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Seeking Solutions...HELP!

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Hi all
I am new to this board - I lurk in the diapering area usually. After three babies I thought I had all the answers but now I am here asking this question:
My baby boy will turn one in three weeks & refuses all food. Baby food, finger food, juice, crackers, toast, you name it, he refuses it. On occasion, he will eat something then promptly spit it out. He is 22 lbs. & still nurses ALL THE TIME. Has this happened to anyone & should I even bother thinking about it. Part of me knows that he will eat when he is ready but I could use some sleep at night....
I know you all will have a tip or two - thanks in advance
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My wee one is 11 months now and he doesn't eat ANY table foods at all...other than very, very fine pureed baby foods. And by that I don't mean the ones recommended for 6 months plus, I mean the beginner stuff. (Yes I actually buy foods rather than make - mainly because I tried making and he hated it ). I'm really not worried at this point...though...I'm beginning to wonder...on the other hand, he is SORTA warming up to the idea of foods now. He still won't eat...but he does open his mouth and "think" about it. :

Edited to add: I don't really have any advice...other than to try adding some BM into the pureed foods...and just toss things at him and let him go at it. He will eat when he's ready...and Morgan is sleeping through the night now...but he started doing that before he ever ate any type of solid so I really don't think starting foods means they will sleep through the night. Like anything else, they will do that too, when they are ready.

I know that wasn't much advice...but just letting you know it's normal for him not to want foods...I was well over 13 months myself before I wanted to eat.
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oh, I can commiserate.
dd started experimenting with foods only ard 9 months, and I can tell you she only became a "good eater" (though still not consistently) at ard 18 months. She also nursed a lot when she was around one. I think it cld be a growth spurt, or teething.

Can you perhaps find out why he spits out the food? Maybe he doesn't like the texture, and you cld experiment with that a little bit??
I think if you continue to offer foods, without pressuring him, or being upset, he'll come ard to it.

I don't have any fantastic tips either, except to keep an eye on his health, try to relax abt food issues (I know, easier said than done!), and before you know it, this thing will be over!!
Good lUCK !!
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My son refused all foods until 8.5 months, and then ate only very little. It wasn't until right around a year that he started eating solid food on a regular basis, but it still wasn't very much. He is, and has always been, on the slender side. He was 18lbs at 1yo. Even as a baby he was more slender than chubby. But he is perfectly healthy and his weight has steadily, although slowly, increased. He is 26 months now, and weighs about 25lbs.

He still doesn't sleep through the night. The solid foods didn't make any difference in his sleeping or nursing habits.
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