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August No-Spend Challenge -- Congratulations no-spenders!!!! You made it to the end! - Page 6

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August 1. Snacks for return home 3.90(this should prevent us form spending money at airport), Lunch out w/inlaws 18.90:

Tally of Evil 18.90
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Originally Posted by rosie_plus_one View Post
I was planning on cutting up my three credit cards last night but I'm waffling! I need to get a little bit of work done on my old car to put it up for sale and the only way I can really afford it is to put it on credit and then pay it back when the car sells. WWYD?? I really need to get this car sold so I can put my emergency fund back into the bank (pulled it out to buy the new truck for DP).
Can you cut up all the cards but the one you are going to use? You can do it!!!

Originally Posted by maggiemae View Post
Going to Target after work to return/exchange some things. Wish me luck~Target is my weakness. I must repeat to myself "I don't really need it. I don't really need it."
You do not really need it. Think of all the "extras" you have at home that you are dying to get rid of You can do it!!!

Originally Posted by snowbunny View Post
Now $5 isn't that much, relatively speaking, but now we're $5 down. DS doesn't need new toys (trust me ...) and I feel like we've already failed the no-spend August that we'd agreed too.

ARRGH. Help mamas, help.
First off, there is no failing the no spend challenge, its all about trying! Second, maybe sit down with your DH and just point out (lovingly) that you just talked about no spend and tomorrow is a new day and start again. You can do it!!!!!!!

(Plus if you are desperate for an example you can let him know that "your friend" - me - spent over $400 last month on purchases under $10 ... it adds up fast!)
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Originally Posted by mommy2abigail View Post
O/T, Costco has organic beef??? Wow, I never knew. Of course we dont have a Costco card, but still.
I should add it's organic ground beef. 85/15, so not the leanest (I like really lean), but it works when our local grocery is out. You get 3 pounds for $12-it's my first time trying it, so we'll see!
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(dh is stopping at the store for necessities only - we haven't had time to grocery shop this week - all he needs to get is for home made pizzas for dinner & we have most of what we need but he needs to get ham,mozzarella,pizza sauce,pizza sausage, plus honey & yogurt for breakfast smoothies for the week for DD & I, and ziplock freezer bags for freezing a bunch of fruit about to go bad.)
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Originally Posted by Crunchy*VT*Mom View Post
1. Please introduce yourself and tell us anything you think it would help us to know about yourself.

2. Please tell us why you have decided to spend nothing (or spend significantly less) for the Month of August. Memorize these goals and recite them to yourself before all purchases.

3. No spending is hard work. You need a plan. Please tell us your game plan -- how do you plan to approach no spending for a month?
1. I am mama bear to 2 cubs. ds is 7, dd is 4. dh works a full-time job and a part-time job so that i can sah with the kids. we're homeschoolers, a single car family, and have 2 cats and a dog. this won't be my first time trying to have us spend less, but it will be the first time i am planning on being accountable to multiple people to help me stay in line.

2. as for why we need to reduce spending:

~ we have only $5.00 in our savings account. the only reason that is there is because we need to have at least 5.00 in the savings to have a free checking account. (our checking account balance isn't much better, but it is okay, because dh gets paid on friday.)
~if the above post wasn't explained well enough, we live paycheck to paycheck, and there is always at least one thing that doesn't get paid every month.
~ we have NO emergency fund.
~ we have A LOT of medical bills/debt, and we need to get it paid down.
our car(a 2001 stratus) is gonna be needing some work VERY soon, as well as just basics like new tires, brakes, oil changed and i don't know where the $ will come from to get that done.
~ i need to find a suitable curriculum for ds for this year. i should have already had it.
~i'd like for us to be able to start having a yearly vacation without using the "payday check cashing advance" type places.
~our whole family now needs dental work, and we still owe the dentist from more than a year ago from dh's last tooth pulling.
~we filed for bankruptcy in february of 05, and even with the reduced payments for our car, home(singlewide mobile home), cc bills, and the medical bills that were included in the bankruptcy, we still struggle to make that payment, plus our lot rent, utilities(we have internet and 2 cell phones), insurance(car only- we don't have it on the home anymore), groceries, gas, and medical copays etc when necessary.
~ we really need some new (to us) appliances. our washer will only wash loads of a few items at a time now instead of a normal sized load, our dishwasher went kaput a couple of months ago etc. our dryer is in bad shape too, but that's okay cuz i usually hang stuff to dry. the inside of our stove is also questionable now, the stovetop (nurners) are just fine though.
~ we want to start *some kind of* retirement program to help us save for fhe future, if necessary. (any suggestions on this anyone?)

