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Sleepy Time Music?

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Can anyone recommend some relaxing music that might help my 13 mo son fall asleep? We are revamping his nightime going to bed routine, from falling asleep in bed at the breast, to ???? hopefully something new... I am thinking I'll introduce some "night night" music to help calm things down. Anyway- Any suggestions?

I have Pachabel's Canon mixed w/ocean sounds- but its been overdone in my house by my husband who dances our son to sleep w/ it.

Thanks in advance-

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This is something I'm very curious about, too!
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I would like to recommend my dd's all-time fav.

Harping on Bach by Victoria Drake. These are transciptions for harp of Bach's beautiful compositions for keyboard and lute. It's gorgeous from one end to the other and never gets too soft or too loud as much classical music does. We used to nurse to this. If you plug the name of the album into Amazon you will get a page with sample you can listen to. No home with a baby or toddler should be without this CD. Instant peace.

Also good: Mozart 3 Piano Sonatas (incl. Alla Turca) performed by Margarete Babinsky on the Lazerlight label. Beautiful and sweet music. Just look for the Mozart Piano Sonatas if you can't find this performer's version. They are so nice.

Good luck.

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Apparently my son does NOT like sleepy time music. I guess it is too much stimulus for him. I tried to get him down today at 11 for 45 mins, and again at 1pm, for 30 mins. Finally, at 130 I got up and turned off the music, and then plopped back on the bed, expecting Jacob to grin at me and continue playing (like he had been for the last 30 mins- he had been very roly poly and floppy, KWIM?). Jacob looked over, curled up to me, put the boob in his mouth and was asleep within 5 minutes. No joke!

Thanks anyway ladies- but I will save the musical recomendations just in case.

BTW, today I was listening to Nocturnes by Chopin. (I think... )

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a friend copied this for me. ITs so wonderful and soothing. It put me to sleep too!!

Its called African Lullaby (thats how its spelled) Heres the link to Amazon.com

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My ds is 22 mo & we have been listening to anything by Patrick Ki since he was about 3 mo. It is instrumental guitar and wonderful, it puts me to sleep too! We have 3 of his cd's. I have to order from Amazon, I have'nt been able to find him in any music stores. Happy listening
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my dd can't resist Celtic music. Puts her right to sleep!
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