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A little late in the congratulations, but better late than never! I love this wonderful birthstory! Congrats and God bless you and your family!
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Congrats Momma! What a beautiful story and beautiful family! You are truly blessed!:
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Fantastic Story!

I loved your story!

During my last few labors, I also always felt that my contractions were not close enough, strong enough, etc... BUT it always turned out to be a "productive" labor. I also came to realize that my contractions would be irregular (in timing) but I would have one less strong one, then a long break, then a very strong and hard contraction! I remember thinking during my last birth "oh no, not a long break! that means the next one is going to HURT!"

Congratulations, Mama. You must be in heaven with those two babies! I can't imagine!!
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What a lovely birth! Congrats on your two beautiful girls.
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What a great birth story! The girls are soooo sweet!
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Wow! I can hardly imagine a twin birth more different than my own. I'm so happy for you and your family!
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The babies are so adorable... Congratulations !!! Thanks for sharing your story...
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Congrats what a beautiful birth story. They are beautiful
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Beautiful birth pictures! I'm lovin all these twin adventures on the boards atm
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Oh congrats! I am loving the pic of the girls touching noses! And I think the picture of Miriam borin the the caul is AMAZING! I think it is one of the best birth pictures I have seen- with the fluid in mid air and you and your husband both touching her- it is amazing!!!
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I loved your birth story!
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Gorgeous girls and wonderful story. Thanks for sharing!

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job well done mama!
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so perfect! they are just beautiful.
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those pictures are just amazing.
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thanks so much for posting this. what a beautiful, inspiring story, and i love the update with the picture. they are absolutely gorgeous! congratulations.
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What an awesome story! My Mom-Mom and her sister were identical twins and also had their own amniotic sacs. The older one was born in her sac.

I thought the looked identical in the 3 day picture. Too cute!!
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awww, CONGRATS!!!! they are beautiful, and what a great story too!
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Wow what an insipring story. Congratulations
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I know this is REALLY late, but what a beautiful birth story! Congratulations on your beautiful family!
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