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Orion is here

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Orion Robert Swanson has come!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007 at 1:05 p.m. (his due date was July 16)
8 lbs even and 21 1/2"
13" head

Born at home. After some false starts all week I finally went into early labor today around 8:30 a.m. My MW came over around 10:00 a.m. and along with my husband and son we went for a walk to get things going. Back at home around 11:00 a.m. labor was getting stronger. I took about a 1 hour bath and labored more in the tub.

After I got out of the tub the MW checked me and I was only about 4 cm. She said if I wanted to go a little faster she could break my water. I had some more good ctx and then talked it over with my husband. We decided to go ahead and have her break my water. At 12:50 p.m. she broke my water and the ctx really started coming on strong and hard (I was almost wishing I did not have her break my water). Then about 2 ctx later I had the strong to push and push I did.

The first push brought his head out. I MW felt that the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, so she quickly had to cut the cord and told me to hold off on pushing. Then she said o.k. Now you have to push. And one push later out he came. At first he did not cry, so I was a little nervous (my first son was crying before the rest of his body even was out). My MW put him on my tummy and then he started to cry :-)

My husband was the greatest and was so supportive and wonderful. My mom was there for the pushing and helped me so much. My MIL took my son to the park, but rushed home as soon as we called (couldn't) believe how fast he came.

We have all taken naps had a nice dinner and are about to go back to sleep. Orion is a great nurser and also a great communicator. I am so blessed that he came today. The last two weeks had been very emotional and physically draining for me.

Thank you all for sharing your stories with me for the past 40+ weeks. My best to everyone with a baby yet to come. I cannot wait to hear your birth stories.

Good Night
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Congrats Sonya! Sounds like things went really quickly!! Take care hon, enjoy that sweet new baby & take care of yourself!!!

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This was a lovely story to read, Sonya. You give me hope.
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Congratulations and best wishes
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Wow, that was fast! Welcome to the world Orion!
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congrats - welcome orion!
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Love, love, love the name! Congratulations!
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Congrats on your sweet babe! What a great birth story... hope you are all doing well and enjoying your babymoon!
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