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My first BC was the Pill. I was told by my MD that its the safest and most effective for both me and him. After I m/ced our first after ttcing for *13* mos, at 6 wks, my OB found a 7 cm dermoid ovarian cyst and said that it needed to be surgically removed and *no* pregnancy until its gone! She suggested condoms. : Its just not *my* preference. Since ttcing last time, I've become more natural, so I was able to find some Kimono brand made of natural latex, although it doesn't say what the non-spermicidal lubricant is! Not interested in spermicides, and am under the impression that they are required with a cap/diaphragm and not sure what they're made of. Not sure about NFP, not sure about the charts and all, and if I mess up and don't want a baby..... Not comfortable with IUD....bc stinks! Anyway, just thought I would ask....maybe we could discuss NFP some....I'm glad to have a fp board! Thanks!