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Accidental UC! Baby Alexia is Here!

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First off I want to say for all of you using hypnobabies, it REALLY works! Except for maybe the last few minutes I would say I had a pain free birth!

I started having pressure waves at 5:30 this morning but they were spaced about 8-9 mins apart and nothing special at all. Around 7:30 I posted on here, hopped in the shower and did some internet surfing. I called my mw around 8:10 and told her today was the day. She lives about 45 mins from here but her assistant lives in town. I told her she didn't need to come yet as I was still able to get through the waves fairly easy and they were still about 6 mins apart.

I got out my hypnobabies script and put on my headphones and leaned over my ball on hands and knees. Dh came home and I realized the waves were 2-3 mins apart and much stronger. He started to get the pool filled up. I decided I had to go to the bathroom (figured I was still in the "cleaning out" stage). All of a sudden I realized I was NOT pooping anymore but PUSHING.

So I yelled out to dh that I was pushing and got down off the toliet and onto hands and knees on the bathroom floor. Dh came in and in about 3-4 waves she was out! My mom was freaking out trying to figure out how to use our phone to call the mw's lol.

Dh did SO awesome! His biggest fear regarding homebirth was that the mw's wouldn't get here in time and he would have to catch. I think he loves the way it turned out though and said to me, "gee, the way it all happened makes the hospital seem even less necessary doesn't it?" He's a convert!

My primary mw didn't get here for a full 45 mins but her back-up happened to be nearby and got here about 20 mins after the birth. It was nice to have someone do the clean up LOL. Anyways I'm gonna try to get some sleep.

ETA: I forgot stats! lol. We think she was born about 9:35 a.m. so a 4 hour labor from very start to finish. She's 8 lbs 4 oz and not sure how long. She was sleeping really well so the mw decided she would just measure her tomorrow. Oh and she's already kind of fat! She doesn't have that scrawny/bony newborn look. She's got dark brown hair and quite a bit of it (some of it is over her ears). Ok now I'm going to bed...I swear...but I'm still all revved up lol.
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: : WOW! Congratulations!!!
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I'm from the October Due Date Club, but I was drawn in by the title to your thread. : CONGRATULATIONS!!! :
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Sweet! Congratulations! Welcome baby!
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Congrats! Well done!
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Way to go Rachel!!!!!!
welcome baby Alexia
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yeah! congratulations! awesome job momma!
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So proud of you Rachel! You did great!!! Alexia sounds perfect and HEALTHY! I am so happy for you, your birth and your baby!!!


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lurking from the Sept DDC ....

That is a great birth story!! Congratulations!!!
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Congrats Rachel! Your birth story is so similar to mine, down to the unintentional UC, not realizing you were pushing and the birth weight of our girls. It's such an amazingly cool feeling to do it all by yourself. I felt so powerful afterwards. Enjoy your baby!
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Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. I'm in the Aug. DDC but I was in the TTC forum the same time you were, so I feel like we're journey mates. It seems like just yesterday that you were TTC, and now your daughter is here!
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Okay you are the second mum I know now who has completely missed transition by hypnobirthing and birthed at home before the mw got there! I have to look into this!
Congratulations on your pain-free labour (almost), give dh a high-five from us and enjoy that baby!
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omg... what a great story! congratulations!!!
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Wow, Rachel, that is a COOL birth story!!! Congrats and happy babymooning, mama!
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Way to go, Rachel! Awesome! Enjoy your babymoon!
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Not in this DDC but saw the title and had to read! Congrats, sounds like a perfect birth! Enjoy your new babe!
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you beat me!!! congratulations...what a great birth story!
hope to hear more soon!
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Wow. Congrats!!!

I really wish I'd used the hypnosis - transition for me was really hard this time.
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Congratulations! That's an amazing story!
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