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How much do you spend on your child's curriculum?

Poll Results: How much do you spend on curriculum per year?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 2% (3)
    2000$ +
  • 0% (0)
    1500$ - 1999$
  • 5% (6)
    1000$ - 1499$
  • 16% (17)
    500$ - 999$
  • 36% (38)
    250$ - 499$
  • 21% (23)
    100$ - 249$
  • 16% (17)
    0$ - 99$
  • 0% (1)
    other, please explain
105 Total Votes  
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I am looking at (and really overwhelmed by) curriculum choices. I want a LOT of things! (I know I can get stuff for free on-line and I've been doing that for years now.) I want to do a put-together-already type of curriculum starting this fall for my 5 year old, but it's going to be expensive to do this the way I would like! For example, I just priced my ideal curriculum from Harcourt and it was 2000$! I'm not going to spend that, but it got me wondering what other families spend.

ETA I guess I am asking how much per child per year.
ETA again -- no, I actually want to know how much you spend on your oldest child, since your younger ones can share some of it later.
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we unschool, so no carriculum, but we do spend around $300 on books, per child, per year.
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I said $249-499 per child but A LOT of the material can/will be used for multiple kids. The history program we'll use this yr was about $150 including all the readers and act bks but it will be used for 2 kids.
And you always spend more the first yr or 2 on long term supplies like maps, reference books on science, nature, history, etc, globes, art supplies, games, etc
I bet I spent over $2000 the first yr but you should see our home library! I also bought lots of games, science stuff, etc I bought most of it used/thrift stores so my money went FAR.
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preschool- $0 for curriculum
K- $0 for curriculum
1st- approx $300 on curriculum
2nd- plan to spend about $175 on curriculm
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Hmm hard to say per child as much of what I buy will either get used now as a group or will be used later my kids #2, 3 and 4. I also don't buy a package but rather pull together various programs and materials to make my own.
This year has been expensive as my oldest has asked for some specifics like Latin and French and Algebra that I needed to buy. I'm using curriculum materials that will cost about $650 if I bought new all at once and only used it for him. However all but about $35 of that will be used for successive kids and/or used over a period of years (ie Bravewriter, Hands on Algebra, Rosetta Stone) with him. And much of it I have bought used or on sale over time and have probably spent about 50-60% of the cost of new.
I spent about $35-50 for each of my middles so far for next year and nothing for my youngest who is only just 4.

For us more money is spent on programs and field trips and supplemental stuff (books, craft stuff, science supplies etc) than on curriculum.

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For 3 children we probably spend around 1000-2000$ Dh's rational is that it is still far less than private school. We are using Calvert this year, and it does add up. Last year we used Sonlight, and that was over $800.

But there are SO many ways to do it for not so much. www.hillbillyhousewife.com has a free curriculum with links to free resources..math, reading, etc. Ambleside Online can mostly be done fromt he library and online.

I just need a laid out curriculum...or nothing happens. :
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I spent about $350 setting ds up for 1st grade. The History will last us half-way into 2nd, as will the Science I purchased for 1st. And also, little ds will get to use everything too, I'll just need new consumables.
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I just counted specific curriculum items such as Miquon Math and Cuisenaire rods.

Everything else, such as gym lessons, books, or zoo & museum passes I would have purchased anyways so I didn't count that.
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Thanks everyone for the replies so far --

OK - good point every one is making about being able to reuse some of this. I really should be asking how much you spend on your oldest child. But my baby is 4.5 years younger than my DD - can I really reuse stuff for him? Is there any limit you all set for reusing curricula on the younger kids? Case in point: last year the # of planets changed from 9 to 8 -- think of all the other advances we might have in the next 5 years that will make the curricula I buy today obsolete!
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We spent about $500 it will be reusable for dd#2

BUT next time we order I think I will be switching curriculums
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Hi MDC buddy!

