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Natalie Sage is here

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i had her July 23rd at 8:15 in the morning. Here are some pictures! :









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Congratulations! She looks beautiful, hope you are recovering well!
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She is precious! Congratulations! Are you feeling better?
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Congratulations! What a blessing! Happy Birthday, Natalie Sage :
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Congrats! (she and I share a birthday)
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Congratulations mama! she's such a cutie.
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What a little doll!! Congratulations mama!!!
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She's beautiful and I love her name!! Congratulations Erika!!
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Congratulations!! She's perfect!
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Congratulations! Natalie is a beautiful girl!
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What a beautiful family!! Congratulations, she is darling

(btw, does your husband have a baby face? Or is he only 20 y.o.? You guys are young and adorable!)
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Originally Posted by twilight girl View Post

(btw, does your husband have a baby face? Or is he only 20 y.o.? You guys are young and adorable!)
hehehe no we both have baby faces!
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Congratualtions on your new baby girl!!! She is so adorable!
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Congrats mama Enjoy your babymoon!
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what a beautiful baby! congratulations mama!!
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Congratulations to you and your family! What gorgeous girls you have. Thanks for sharing!
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Congratulations! She's gorgeous! I love the name, too!
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