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so, what are yall using?

Poll Results: so, what are yall using?

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My first BC was the Pill. I was told by my MD that its the safest and most effective for both me and him. After I m/ced our first after ttcing for *13* mos, at 6 wks, my OB found a 7 cm dermoid ovarian cyst and said that it needed to be surgically removed and *no* pregnancy until its gone! She suggested condoms. : Its just not *my* preference. Since ttcing last time, I've become more natural, so I was able to find some Kimono brand made of natural latex, although it doesn't say what the non-spermicidal lubricant is! Not interested in spermicides, and am under the impression that they are required with a cap/diaphragm and not sure what they're made of. Not sure about NFP, not sure about the charts and all, and if I mess up and don't want a baby..... Not comfortable with IUD....bc stinks! Anyway, just thought I would ask....maybe we could discuss NFP some....I'm glad to have a fp board! Thanks!
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We've always used condoms. : When we married, I wasn't quite as crunchy as I am now, but even then I refused to use hormonal bc. I'd love to switch to FAM (we'd just use condoms when I'm fertile instead of abstaining like you do with NFP) but I'm not sure dh would go for it. FWIW, that's how we finally got pregnant with ds after a couple of months because I figured out I was ovulating earlier in my cycle than the traditional day 14.

I'm not too crazy about the rubbers and neither is dh (so much so that he forgot to put one on a few weeks ago) but I'm scared to death to do anything hormonal.

That's the fun thing about being pregnant, no BC!

PS- embarrassed to say that we use Trojan because I just grab a box as I fly down that aisle blushing! LOL I don't know why I'm embarrassed about BC in public when I nurse in public and gave birth in front of a half a dozen people both times!
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That's the fun thing about being pregnant, no BC!
I *so* enjoyed giving up the Pill when we were ttcing, and being pg for the brief time that I was...
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And you don't have to worry about getting pregnant because you already are!

And it's ironic... you spend months/years trying NOT to get pregnant and then when you are ready to get pregnant it takes awhile. :
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I was on the pill, but not for bc, in my early 20s. (Bad, bad periods).

We used NFP (after reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility) to get pg with both dds and during the space between them. It was really easy once you got the hang of it. It allowed us to concieve when we wanted to and not when we didn't! For a total of 3 years.

Now dh has been "snipped" and since I am bfing, I am still enjoying period-free life!!

I didn't answer the survey above due to the different methods we have used.
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I voted other b/c I use a diaphragm but also try to be "aware" of my cycle (hence the Cycle Beads post). I think I'm pretty good at telling when I ovulate and my cycles are pretty regular. I don't think I could really get into the whole charting thing.

Before ttc, I was on the pill. I loved it and will probably go back to it once I'm done bfing till we decide if we are done w/kids... then dh is getting the big V.
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I used the diaphragm ... worked like a charm.
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I have NEVER used the pill. Too many side effects and chem for me. I hate condoms and the smallest diaphram is still too big for me. Plus, DH is allergic to spermacide. I actually went in to get an IUD and passed out from the pain. I was not aware that this could happen and found out afterwards that this is actually quite common. Plus they don't even know how they work. Scary.

My kids are 6.5 years apart with the use of NFP and pullout. To learn about NFP get the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. Great book even if you ae not going to use NFP because it teaches you things about your body that you may not have known. I learned so much!

Also great for ttc. She even gives you a method to concieve your choose of boy or girl. I'm giving it to my sister as a wedding present in September. They are going to TTC next year. I want a neice!
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I voted other because we use the fertility awareness method (charting, temps, cm, cp, etc.). During my fertile phase we abstain from actual intercourse, but we, well, fool around in other ways. I used FAM to successfully avoid pregnancy for several years, and then used it to successfully TTC.
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My husband and I used NFP for the first six months of our marriage because I was in school. Then we conceived and now i am breastfeeding to space babies. Unless we have grave reason to prevent a pregnancy (i.e. unemployment) we will just continue to let our family grow.

My parnter and I value deeply the sanctity of life and love the beauty of freely giving our fertility to eachother as a gift, not something to be monitored or ignored, or witheld from our partner. Hence we do not have a "contraceptive" mentality in our marriage. If we do use NFP again for a serious reason and we do accidentally conceive, (note: NFP is 99% effective when used correctly) it is not a big deal because we are open to life.

nota bene: NFP couples who pray regularly together have a 2% divorce rate!
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not maried yet...pill no; then NFP

we are engaged (totally romatic propsal and great ring, very sweet and special) soooooo we are useing Pill; we are not ready -- he has to go to 6 months of training; then we have to move from MO to Iowa so pg is not a good thing right now.

