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M/S is back?!?!

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My m/s went away when I was about 11-12 weeks pregnant, and I've been feeling pretty good since then. But, what the...? Yesterday morning and this morning, I wake up feeling yucky and throw up first thing. Yuck! I feel fine for the rest of the day, so I don't think it's some kind of a bug. Neither of my other pregnancies were like this.

What the heck is going on? Can anyone else help fill me in?
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no, no, no...
I hope this passes quickly for you...maybe some crackers by the bed?

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my feeling like wanting to die went away around 11 or 12 weeks and i felt pretty good for a week or two but i have been throwing up again now. every morning and sometimes at night and if i go anywhere in the car. i just don't feel quite as bad as i did before. in this case though the m/s never completely went away...and i feel sick all day long not just in the morning. my midwife assured me it would go away in a week or two...i'm holding her to that.
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Oh, I'm sorry you're going through MS again (and you too, kehlioise)!

I threw up yesterday (15W6D) morning because I drank water before eating (also, I still get nauseated if I don't eat first thing upon waking). Could that be it?
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I normally don't need to eat before drinking in the morning - that's why yesterday and today have been really strange to me. I'll keep some crackers by the bed tonight - just in case I feel horrible tomorrow.

I guess part of me is a little afraid there are twins in there, even though I'm not really big enough for more than one...oh well, 18w ultrasound is coming up in a week or so, I guess I'll find out then...
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Gah. i'm sick again too. I wasn't hvng morning sickness, but evening sickness and it's back with reinforcements. I actually yakked on my bathroom floor last night, in a vain attempt to make it to the loo in time It went away for a few weeks and I was soooo happy. Makes it all the worse to be feeling crappy all over again now.

I'm also getting blistering headaches. And of course, nothing helps. Sigh. I just want to feel like a person again and be able to play with DD for at least a little while when I get home from work.
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i've never had morning sickness, but i've been queasy a lot this pregnancy on & off. sometimes before i eat, sometimes after ... sometimes BOTH. lol. it's really annoying, and NOT helping my twin fear, lol!! yesterday i thought i might actually be GETTING morning sickness, lol. it was THAT bad. but i never got sick, and started to feel better in the afternoon. hmmm .. lol.

good luck! hope it's just a crummy tummy thing & it doesn't stay!
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Me too. I felt better around 11 weeks or so and was so happy thinking of finally feeling good again. Now I'm sick as I was before and tired too. I can't keep my eyes open and I'm feeling horrible. Dry heaving all the time and hungry all the time. The mention of food makes me ill and our eating habits have suffered because of it. I made dinner the other night and dh was so happy, he couldn't "remember the last time he had a home-cooked meal". : Add to this my mood swings are even worse and I'm always feeling pissy... I thought 2nd trimester was supposed to be better. :
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my midwife assured me that by the time i came back to see her my m/s would have gone away. well i go back to see her on friday and yesturday i threw up outside the car in the grocery store parking lot. she has only four days left to be right.
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she has only four days left to be right.

I'm with you guys a bit. Usually I get right over the m/s at 12-13 weeks. I'm still feeling fairly yucky on most days, and really tired still. That's kinda a bummer since I'm really behind on sewing Yesterday I thought I was going to puke for the second time ever (while pregnant). The first time was w/ this pregnancy too!

Umm, did I mention my uterus is about an inch ABOVE my navel? lol It's a good thing there are no twins in my family or I'd really be wondering,
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well you never know about twins. fraternal twins run in families. identical twins just occur and have nothing to do with genetics.
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I am right there with you ladies. Yesterday around noon I started to feel sick and from then on I couldn't keep anything down, not even water. Today I have had two granola bars, some bagel chips and water. So far so good. Man I wish this would go away!!!!!:
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I'm 16 weeks and have never stopped feeling sick. I am completely fed up with people telling me "Oh, honey, just wait another few days and you'll be feeling better than you ever have in your whole life." Yeah right. People have been telling me this for weeks and every last one of them has been wrong.

I was so fed up with being told that pregnant ladies feel great in the second trimester, I decided to look it up on PubMed. Here's what I found

1. Only 50% of women had their m/s gone by 14 weeks
2. Morning sickness is not MORNING sickness--in 80% of people it lasts all day long. Stupid name.
3. By 22 weeks 90% m/s had gone away for 90% of women.

At least it appears to be perfectly normal to still be feeling sick and horrible all the time even in the second trimester.

The whole abstract from that study is below
Lacroix R, Eason E, Melzack R.

Department of Psychology, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

OBJECTIVE: Our purpose was to provide a detailed description of patterns of nausea and vomiting of pregnancy. STUDY DESIGN: A prospective study was performed with 160 women who provided daily recordings of frequency, duration, and severity of nausea and vomiting. RESULTS: Seventy-four percent of women reported nausea lasting a mean of 34.6 days. "Morning sickness" occurred in only 1.8% of women, whereas 80% reported nausea lasting all day. Only 50% of women were relieved by 14 weeks' gestation; 90% had relief by week 22. Data based on the McGill Nausea Questionnaire indicate that the nausea experienced by pregnant women is similar in character and intensity to the nausea experienced by patients undergoing cancer chemotherapy. CONCLUSIONS: Traditional teachings about nausea and vomiting of pregnancy are contradicted by our findings. Standardized tools for measuring the distribution, duration, and intensity of nausea are applicable to the study of nausea and vomiting of pregnancy and could be used in clinical trials to assess palliative measures.
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tree-hugger - First

This is my third pregnancy and I can tell you I didn't start to feel better until between 16 and 18 weeks with both my girls and I am talking all day mind numbing nausea.

Are you in Canada? You can get Diclectin to help. I am pretty anti medication so I refused to take anything with dd1, but by the time dd2 came along I needed something just to get by so I started taking it at 12 weeks. This time with two kids to look after I started at 7 weeks and while it doesn't take the nausea away entirely it does take the edge off. If you search it on Motherisk you will see that it has been used by pregnant women forever and is the only drug that is a Class A drug in pregnancy (ie. no risk to the developing fetus)

Hope that helps.
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My m/s went down too around 13 wks but it has flared up again during the afternoon and evening, and now sometimes even during the daytime. I'm 16 wks currently. So ((shrugging)).......you're not alone!
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Sorry to hear you're sick again/still... but also glad to hear it's not just me. In my previous three pregnancies my m/s was GONE around 13 weeks. So this time when I had a nausea-free week around that time I figured Whoo hoo, done with THAT! And then it came back and I'm 16 weeks now and still sick. I did think it has to be twins ... but I think that with twins you're twice as sick, but it doesn't last twice as long. And the level of sickness has been the same as my other babies. Plus my fundus is about exactly where it should be. SO I guess it's just one of those things. Blech.

I'm also so tired that I doubt I will ever be able to feel rested again. It's the pits.
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