3. goals/game plan:

~ see where the $ really is going. track ALL expenses, necessary and unnecessary. use this info to create a budget.
~ come in here and post every day. i think the accountability will be good for me.
~ go through and do a serious decluttering. instead of freecycling it right away like usual, try to sell some of it first. possibly trade for some homeschooling stuff for ds, and then dd. use the tp first, and then maybe try ebay for a couple of things that i think might sell for a good amount.
~ if trading doesn't work for hs stuff, figure out the best program to use for ds without spending an arm and a leg.
~keep using the asher that we have until it has its dying breath, should still be chepaer to do this, even factoring in the power and water biull than it would be to take the clothes to the laundromat using gas and $ while there.
~ think about purchases (other than food etc) for at least a full day before actually buying them, to give myself plenty of time to talk myself out of the said item(s).
~ when i do really want to buy an item, do price comparisons wherever possible.
~continue to plan meals and snacks ahead of time.
~ grocery shop no more than once per week, using sales ads from the other stores to compare when making shopping list.
~seriously plan to get some cloth pads for bladder leakage :embarrassed i have been using sposie pads like poise/serenity etc, and they are really pricey! eventually plan to have surgery to correct the problem.
~ we have just switched our first few lights over to the fluorescent compact bulbs, we stil have a long way to go, but we did the 3 most commonly used lights in our home so far. we'd like to try once at least every other month to replace 3 again, til they are all replaced.
i'll start being more diligent about unplugging things when not in use as well, sicne i have learned that even if thignsa aren't actually beign used, just having them plugged in uses some power. most of our things are on power switches, so it shouldn't be too hard to turn things completely off.
~ i plan to allow eating out 2X per month, and movies (drive-in purchase or rental) once a month. i would use the library too if we could find the hs book and get it returned, and the fine paid.
~ i also want us to start going to the community gym/pool, at 9-12.00 a trip(depending on if it is just me and the kids, or if it me, dh and the kids), because we really need the exercise, and this will be still be cheaper to do 2-3 X a month than what we used to spend on a y membership for the same amount of usage.
~ start doing swaps here on mdc again to get things we really could use and get rid of things we don't- but not if it means actually havign to buy stuff to make a package for someone. i'll just hope i actually get my package this time, unlike the last swap i participated in.
~ keep a running total of my no-spend (or spedning only within allowable items) days.
~ i'm also going to check into angel food ministries. my moms and sister already get these once a month. the problem for me is that the church that hosts it in our area is not really that local to me comparatively, and that it would require a lot of planning to go out and pay for the food, and pick up the food each month. also i wonder if the food you get is really gonna be much of a good deal, since i don't know if we'll use everything in it, or if it'll be stuff we typically try to avoid.
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1 August: NO SPEND day completed!
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august 1, money spent 0.00
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I like to join also.

I am Megan, mom to 2 and living in NYC with my partner. I bought 5 pairs of shoes this week because my feet changed sizes after being pg and the one crappy flip flops were hurting my feet (I walk a ton). I need to stop buying though. We have some debt and some taxes to pay.

My goal is to have more no spend days and no purchases that are not actually needed (esp cute shoes!).
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August 1

Ugh, I wanted to buy about hundred things today but didn't. Time to get used to this again!
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i was so proud to have a no spend day!! we resisted that coffeeshop brooktosea!! then came home and hubby said he spent $210 at vet!!!!: there's always tomorrow..
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Ok. I'm doing it this month! I've been reading these threads for a couple of months now but haven't actually posted. I'm hoping this will help me to actually stick to my budget. I'm still getting caught up on the messages for this month's challenge.

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us anything you think it would help us to know about yourself.

I'm a SAHM to a wonderful 14 month old boy. Before he came home I was a school librarian, so not a great salary and we didn't actually have to use it to pay bills but boy do I miss it. I love to shop. Especially online.. and now that I'm home all the time, that's what I want to do. For things I "need" for DS (nothing for myself lately, thank goodness).

2. Please tell us why you have decided to spend nothing (or spend significantly less) for the Month of August. Memorize these goals and recite them to yourself before all purchases.

I need to learn to live within my means. My savings are dwindling. Credit cards are almost under control. Groceries are eating me alive especially now that I have time to run out for "just a few things" and end up spending $30. I'm using budgeting software to understand where our money goes, and we're really doing fine as far as paying bills goes (except the groceries).