Once we are married I THINK I might suggest NFP -- but I do not understand it toooo well. Any GOOD easy "how to" books out there.

We want kids. I am 31 now; 32 before we are married and moved. soooooooo that is a worry. We will let God choose the when and the how many; at least up to chilr 4 and age 40.

Thoese are my thoughts.
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I feel like my hubby and I did this successfully for awhile... hee

But because of my breastfeeding, we both found it frustrating. I started to rely purely on fluid readings, and it seemed like I was always goopy because my cycles weren't totally stabilized.

We are currently expecting our third and will probably use some form of contraception like an IUD until I'm no longer breastfeeding any of our children, and then I would like to do NFP again. We thought about a vasectomy for him, but after reading up on it, I'm not so sure that's as healthy as most people assume...

So that's where we're at. I love being pregnant and not having to worry about it right now!
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NFP with condoms as back. Still learning the fertility signs.
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"taking charge of your fertility" is a good book that explains NFP very well.
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NFP and lovin' it!

We use NFP, right now to postpone pregnancy. We have even used it successfully for about 3 years, even during the last year when my job required me to travel 5 days a week. It is not always easy, but I wouldn't trade the freedom from condoms and the diaphram for anything. Both families tease us incessantly about going crunchy with "that family stuff" and my girl friends think we are crazy "how can you control yourselves...", but it works for us. No surpise pregnancies. In fact, we like it so much that we now teach other couples how to use NFP! If anyone is interested in knowing where the < 2% divorce rate for NFP couples or 99.8% effectiveness stats come from, let me know. Call me OCD, but I HAD to know where the numbers came from.

When we were engaged, I wanted to go the Pill. Why? because everyone I knew I was on the Pill and it was going to make my skin beautiful. Ironically, my husband was the one who first brought up the idea of NFP. He had read some medical articles about long term hormonal use and didn't want me on them. We later learned the "mini pill" (progesterone only) are abortifacients. I hope I don't sound preachy; I only want to pass along what I have learned. These "miscellaneous details" were not easily available to use when we were trying to decide on BC.

Now, for the practical details: I take my temp in the am with a digital therm, for about 15 seconds. We've used the mercury therm, (takes about 3 minutes). That was so fun when my DH would "shake it down" at night. This humored us to no end. The charting quickly became part of our daily routine. I used to chart on paper, but now I use a software program. Another bonus, the abstinence period creates a monthly honeymoon. We cherish that time together---not that you can't without NFP--- but it does add a celebration mood to the whole thing.

For anyone intersted in learning more, I agree, TCOYF is a great resource. The Art of NFP provides some additional resources for interpretting charts when you have irregular cycles, are breastfeeding, or are premenopausal. The Families of the Americas is another excellent resource. All of these are accessbile online.
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Lucky for me that I TOTALLY AGREE W/ BOTH Paxetbonum & Palmetto210 !!! Cause you have said all I was going to reply with, now I don't have to type much! Haa Haaaaa!! Good thing too since I am NAK! LOL!! :LOL
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Martie is a product of NFP, when I miscalculated. Ooops. Well we didn't care if we got pregnant, and I think I did want to so I didn't insist on a condom.

I'm on the Mirena IUD now because my body does not do well with the hormones. I felt it was the best choice for us.

I think I will have to check out that book that everyone recommends though.
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When I have a libido, then condoms, otherwise abstinence. :
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I'm in with Ms. Doula, Paxetbonum, & Palmetto210. We used NFP to prevent pregnancy while dh was in school. As soon as he got a fulltime job, we used it to ttc (were successful first try). We'll breastfeed to space babies and might resume charting too, depending on whether dh finds a teaching job or if some other difficult situation comes up. Otherwise, we're letting God decide the size and spacing of our family.
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I voted "other" because we use FAM (with great success) which wasn't listed as an option. I understand that NFP and FAM are similar in many ways, but not exactly the same thing.

I used to use bc, but didn't like the effects that hormones were beignning to have on my once I reached 30....

:LOL ......THEN my son was conceived (yes, while on the pill) and I decided that afterward, there was no going back on it. After all, we had a plan right after our wedding and...ahem....he was a bit ahead of that plan. I conceived last year (right on plan) and this year, once I figured out that I have a much longer than 14 day cycle (19-20 days...though I bled every 28 days. ).

DH has brought up his getting a V after our second is born in September. I never mentioned it, though I did say that I would NOT be having MY tubes tied. Too invasive and risky surgery. FAM has been working the best for us thus far.

Great discussion.

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