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Trying to get rid of eye floaters...anyone? anyone? - Page 2

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Good to know!
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Originally Posted by Shanti_Mom View Post
Hey...I've started taking a whole foods class with a Master Herbalist and his wife. Last night I asked him if he knows any tricks for getting ride of eye floaters. He recommended the Dr. Christopher's Eyewash, or the Dr. Schultz (sp?) formula. I know that our local health food store carried the Dr. Christopher's one, so I'm going to go pick that up today. He also said that the eyebright wash alone isn't going to help, as it needs to have the other herbs in it in order to be fully beneficial. I'll probably go ahead and make the eyebright tea to drink, so that I'll be doing something internal as well (don't want to waste it since I did just pay for it!)

I'll let you know what happens!
Are you going to use it as an eyewash?
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Yes, I'm going to use the Dr. Christopher's stuff as an eyewash. Then I'll make the tea to drink since I have a whole pound of the herbs and would hate to waste them. I figure any little thing like that has got to help!
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Wow. So many of us!

I've had floaters as long as I can remember. As a little girl, I used to look out the window of the car and "chase" them around until they went "out of the window".

I've seen doctors for it. They say that it can be an early warning sign for detached retinas and that I should get that checked out periodically -- thing is, I hate to have my eyes touched and the one time I had it done the woman said that I was the worst patient she ever had and didn't want to ever see me again! I just cry and wince uncontrollably when anyone gets near my eyes!

Here's my trick. Ignore them. Sounds dumb, eh? But it's true. Your brain can learn to ignore them. If you stay in the dimly lit areas for awhile and don't try to look for them then your brain honestly learns to "see through them". It's not a cure. But it's worked for me.

Mine used to drive me absolutely batty...and then it was like I'd fixate on them more and more and look for them and it would get so that I'd see them even when I wasn't in a brightly lit room or outside or reading. Ugh. Stressful times seem to make this fixation worse for me. Now that I don't think about them (too busy running after DS), I had almost forgotten about them. (Of course, I just checked and sure enough, I have 100's of them -- one of the worse cases my doctor had seen, apparently.)

Not a cure exactly. But it's worked wonders for me. I'm so glad that I don't see them anymore, even if they're still floating about with me on a daily basis -- my old childhood friends!
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Just a thought

I suggested to a friend of mine with autoimmune issues to try digestive enzymes (my cure all for everything....I have yet to find anything it didn't help with). She went on them and her floaters improved greatly. Just a thought. Take digestive enzymes with each meal.
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Hey there, just checking if you still kept the floaters away? If i hear back from you i can tell you my story............thanks

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