I've decided to use Oak Meadow with my son for first grade for the fall. I received my last items last week (I got mostly used) and I really like what I'm seeing/reading!

It cost me total about $350-400 including craft materials, etc for the year.

So how are you working homeschooling into your schedule? Or should I say: how are you working your schedule around homeschooling ?

Let us know what you pick!
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Hmmm...we don't use a curriculum, but I seem to spend loads on all sorts of books, piano lessons, gymnastics, swimming, butterfly kits, science experiments, art supplies, garden tools...etc, etc, etc. $1000 to $2000 a year would be my best guess if I included everything. All this stuff is part of our learning.
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this is our first year hs'ing. we'll be doing Kindergarten/1st grade with Enki. i spent $790, i think. i am pretty sure we are going to do something for spanish too.
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The only curriculum we use is Saxon Math with runs us around $100 a year but we spent approximately $1500 last year on various educational-related books, field trips, supplies, website memberships and stuff.
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I said 1,000+ but then I was including books and educational type games and things in that. I call all of that 'curriculum' because curriculum is simply your course of study it doesn't have to be something that comes all together in a box. I didn't include my daughters dance class lessons, but from the defination below, everything is 'curriculum'

From Wikipedia
"In the first published textbook on “Curriculum” in 1918, John Franklin Bobbitt noted that the idea of curriculum has its roots in the Latin word for a race-course, and explained curriculum as the course of deeds and experiences in which children become the adults that they should be, for success in adult society. He explained, further, that curriculum must be understood as encompassing not only those experiences that take place within schools, but the entire scope of formative experience both within and outside of schools. Further, this includes experiences that are not planned or directed, as well as experiences that are intentionally directed (in or out of school) for the purposeful formation of adult members of society.

So if someone is grilling you on using a curriculum you can quite honestly say "Yes we use a curriculum!"
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I voted $500-999.

I guess that would be right for this year, based on how much I spent on my oldest child. That said, right now we're using Winter Promise, and all four of my kids are using the books together. I also spent more this year than I usually do because we moved to a new area and I wasn't sure what the library in our new town would be like. Rather than rely on the library for readers, I chose to expand our home library.

If I were to break down how much I spent on curriculum this year, strictly per child, I would be in the $100-249 category.
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We compose our own ecclectic, classical-inspired, semi-unschooly program for dd. But it's maybe $300 dollars per year for books, supplies, and activities. Well worth it, though.
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I voted $250 - $499, but it's closer to the lower end of that range for now. (My oldest is doing mostly 2nd grade level work.) I take full advantage of the library for many, many of our suplimental books. Both our history and science curricula use "real" books in addition to, or instead of text books. I pick and choose curricula rather than buying a packaged set from one publisher. I think this saves money over-all for our family based on the way we homeschool. (We only use curriculum for a few "core" subjects with dd -- math, history, and science right now.)

Also, that figure only includes curriculum intended for "formal" study, since that seems to be what you are asking about. If I added in all the other books, toys, games, trips, etc. that have any educational benenfit whatsoever, the figure might be higher, and much more difficult for me to estimate!

Although we try to keep costs down, I've found that in many cases it's worth it not to try to go too cheap. Our math and science curricula are both on the pricey end, but well worth it in quality. We tried a cheaper science curriculm, for example, but found it boring and uninspiring. The one we use now is much better for dd, who really craves more in-depth exposure to scientific concepts.
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I bought Enki K which was about $475 after shipping I think. I selected th3 $500-$999 choice though cuz we're also going to buy supplies and I include that.
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when all is said and done, i've probably spent TONS of money on curriculum, ....but what i actually plan to use this year is a different story with that, i've probably spent a couple of hundred bucks, but that includes everything from books to crayons, markers, etc. i use freecycle a lot,.... in fact i'm going to pick up TONS of easy readers and chapter books today after church - that will save me a lot. plus, i always buy used from www.vegsource.com or www.homeschoolclassifieds.com & i love thrift stores for books too.
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