soon...oh, and ordering cloth diapers, I checked with my mom and she had no recollection of me having given her all my infant sizes as washrags. So, it'll be fun to get everything at least!!

Names are tough, we don't have anything definite, but I'm fairly well at peace with that. I think this time we might just wait until we see baby.
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Not in your DDC because I joined in the Sept. (due date is the 29th of August). I figured I'd go late (or at least on time) and didn't want to be the last one in this group. On the other hand, I missed reading posts from ladies who are right where I am or even ahead (for a preview). I basically just lurk on both August's and September's boards now. Just wanted you to know you aren't the only one straddling months!
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my due dates are july 24, july 30 and august 6. with ds i was at the very tail end of my ddc and it was SO frustrating to be the last one to go. so this time i joined august instead so i'll be one of the first... it might be cheating, but it's so hard to cope with still being pregnant when everyone else is discussing their newborns...
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i'm 36 weeks and definitely nesting. i've gone through all ds baby clothes and got rid of the stuff that was impractical or i ended up not liking. i've sorted out all the girl clothes i got at my shower and washed the newborn and 3 months sizes. though i wonder if i should have bothered keeping the newborn stuff, this baby could be way smaller than ds and still not fit into them (ds was 9lb. 7oz.). i cleared room in ds's dresser for the baby clothes. i've also washed and found a place to store the infant diapers and covers.

i've stocked up my freezer and pantry with ingredients for easy to cook foods. though i still want to work on actually making some dinners and freezing them. also muffins to eat with all the breakfast sausage in my freezer. don't think i'll be up to making eggs every morning for a bit. with ds my cousin organized dinner drop offs for us for a month! it was wonderful. she hasn't mentioned doing it this time, but my due date is still a month away. well, even if she doesn't i know my mom and sisters will be spending almost every day at my house for a week or more helping out.

anyone taking EPO? when did/do you start? i've seen recommendations ranging from 36 to 39 weeks.
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I haven't done any prep cooking. I have zero desire to do anything that takes much effort. Last night I was sewing a bunch of cloth wipes and told DH I should just buy them. What a PITA . People keep asking me if I am sure there aren't twins. : Why do people think that is funny?
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I'm 37w2d and getting very impatient. I've had a few bouts of nesting - it usually hits at night, which makes sense because I can't get a thing done while DS is up and running around. (Right now I'm still waiting for him to go down for his nap. He's running in circles on the bed laughing like a maniac.) I still have some stuff left to organize after our move and I really want to get that done before baby arrives. It's frustrating because both DS and DP have a tendency to completely trash the house every single day, so by the time I'm done with the everyday chores and straightening up, there's very little time left to do other, bigger jobs. I end up staying up til 2am most nights.:

I haven't done any prep cooking. I haven't been doing a whole lot of regular cooking, either, though. DP has brought home pizza, Chinese, and Mexican all in the last week, so much of our diet has been takeout. I'm normally very against that but right now I just don't care. Fewer dishes, less time in a hot kitchen! Works for me!

I think I'm going to wait til the baby's born to order diapers. I was planning on doing it in the next few days, so I was looking at all the colors, and I really don't want to be stuck with just green, yellow, periwinkle and white. (The only gender-neutral colors.) It'll suck to have to use sposies at first, but I'll be happier with more colors. If we order within 24 hours of the birth, it should be less than a week before they come. And no meconium stains, too, I guess.

Sunday is my birthday, and quite a few people have predicted this baby's birthday will be before mine . . . here's hoping they're right!!!
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Yeah - Nesting. What's up with the weird urge to climb up on ladders to pull things out/put things away, crawl underneath beds, lift heavy things when you are at your most ungainly???????

I've ordered a bunch of dipes, but I'm still going to use disposables for probably the first few weeks. Recovering from a c/s is going to be hard enough without running up and down stairs (and outside) to wash dipes. Our freezer here is tiny and made up of three drawers so I cannot freeze much - although I love the idea of muffins someone brought up. Carrot and zucchini ones too!!! YUM! Great nursing food! We've been doing some day trips, me and the girls to have some time together before the baby comes. Today we spent at a friend's beach house. They have a 13yo girl who loves my girls (and vice versa) so it was nice to be able to relax on the beach.... Also, if I may do a shameless plug here for a ebay retailer I bought some stuff from. She has maternity and bf stuff - like an imitation Bella band which is great late preg and also nursing. Anyway, cheap, and I ordered last Thursday and got my order (here in Sweden) today. It's www.bloom-n.com, and her nursing store is www.baubulz.com. Okay, that's enough from me for now!
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I'm 37 weeks tomorrow, and I am just SICK of being pregnant! I've just had it. What a change from just a couple days ago. I feel like I'm losing my mind.
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Originally Posted by mom22girls View Post
Yeah - Nesting. What's up with the weird urge to climb up on ladders to pull things out/put things away, crawl underneath beds, lift heavy things when you are at your most ungainly???????

I don't know, but I really want to dust and clean my ceilings. I can't wait to be on Maternity leave later this week, I can acutally do some of this stuff! (Although obviously no ladder climbing.)

I'm 37 weeks now and getting ready to be done, but at the same time realizing that it isn't going to happen, so get ready to sit around and enjoy being off for the next month! (Til baby arrives.)

I've finally washed and put away all of the cloth diapers (Which is a huge relief to me) and feel very good about that. Mostly though, I'm just done with swollen feet. I can handle everything else, but it's soooooo uncomfortable! And mine aren't even that bad. My sympathy to anyone who has it bad that way.

Has anyone else started drinking Red Rasberry Leaf tea? Or been drinking it all along? My doula suggests it and I've started, I'm just curious to know how many other women are doing it!
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I have no nesting urge. Does that mean I have regressed back into the second trimester?
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i drink rrl tea and i started using evening primrose oil last night. neither of them are dangerous at any point in pregnancy unless you're at risk of m/c, so i've been drinking the tea all along.
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I've been on RRL all along, and started EPO at 37 weeks. Now that I'm at 38 weeks, I do the EPO orally in the morning and vaginally at night.

Had a MW appt today, everything checks out fine. We're just waiting, waiting, waiting . . . . . .
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Originally Posted by lyttlewon View Post
I have no nesting urge. Does that mean I have regressed back into the second trimester?
I don't believe I have it in me to nest. Baby or not.
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I am definitely nesting. I am 38 wks and have officially started my maternity leave. Friday was my last day of work, then dh goes back to work tomorrow and ds will be still in his daycare for the next 2 wks (4days/wk). I am sooo looking forward to the time off to sleep, clean and prepare. Much of it the preparation is done already, I just have some cleaning to do, and I want to make meals for my freezer. I thought of the muffins too, I'll be making some of those for sure.

Saw my mw today, baby is still head down not quite engaged. I get a lot of comments about how small I am (so far I have always measured right on but I've only gained about 25 lbs to put me at 150). MW says nothing to worry about, babe is well within healthy range.

I'm starting to get really excited to be holding this baby in my arms
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I am 38 weeks and I have a summer cold! sore throat, exhausted and hoping the baby will stay put until I have enough energy to go through labor and birth. I had my 1st a exactly 38 weeks and my 2nd 38 weeks and 4 days.
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