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IVF & Nutrition and/or Acupuncture

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Anyone have info about what kind of foods, etc. are recommended for when you are doing IVF? What about using an acupuncturist throughout the protocol?? Any websites or good books??
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There are tons of websites out there - google acupunture and infertility and they'll pop up
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THE book of the moment seems to be The Infertility Cure by Randeen Lewis

There is a new book called Fertility Wisdom by Angela Wu who is kind of known as the fertility miracle worker here in the Bay Area.
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Here is the website for The Infertility Cure.


I really liked the book after I started doing acupuncture. I tried reading it before I started and it was a bit tough. But it has a great "quiz" (its long, but very interesting) and how I answered was very much in line with what my acupuncturist told me. But once you go through the quiz, it gives suggestions for food that is in line with your body type.

Also, see if your RE has a recomendation. The lady I was seeing does a lot of work with patients of where I go. If her schedule allows, she'll even come into the RE's office and do acupuncture while resting after ET.

Good luck!
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I haven't posted here in several months, but I just wanted to say that I had chiropractic care and acupuncture throughout our fertility treatments. I think they made a huge difference in our success.

I have a friend who is working with a naturopath using "The Infertility Cure" to get her body ready for IVF. She is doing really well and is going to start with the RE in the fall.

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