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do you change wet diapers at night?

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I was over on the nightime parenting forum and discovered a thread about nightime diaper changes and nearly everyone who responded (mainly CDers) said they do not change wet diapers at night. Many have older babes who are only waking up once or so at night, or not at all. I'm using fitteds and prefolds at night, so that seems like a long time for my baby to be wet. Wondering if this is the norm for most? I always assumed that CDers would be more likely to change wet diapers as frequently as possible.

Right now I have a 3 week old, and he often does not pee until after night nursing, so unless I wake up between feeds he'll be in a wet diaper for up to two hours. I'm not thrilled about that, but the alternative is to wake myself up between his feeds to change him and right now that's not going to happen.
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Diaper Changes

I have always changed my child as soon as I realized she was wet or as soon as she told me she was wet. I've never intentionally left her in a wet diaper.
We've CD'd since she grew into preemie size CD's - which took until she was 2weeks old.

I always considered, and yes this is my spastic opinion, that leaving a kid in a dirty dipe was the equivalent of using the diaper as a toliet rather than a diaper (which I think personally should be changed ASAP).

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No it wakes the baby up.

Unless of course there is poop then it changed as soon as I know it.
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When mine was still nursing and waking anyways yes.. When she was messy or woke and fussed yes other times no, plus is she was asleep we were asleep so no one was aware anyways. :
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Nope - I change her before we go to bed (around 11), and put her in a super-stuffed pocket with a wool covering. If I wake her up for a diaper change, she wakes up more, and so do I.
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First baby. Prefolds. Under three months old. Therefore, yes. Talk to me again, however, if it ever gets to being something like a fifth kid sleeping through the night and wearing fancy wicking AOIs or something.

I can't imagine intentionally leaving my son wet either, but I know that as he learns to sleep longer a part of that is learning to sleep through being wet, and if he doesn't wake me, well ... I'm hardly going to start setting alarms to make sure I'm up to check when he's not waking me for that himself. My basic policy is that when he wakes or I wake on my own, I check. And otherwise don't worry about it.
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If both I and the baby are awake and I become aware that the diaper is full, yes. Otherwise no.

When my babies were newborns and I was just plain sleeping less at night, then we changed diapers at night more. But with an older baby who wakes only once or twice and nurses back to sleep without my actually getting out of bed, nighttime diaper changes were rare.

I really don't see that it's a big deal for a baby to spend a couple hours in a wet diaper if he's not uncomfortable enough to wake me up to do something about it.

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I use prefolds during the day and change her every time she is wet, which is very often during the day. At night, I put her in a BumGenius around 11pm and she makes it just fine until morning. If she has a poopy diaper I'll change it, but that rarely happens. She's lying next to me and I just nurse her right back to sleep when she starts to wake up. Changing her wakes her up and she cries.
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heck no. I have three kids in dipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only change at night if they poop, or if I become convinced that being wet is causing wakefulness. If I had to change at night, I'd NEVER sleep. Nah,we double or even triple diaper, use fleece liners and wool, and go 10 to 12 hours w/o a problem.
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If he's asleep, I don't change him, wet or not.
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nope. almost a ditto of Llyra! (just with 2 kids)
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My DD is almost 2 yrs old. If she drinks more than 8oz or so at bed time, I will change her before midnight once. Otherwise, I do not. I also do not use fitteds or prefolds or anything without a wicking inner layer for bed time. We use a pocket super stuffed with 2 or 3 inserts, or a toddler PF or 2 infant PFs. My DD has no problem waking up if she is wet (we are potty training starting Monday because she is so adept at letting us know when she is wet!) so I am not worried about her sitting in something she shouldn't because if she was uncomfortable, I would know about it.
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I change her right around the time we go to bed, and that's it til AM. She doesn't poop in her sleep, and if we were both awake, I'd change her...but I'm not about to wake her up to do it. If she's sleeping, it's not bothering her. Her diaper is so stuffed anyway. heh.
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i'm not a very good mommy without sleep so no
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When they were smaller, yes...but I finally caved (and got those fancy non-wicking night-time AIOs) and so don't change overnight....

For those curious minds, we use Luke's Drawers Goodnight Kisses for overnight.
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I stopped changing at night when my daughter stopped pooping at night (like 6-8 wks?). I use a microfleece topped doubler so she doesn't get skin irritation and we haven't had any rash problems (except for the occasional rash from teething poo, but there's no avoiding that).
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I have also always changed diapers at night. I personally think it's gross, plus my DS has pooped almost every time I change him.
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Not unless there is poop, and dd stopped pooping at night when she was very young (under a year old) so otherwise, NO. Changing her would wake her, whereas being n a wet diaper would not (i always used pockets with a "stay dry" inner layer, so perhaps that had something to do with it. )

Let me see....screaming, FURIOUS baby because I have woken her to change her, or happy, sleeping baby in a wet dipey....hhhmmm..... tough one...NOT!!
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If you have to wake them up out of a sound sleep to change them, then that is going to trump the "never leave them in a wet diaper" argument. If someone woke me up out of a sound sleep every night, more than once, I'd be quite grumpy in the morning, even if the person meant well.
If the baby is awake, by all means you change the wet diaper.
If your child doesn't fully wake at night, and your diapering system leaves them clammy wet by the wee hours, then you need a better nighttime diapering system. If you've got enough absorbancy, the wetness should be mostly in the diaper, and the surface shouldn't be very soggy.
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nope, I stopped changing at night when baby stopped pooping at night. If it is not leaking, I'm not going to bother with it until morning because if I get up to change a diaper, it takes me quite awhile to fall back asleep - thus making for one cranky mama the next day
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