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concerned it took so long to get pg

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I thought I would bounce this off yall! dh and I ttced in Nov 01-Jan *'03*! I went to the md and told her that I wanted to get pg. I was on the Pill , for 3 1/2 years, since we got married and off and on before, for severe cramps since '92. I wasn't crunchy, otherwise I wouldn't have done it! I *did* go back to organics, if I had known about detox, I would have done one. I went to my md with my suspicions in Feb after *finally* missing *two* months, since one doesn't necessarily mean baby in my case over the past year, and she was refing me to IF but my pg test came back positive! I m/ced a week later. In retrospect, I'm concerned about why it took so long to conceive. Having done all the "right" things I knew to do, and that I was a considered healthy. (working out, supplements....) Is this asking too much? Should I have posted in ttc??? I dreaded the prospect of IF because of my natural lifestyle. I'm concerned for any future attempts. Thanks for replying...
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Not to dismiss your concerns in any way, but I thought I would give you a bit of hope. I have about a half dozen friends who tried for around two years before getting pregnant with their first pregnancy. One (I think) miscarried, and the others went on to have healthy babies. Some resorted to clomid, but most were able to finally conceive naturally.

All of these women have second children and they all had them relatively quickly (within six months of trying.) Sometimes it seems that when your body figures it out once, it isn't an issue again. I know that isn't always the case, but I thought this might give you hope and comfort.

Good luck, and I hope this time around is much easier for you.
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thanks, for replying! I was a bit discouraged that I shouldn't have posted here! yeah, that *is* encouraging! I definately want to conceive naturally, and was just really concerned about why it took so long! I heard that 12 mos of unprotected sex constitutes IF, and I really don't want to go down that road, the treatments and all! My nutritionist mentioned False Unicorn, next time. I didn't really know a lot first time, I just stopped taking the Pill, and then changed to a natural lifestyle. This time, I'm gonna do a detox, false unicorn, and I'm reading about anything else I should do. Congrats for you. That's nice.
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I heard that 12 mos of unprotected sex constitutes IF, and I really don't want to go down that road, the treatments and all!
There are many roads, and medical treatment is only one of them.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to know why you aren't conceiving as quickly as you'd like. I'm sure a doctor could throw out some possibilities, and so could a naturopath, nutritionist, or anyone else, and it's just as likely as Jish said that there is no problem, it's just taking time. I think your commitment to doing this naturally is totally appropriate at this point in the game, and it sounds like you're seeking to learn and try to make any possible changes.

I wish changing to a natural lifestyle was a guarantee that you wouldn't have fertility problems, but I've learned there aren't many guarantees. We do the very best we can to take care of ourselves, and then we work with what we're given. It certainly is one of the best things you could be doing for yourself and your future children, though. That is how I'm trying to view it.

Good luck to you, and I hope you receive your awaited good news very soon!
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I've been down that road. No, it isn't fun, but at the same point, going to a doctor can help you understand what is going on.

Things you can start doing now:[list=1]
[BBT (basil body temp) Do this everyday and you can learn 2 VERY important things: 1 are you ovulating and 2 how long is your luteal phase (the time between ovulation and menstration).
If you have a temp rise around the middle of your cycle, then you are releasing progesterone which is a strong indicator of ovulation.

Then if you have 10 or more days between ovulation and menstration, you have a long enough luteal phase to allow an implantation. If this is less than 10 days, you may need to suppliment with progesterone during the later half of your cycle[/list=1] [list=2] Track your cervical fluid. If you never see what is called egg white cervical fluid, then you may want to take some Evening primrose oil during the first half of your cycle. This egg white stuff helps with Sperm transport. Without it, you might not be allowing too many sperm to get to your eggs.

If you decide to see a doctor, a simple blood test will check for abnormal hormone levels. This is generally done on cycle day 3 and you can learn if you are producing enough of SEVERAL hormones that are needed to help produce a baby.

Your husband might have a problem with his sperm. A sperm analysis might be needed. Basically, he make a contribution to a happy cup and the doctor's lab examine for abnormal sperm, count, and motility.

There are natural remedies to try that can help sperm production and luteal phase disorders. If you are not ovulating, this may require a medicine to help you ovulate.

I would start with charting your temps for 3 months. The fact that you have long cycles indicates that there is an ovulation issue (to me).

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't feel that infertility means you HAVE to take medicines. There are plenty of natural ways to address problems in the reproductive system and the first thing is to see if there is a problem.

Also, remember that your reproduction is just like any other part of your body. You can still get sick if you exercise or eat well. So too can you have a problem in the reproductive area.

I decided on the meds path, but I have plenty of experience with the natural route.
Please feel free to pm me.
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thanks so much, mamas! not sure what I'll do when I'm read to ttc again....if I should go get checked out by a midwife or OB before ttcing. I'll make yet another preconception appt. Course, I only had a family doc last time, now I have an OB, but am considering trying to find a MW *again* :! I'm glad to know I I don't have to do a whole of drugs or invasive treatmens, that's just not *my* style!
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no- you DON'T have to do invasive treatments, but a simple blood test can help you learn so much!

Then your mw or OB can help you from there! Please, find a new mw. I know they are quite common in my area..
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the time that I *thought* I was pg and *was* and my MD thought since I was bleeding that I was getting ready to start, she took thyroid and diabetes (fam hist), I think. I have an OB, now, I've been told my some one at a bc maybe in NC, that if I move east, I'll be moving *away* from the MW :. I've been looking around though! But, I'm gonna get that blood test, after I have this dermoid ovarian cyst removed next week, when we're ready to start ttcing again! I'll also do a detox and my nutritionist rec false unicorn!
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I have a thyroid problem although it is beleived to not be related to our infertility.

I take a synthetic thyroid hormone to suppliment my body's production since it can't do it. I don't know if this is kosher for you or not, but it's made a world of difference
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