3. No spending is hard work. You need a plan. Please tell us your game plan -- how do you plan to approach no spending for a month?

Ah. Here's where I fall short. I've been trying to read more (with free books from the library!) rather than spend time on the computer. I need more hobbies, now that DS is less needy and wants to play alone more often. I'm going to start selling things on ebay again and that will be my fun money for the month. Other than that, I'm going to try to only go to the grocery once a week and try really hard not to go into other stores unless it's for something we really do need (that's where my impulse buys always happen).

Can't wait to read all the other messages for more tips and to see what everyone else is doing.
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My goal this month is to not spend anything outside of our set budget. Brought my breakfast, lunch and my many snacks from home today!

So far so good.

August 1
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Thread Starter 
snowbunny -- Two things:

1. You can only be responsible for yourself, not your DH. This thread is for YOU so don't record his spending. We're working to make you more aware of your spending. Maybe he will see your example and be more careful with spending...but maybe not. You can't worry about that right now. Let's just focus on you.

2. Progress...not Perfection. Our goal is not to have the most perfect no-spend ever. I've been doing this thread for four months now and I don't think ANYONE has had 30 in a month (no, not even Carla or Jenny -- though they came mighty close) So if you messed up the first day -- FIDO. Forget about It and Drive On.

The goal is to FINISH the month...not to have a "perfect" score. Stick with us to the end and you WILL see progress.

We're working on building money-awareness...this is a ~skill~ and it takes time to develop.

You're doing great just to remember to come on here and record!
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no spend day for me. also i found a site that wil give me points for shopping and free shipping to get the breast feedind stuff i need
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Aug 1-
hung out w/ friends and spent 0!! woo hoo!

DH agreed to have a food and drink allowance during the week... what's fair? i'm thinking $20? he tries come home for lunch 2 or 3 days, so maybe less?
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I wanna join...

I'm a sahm to 2 ds's (age 4 mos and 2 years) ... and while we're ok bills wise, my cc bill each month is waaaayyyy too high, even though I usually just buy groceries and gas (oh, and a few other things here and there... my weakness is $1/yd fabric at walmart... but I have like 50 projects set to go and so do NOT need more to do without doing some first...)

I don't have a plan really... I'm just hoping that peer pressure will keep me from whipping out the plastic... and, after spending 100.00 today on DIAPERS (we use disposies cause I can't keep up with the laundry as it is... ) I'm so ready to make a change. Oh, sort of a plan... I'm going to try to make a really good effort to potty train ds#1. That will help save a bunch! (im not sure hes ready for it yet though so it could be a LONG process... but every bit that saves a diaper I'm counting as helping!

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Aug 1-

Only money spent today was paying rent and water, even though I really wanted to get take out! It's easier not to spend when DH isn't home during the day because I don't like to go out and putz around alone.
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August 1: ! Only spent on groceries and gas.

TOmorrow we are going to go to the farmer's market, I am aiming for less than $10 in spending. The kids love the strawberries there, I just have to resist the baked goods!
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So far so good for me. DH isn't here yet (we're in the process of moving across the country) so I don't know how he's doing. The next few days DD and I will be with MIL etc., so I don't think I'll have the opportunity to spend anything (she's uber generous despite any protests).

My plan for this month:
- make a grocery list and stick to it (when I've done this in the past I've saved money and had leftovers, you'd have thought I'd learn)
- buy no snacks/packaged food oustide of the grocery list (that's our major downfall)
- buy no diapers/baby clothes/toys (I did a lot of purging for the move and know we have enough for now)
- set up savings account to automatically transfer money in each month so I don't have to remember
- start spreadsheet for spending.
- take 20$ out for DH and I (each) for the month, then leave the debit cards at home.

We'll see how this works. Once DH gets set in his job we can do a budget and see what we can afford for housing etc. Knowing where the money is supposed to be going will help me from spending it on useless things.
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August 1

Went to the pool. Free and packed snacks. Trying to make it to Mon to Buy groceries and split them with my friend. Next week we will try hard to make a meal plan together and then split the groceries from Costco.

Having trouble with my cloth diapers. I sold ds too small ones and now I am back to washing everyday so they have time to line dry. What would a good # of diapers be to wash every other day and line dry. I think I have 18 9 a friend let me borrow and 9 of my own. Maybe it is cheaper to wash everyday?
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