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Oh, I cried last night. I just love this new story line. Is anyone else watching? I want Joey and Rachel to get together!
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Joey and Rachel??? I'm still waiting for the latest season to start over here. That is, I think it's latest - the one after the wedding. The last episode I saw was Rachel and the pregnancy test! But Joey and Rachel?????
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I won't spoil it for you, but trust me, you are gonna die! This definately made me start watching again!
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my bro was watching Survivor...
what happened??
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I'll PM you so we won't ruin it for ParisMaman!
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I hate to admit I watch it nut wasn't the end just the sweetest.
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I missed it, too! What happened?
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I PMed you too, kel!
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I cant handle that it's the second last season.What do you think will happen with Phoebe? They need to find her a man.What was with her crush on Joey??
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When did Pheobe have a crush on Joey? I haven't watched last week yet. I had to tape it because we were moving and it is still at my mom's.
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They keep having these little subtle things about her having a crush on him,like when Monica told Pheobe that Joey had a crush on her (when really it was Rachel)and she was disappointed,and the time he kissed her,and the time that she told him that she had a crush on him (awhile back).You didnt miss much last week,by the way!
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great thread

I love "Friends". I would love if Joey and Rachel got together. Joey is a sweetie.
I don't think that Phoebe has a crush on Joey. I think the confusion is for comic relief. But I may be wrong.
Hey does anyone else get annoyed that Ross is really dumb sometimes. I mean it is funny to a point but why didn't he just tell Mona that he liked her and not give her the key to his apartment. And why didn't he tell Mona that Rachel had moved in with him. Sometimes I wish he wouldn't be such a nugget so he could get a girl.
GEEEEZZZZ I just re-read my post and you'd think I thought these people were real and not just actors re-siteing lines that were written by people we never see. Well sometimes its nice to think they are real.
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Was last night a new show? I went to a play, so I missed it. Anyone want to give me a quick recap? Thanks:

And what about ER? New or old?
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Re-run AGAIN! I swear every other one is a re-run!
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I just watched last week's episode on tape and it was okay. I am obviously disappointed (I love Joey!). And I agree Ross is a boob!

I was afraid that the Joey/Pheobe thing was a new plot development that I had missed due to not watching yet.

I get irritated with reruns. I mean, they get all summer off. Can they not film just one new episode per week?

I was reading dh's new Stuff mag and it had a Out/Just Out/In column that talked about Friends. It said Rachel and Joey were In, Rachel and Ross were Just Out, and Monica and Chandler were totally Out. Even pervert boys are rooting for R&J.

My dh and I always do Joey impressions with each other. I know he is supposed to be dumb but he is such a sweetie pie. Maybe they will get our disappointment and egg that along.
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I'm just not into this Rachel and Joey thing at all. Am I the only one?
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Amywillo- Why don't you like the combo? Is it Joey? I am rooting for them, but I am sure you are not the only one who doesn't like the duo.
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I would be rooting for Joey and Rachel if I hadn't been rooting for Joey and pheobe forever.

The one funny thing from last week was "My OB is trying to kill me" (was that last week? Either way it was funny and so true)
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I don't remember that but I have it on tape so I will watch it again.

I want to get pregnant now. Watching Rachel only feeds my obsession!
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