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UC Birth of Twins: Miriam & Shira - Page 3

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Wonderful blessing of a story!!!
Congrats on your perfect perfect birth(s)
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thank you for sharing your story! congratulations!
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wow! just have to say that those are some amazing pictures! seeing the water dripping as the caul broke. You must have had a good photographer.

those are some special girls you have. I hope you are resting well, and enjoying two little loveys.
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Such a beautiful story, mama! Congratulations.
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Congrats, and you did a *great* job! Both of you! Two cheezy little girls!And one posterior! They are beautiful and so are you! Great job, Mama! You are right about the OB, I'll bet. You would have set foot in that hospital, and they would have had you in OR before you could get back out the door! Congrats again!
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Beautiful, and I loved the pictures to go with the story.
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precious.....beautifully written!
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Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. It is an inspiration and encouragement to us pregnant mammas out here. Congratulations!
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FANTASTIC! So inspirational - I just knew two big twins could be UC'd! Way to go!! Thank you for posting and sharing the great photos. The babies are sublimely gorgeous. And I love how little bro is having a sandwich in one photo.
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I'm so glad that ONE of us got the twin UC we were all hoping for!
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congrats to you and your family. what a great experience!
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Congrats!! What a beautiful birth story.
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great story and very pretty babys! I wish more women had the courage to have their twins at home instead of giving in to OBs who want to do a c/s.
congrats and blessings!
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What big, beautiful babies! And an excellent story - thanks for sharing! Congratulations!
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Congrats. You and your children are very lucky.
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Thank you so much for sharing your story and pictures! I'm always extra pleased to read twin homebirth stories...and UC to top it off?? Brilliant Thank you.
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That is an amazing story!
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WoW! What a story. Congratulations!!
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Wow! I had no idea twins could be born at home, unassisted. Nor did I realize they could weigh so much and be born at 37 weeks! Thanks for your story.

Good luck to you and your family!
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Congratulations and thanks so much for sharing your wonderful story!!
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