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I had read about this happening when there was a bulletin sent out with a Dr Mercola newsletter this month. I am so glad that your child is all right. How terrifying.
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I'm so sorry your family had this terrifying experience.
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I really appreciate you sharing this. I am so glad your son is ok.
I've got several pictures of my son last year at the beach in a sand hole well over his head. I never knew. : Never again. Thank you.
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Thank god he's ok!

hugs and thanks, mamma!
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Oh my gosh!!!

to you Stacey!

Experiences like these are truly horrible!!

Thank you ever so much for sharing this information with all of us here at Mothering!!!

I never even thought such a thing could happen.

I will write my friends about this too.

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Passing the word to everyone I know. I'm so incredibly sorry this happened to you, and so incredibly glad your child is okay.
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Thank y'all, again, so much for your kind words and thoughts. We arrived home safely last night after 3 weeks of vacation (we spent the time after the beach visiting family). I cried after we got home, so relieved that we are all safe, and hopeful that we can get back to normal now.
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I am so thankful that your child is ok - what a terrifying experience!

And thanks for the warning - something that most people wouldn't normally realize!
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yes, thank you very much. My family is vacationing on a beach in three weeks and we have a 12 month old ds. Of course, he will not be out of our sight, but now he may not be out of arms reach.... in fact, I might go get a "leash."
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mama! That sounds terrifying! A lot of the beaches around here have signs that say "no digging holes more than XX inches deep", and I always wondered why. I bet this is the reason.
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Glad your little boy is ok. Thanks for the info.
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i am totally crying here thank goodness your son is alive and safe!
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Thank you for spreading the word, it's not something I would have thought of. I'm really glad your son is ok.
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Even holes that aren't above the waist can cause injury when they collapse.
My then 6 year old daughter was playing in such a hole - it was just slightly above her waist. She leaned back to lever herself out of the hole when it collapsed, the weight of the wet sand was forcing her knees into a backward position causing a LOT of pain. It took us seemingly forever to dig her out, when we did, her knees were swollen and it was hard for her to walk for a few days.

I know that we were lucky, that however changed our outlook on simple holes in the sand.
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I grew up on the beach and never heard of this before. Thank you for sharing and thank goodness it all turned out ok.
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Since you mentioned in the op not sure about this being the right forum...

We have a new forum- I just noticed it myself about 20 minutes ago- I thought I would let you know and anyone reading this.


It's called the Family Safety Forum (although it is polling for a new name).

I have asked if this could be moved over there for you so you wouldn't need to repost this and lose the replies you've received.
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I'm so glad your son is okay!

Thanks for the reminder. This happened to my cousin about 15 years ago. He is alive today, by some miracle.

We are taking a family trip at the end of August, with many little ones, to a place where there are many, many sand dunes and beaches. Thank you for the reminder, I will be cautious of this while we are there.
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I'm soooo happy your son is OK.

We go to the beach every week. I'll tell the children (who love to dig) and my friends.

There was a thread on this topic in News a couple of weeks ago, and the posters were shocked, never heard of it, yada, yada...

you should find it and link your story to it to bump it up and let people know.

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Oh my gosh, I can't imagine how terrifying this must have been for your family and your son. Thank goodness you found him in time.

Thank you for sharing this.
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