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Let me get my .02 in also...hehe

The article was great, but I agree that the generalization was somewhat offensive. I try really hard to give people I meet the impression that cloth diapering (and breastfeeding) are better, and not any more inconvienient than the modern alternatives. I "flaunt" my cloth diapers and my slings and the fact I breastfeed as much as possible to communicate that any "type" of person can do it. I get upset when I am "categorized" as a "supermom" just because I do what's best for my kids, and I am SOOO not the type of mom described in the article. I've been seen sitting in my car, nursing a baby while changing a diaper, trying to keep my older kids from jumping on the backseat, in the parking lot of Wally World-more than once. I am just now getting back into cooking dinner for my family since DD was born almost 6 months ago. My floor ALWAYS has cheerios stuck to it, and there's usually a "WHAT is THAT??" smell somewhere in the house. That's my life, and I love it. So I'm just hopeful that one day "natural" parents will be portrayed as normal parents that make educated choices for their families, because I feel that is the true picture.

Wow, that's quite a I just got on...
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I didn't take offense to it - I liked the 'wit' behind the writing, but I gotta agree with you . . . SAHM, WOHM or WAHM moms have their hands full.

I wrote an article called: The Java Jive - The 'dance' for mom's morning cup of coffee.

Basically, it was my attempt to get from my bedroom to the kitchen one morning for that first cup of coffee. Took 45 minutes, literally!!! That was with just the girls - and now, with Kenny, there are mornings when I don't get any coffee if I don't get up before everyone around 5:30 ish or so!
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I liked the article. I'm really hard to offend, even with wide generalizations. I wish I was like the author's description... I have guilt that I could always be a better fill-in-the-blank, do such-and-such better, etc.

I find cloth diapering mamas run the full gamut, just like any group of diverse people. For example, though we seem to be radical in some of our beliefs, we're quite common in others. Despite how liberal we seem to some, we tend to vote republican (or sometimes libertarian) most of the time... a contradiction to many of my crunchy, cd, vegetarian, homeschooling friends.

Wouldn't it be easy if we were all the same? Wouldn't it also be boring? I really enjoy hearing others views as different as they may be from mine. It certainly doesn't offend me that other people don't agree with the way we think or do things (but I wish I liked to cook, clean, be nice all the time, etc!! Bet DH wishes I did too! :LOL!!)
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I wasn't offended by the generalization of the "cloth diapering mommy" type....in reality I strive to be those things I was just offering another type of "mommy" who in reality is me more often than not.

I thought the article was nice, and gave people something to think about. Cloth diapering isn't often in the news or media, I do appriciate that it was put in the forefront of someone's mind, even if for just a moment.
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One thing I totally liked and agreed with about the article was the level of relationship WAHM's have with their customers and vice versa.

I am the type of person who will drive 20 miles for good service rather than go across the street where they are rude. I also like to support the "small town" business and steer clear of the Walmarts when I can.

When I am looking at a WAHM that I haven't bought from before, I ALWAYS read the info they provide about themselves. I think that is part of my decision making process -- I want to be sure I'm buying from someone nice, like me!

Anyway, I like the personal relationship I have with those that make my kids' diapers. Anyone ever talk to the MAKER of Pampers? It's really a unique relationship we have!
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I completely agree! I support WAHM's first as the customer service is usually there. I refuse to go where I am treated poorly.

I have no qualms about telling the latest phone guy that the one before him was rude and not interested in customer service (just did that 2 weeks ago in fact!)

I cannot help it! I feel like being progressive means you're actually coming back to good customer service. It's been missing for quite some time.

For example:
Just before April, IBM gave us 2 weeks to pack and move here (5 hours across state). We had a hard time finding a rental house. Most realtors said they couldn't help us once one house turned us away (no one wants renters with 3 kids, 2 dogs and at the time, 2 cats). No one could give a hoot that we needed a place.

Then Rosemary came along and submitted us all over, talked to the realtors and owners in person and found us a house on a private lake with a private beach. She worked like crazy and we got the place 2 days before we moved.

My phone guy had asked about the house and upon hearing that, told me no one needs to do more than what the first 3 realtors did. I said, he was right BUT that when we decide to buy in a year or two, who do you think we will go to?


Which reminds me, I have postpartum cloth pads on one site. I had someone inquire about other sizes and needing them within 3 weeks. I didn't just send her away, I FOUND her 3 other sites (basically competition) that sells them. I haven't heard back again from her -- I only hope someday she'll remember me and send business my way.
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The only part that offended me was the idea of VEGAN brownies Brownies are just one thing that can't be properly vegan-ized! :LOL
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Ohhhh, I disagree! There is a kicking vegan maple-walnut brownie recipe in the Vegan Planet cookbook! Nothing better in the whole world!

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