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A question for those with special needs kiddo's

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Hey,all you great parents!I have a question for you all.

Did you feel any intuitive or physical hints of you child needing "more" during pregnancy?

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No, not at all. I was young and healthy and extremely confident, and had very few worries. I felt like I had a strong and wise guy coming into the space and it was all rolling along.

I really could not have been less prepared to find out he was so sick (heart defects).

HOWEVER, and I take this with a large grain of salt, no less than 3 people came up to me later to tell me they dreamed I would give birth to a sick baby.

Um, thanks. I got to find out in the emergency room after riding in an ambulance after my newborn nearly died. But I'm glad YOU KNEW ALL ALONG!

: Can you tell I'm still not done being irked by that?
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Well, he was extremely active during my pregnancy with him. I knew he was going to be a spitfire.

My dd, who was really sick when she was born (but got totally better in a short amout of time) came to me in a dreams when I was carrying her. She always came with a feeling of peace, and a message that she was ok. It was if she was reassuring me, even before anything had happened.
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NO, and probably because I was not listening at the time, and he aquired his illness from chemical exposures after his birth from spending a lot of time at dh's printshop, and all of the strong chemicals, remodeling, vaccinating, and spraying of pesticides we did. Both dh and ds got the illness, although it can be partially hereditary, my dh was sick with the illness when we concieved.
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no!-that's proably the hardest part of this whole ordeal-being hit with the 10 ton weight that is his kidney diesese. b.t.w. send good thoughts our way...ds is scheduled for his 2nd transplant in as many years on 8/7
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and good thoughts to mamabean
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mamabean- ,and all the rest of my best to you guys!
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No, I worried mildly as all expectant mothers do, but deep down I thought everything would be fine. Sammy was a strong kicker in utero, and all the prenatal checkups were perfect. When I was told he had Down Syndrome and four heart defects, I felt like the world had been ripped out from under me.

Now, I think everything IS fine; Sam is the best baby in the world, so I guess I was right in my original belief!

Mamabean, I hope the operation is over now and all is well with you and the little guy. Sending healing thoughts your way...
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I didn't think anything for the most part during pregnancy, though I did worry about the fact that I hadn't planned my pregnancy and had smoked & drank in the first few weeks. At the end of my pregnancy though, I was reading Baby Catcher and there was one story about a woman who had a baby with a severe clubbed foot. I thought to myself that I would have something like that happen to us were something to happen - some sort of physical deformity. And lo and behold DS was born with a cleft lip and palate. So I don't know, maybe it crossed my mind just because that happens in pregnancy, or maybe I knew somehow... But I had such a healthy pregnancy other than the first few weeks. I was nauseous for 4 months and had a couple of bladder infections, but I also didn't get a cold or flu the entire time I was pregnant and did prenatal yoga for 6 months, so I felt pretty good about it.
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I had a vague feeling that ds1 would be stubborn and resistant to change... he spent the entire latter part of the pregnancy butt down; was turned and then turned himself back and came out breech. The stinker. And sure enough... he's stubborn and resistant to change!

Now ds2- I had the feeling he was anxious to get here and start partying. And that was spot on- he shot out after two pushes and has been schmoozing people overtime ever since.
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