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Moving Tonight and Tomorrow!!

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Okay ladies. Im moving today and tomorrow. We are loading the trucks tonight, sleeping on air mattresses and heading out first thing in the morning for Orlando! Sooo, I wont be on for a few days I suspect! Also, pray for us for a safe, easy, relaxed move and that the kids dont get too wild lol. If you dont pray, do whatever it is that you do to send good feelings/vibes/energy to us that this all goes smoothly lol. I seriously am getting panicked since we still have 3 rooms and the garage to pack today and have it ready at 5 for the guys to help load the trucks! AGHH... Not to mention I desperately want to eat at my fave restaurant today because who knows when/if I'll ever get to eat there again lol.. Its a little family owned Mexican joint (and you all know how much Im craving Mexican food this pregnancy lol) and I love the place and I love the family there.. its just a great little place and feeling.. okay, Im rambling and I dont have time to ramble lol
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Have a safe and wonderful move! Sending peaceful energy your way

Don't worry you will find the time remember all that is important is right now this minute!

Take care!
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: Adding going out for Mexican to my to-do list today...

Seriously, good luck with the move. I hope all goes well for you and your family.
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Hope everything goes okay! Welcome to Orlando!
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Good luck!
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thanks ladies. we made it but man Im exhausted lol. and we still have to go back next weekend for one more truckload lolol.. we have too much crap, seriously lol. anyways, we have unpacked like 3 boxes so its going to be a looong month lol
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Glad you made it ok! I just moved too and it was fun but at the same time not so fun. Moving is alot of work yuck! Take care of yourself and did you get to go to the resteraunt before you left and how did the kids do? Mine were pretty crazy the first couple of days but then settled down nicely.
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Yes! We took the time on Friday afternoon and went to lunch at La Nopalera and OMG Im already missing it lol. Luckily, we are in a heavily Mexican populated area so Im sure Ill find a great Mexican restaurant soon lol.. In fact, I may start my search tomorrow (this is my Mexican food pregnancy lol). The kids are a little nuts lol. My 4 yr old spent the night with dh's mom on Saturday night so he just got here today (my dad had to go back to Jacksonville to get the cat so he picked up Raymond) and so hes still running around exploring the new house lol. Ari was a little crazy last night but shes a really chill girl so nothing excites her too much lol.. and Alex is EXHAUSTED!!! Hes been nonstop and only taking 1 nap a day because he doesnt want to miss anything which makes him cranky and sleepy around 8 and its still daylight at 8 so its difficult for him to get to bed lol.. ahhhh what fun! Luckily, its 9:21 right now and Alex is in bed, Ari is asleep on the couch and of course Raymonds running around like a crazy kid lol.. The only thing that really sucks is we put Ari in a twin bed now instead of her crib and she doesnt want to stay there. Shes fine if she falls asleep on the couch and then we put her in bed, but she doesnt want to fall asleep in bed. So thats really sucky but what can ya do? I guess shell warm up to it. Its not like shes afraid of it so I guess I should feel lucky.. I think maybe shes just too afraid to miss out on something.
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Glad your move went okay Hope you can find a yummy new Mexican restaurant! (and now I'm craving Mexican food, thanks a lot )
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Glad everying went well! We'll be moving in a couple weeks (eek!) but only about 20 min away. Hope you like Orlando!

(also now craving mexican food)
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What part of Orlando are you in? I might have some recs for mexican food in your area. Mmmm, just remembering one right now...not sure if its near you, its in south orlando off of john young on the corner of americana blvd in the publix shopping center. There are more around if I can think of them.
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haha I have NO idea where ANY of those roads are but Im def. willing to drive there for good food lol... We are in Ocoee between Apopka and Winter Garden (or is it Winter Park, or Windemere.. man Im lost lol.. I believe its Winter Something lol) We are pretty much ON Lake Apopka (separated by about 2 blocks of houses in our neighborhood) if you are looking at a map, we are on the right hand side of the lake. near the turnpike and 429 or something like that? haha I dont leave the house without my tomtom because Im lost without GPS here.. I do know Im very close to W Colonial, which apparently is a HUGE road lol..
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LOL! Its Winter Garden, you were right the first time. Its funny to hear it from a newcomers perspective. Yep, Colonial is a huge road. So the Mexican restaurant is a little drive, you would take Colonial to John Young, turn right and follow its aways...there is certainly one much closer to you. I have a couple of friends who live in Ocoee let me check on good mexican restaurants in that area and get back to you. That area has grown so much the past few years!
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ahh you are awesome!! lol
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haev fun!! i love moving (yes, i'm a weirdo!). we're moving in february. i prefer moving when pregnant that with a newborn ... but not much choice in the matter, lol. what the navy says, goes. haha.
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Okay so do you know where the citrus tower is? Santiagos is right by it and got a good review. Another one that she forgot the name to is on Colonial (also called 50) across from the Suntrust closer to Clermont.
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impromptu... you really have lost it LMAO.. just kidding but man, you really should have come and moved us then lol.. I cannot even imagine moving with a newborn though.. props to you!

happymomma.. I have NO clue where the citrus tower or clermont or anything is lolol.. but if you can give me the address I can just type it into my gps and it will tell me where to go lmao.. Im never going anywhere without that thing after the day I had today trying to enroll ds in preschool lol
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Originally Posted by Tiffany_PartyOf5 View Post
impromptu... you really have lost it LMAO.. just kidding but man, you really should have come and moved us then lol.. I cannot even imagine moving with a newborn though.. props to you!
heeehe. we DO have movers that pack us up and move it to the next house, though. that part i'd dread!

i usually have the house looking like normal within 48 hours. last time we had to move, my dh was deployed, and i had a 2 y/o & 6mo old. it was so much fun, lol. i just hate the huge pile of boxes and packing material everywhere!!

thankfully we were only moving 30miles, so there wasn't too much stress with a new area or anything ... just getting the house back in order.

i did get a little goofy last time, though. my girlfriend stopped by to see if i needed any help, i was sitting in a sea of boxes, both kids were napping. and instead of unpacking & cleaning up, I was putting together an easel dd had gotten for christmas a few months prior that we never opened, lol!!
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