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WAP Chapter Meeting in Chester County, PA

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I hope this isn't solliciting?!?!

To anyone who may be interested...
WAP Chester County Chapter Meeting at Camphill Village in Kimberton, PA
August 15th
$2 Donation
should be a great gathering!
Pass it on.......
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I already have this marked on my calendar! I'm going with a couple of friends who also belong to our local Families for Natural Living group - have you checked us out yet? We also joined Sankanac this year (CSA) right next door.

Looking forward to meeting you IRL.
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sounds fantastic....It's so refreshing to know that this will most likely be a large turnout....
my parents are actually the apprentices for the Kimberton CSA, another neighbor of Sankanac....Sebastian is awesome though, and we go and visit the turkey birds and little piggles.....all the farms in that area (Charlestown is another great one) are sooooooo beautiful!
saw the Families for Natural Living in someone's signature a while back....looks very cool...only wish I lived closer to Philly! Any way we can get something like that down here in Delaware? My son is suffering from a lack of like0minded role models...I am, too, for that matter

see you there!
p.s. check out Helen's Bring & Buy ( in the Camphill Village) if you haven't already...some very cool finds and she's a riot!
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I'll try to remember to carry my MDC or FNLP bag so we'll connect.
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Where are you in Delaware? If you're in Wilmington/Newark area, you might be close enough to join us in FNLP We have members in southern Delaware County who aren't too far from Wilmington, and some in Southern Chester not too far from Newark. We'd love to extend our grip... I mean enjoy the company of Delawarians
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yeah yeah?
Can I bring my son AND my soapbox??

would love to become a part of this...just check out the website for more details??
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Originally Posted by kpb View Post
yeah yeah?
Can I bring my son AND my soapbox??
Please do. :

Originally Posted by kpb
would love to become a part of this...just check out the website for more details??
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hey there ladies....just checking in to see if you're bringing your kiddos with you Wed night.....Jonah Kai is usually in bed between 7:30 and 8 every night, but it might be fun and/or a little more interesting (not to mention easier for my ma) for him to join me....any ideas on children being there? I'll email Annmarie, too.....

p.s. I'll be the one with extremely SHORT hair (no more curly, dready, frizzy, wild lion mane)...just chopped it Thursday
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You chopped your hair!?? It was SO gorgeous in the pictures! Ah well, I bet you're still purty. :

Lemme know what Annmarie says - I was planning on leaving all of my littles at home (nice break for me ) but I'd be curious for future meetings in case I'm in a pinch. My Dds would be bored & my Ds would be wild.

See you tonight! I am tall & slim with dark hair & will try to remember to carry an MDC or FNLP bag...
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If I can possibly get dinner started earlier tonight I might be able to make it. What's the focus of the meeting? Where is it exactly at Camphill?
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Attached (and copied below) is information concerning the quarterly meeting of the Chester County Chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation
This month, we will be focusing on children's health and nutrition.
Please drop me a line with any questions , and to let me know if you are planning to attend, so that we can plan accordingly.
All the best,
Annmarie Butera

PS- Please feel free to print off a copy and leave it wherever you think there may be an interest!!
Radiant Health for Children and Their Parents

Who: *Andrea Stevens, M.S., C.N.S. Clinical Nutritionist http://www.healthbasics.net/

* Alicia Gromicko, Mommy of 3 Wise Traditions Children

What: Weston A. Price chapter meeting - August 15th

Where: Serena Hall Camphill Village Kimberton Hills
1045 Pughtown Rd. Kimberton, Pa. 19442
www.camphillkimberton.org <http://www.camphillkimberton.org/> for directions.
Follow the driveway up toward the Café. Serena Hall is the blue building on your right before you hit the café. Parking is available in adjacent lots. Please walk around back to the entrance.
When: August 15, 2007 7-9pm
Doors open at 6:30 to peruse vendor tables- selling their nutrient dense food Meeting starts at 7:00

Please pass the word along to friends and family.
Suggested $2 donation to cover costs of the room and mailings.

Please email me or Annmarie if you plan to join us.
Be in health, Alicia Gromicko & Annmarie Butera

Andrea Stevens received a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition at the University of Bridgeport after working for years as a registered nurse. Now, as a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Andrea focuses her practice on healing by addressing the cause of illness and helping the body repair. She holds a firm belief in the inherent power, wisdom and uniqueness of each individual. She believes that eating natural, unaltered, whole foods grown or raised in a health and socially responsible manner, along with proper digestive system processing of those foods, are key to achieving optimal health, energy and vitality.
Much of her practice now consists of working with families of children with neurological disorders such as Autism. She sees amazing results with these children when they are able to detoxify and rebuild by addressing underlying digestive system disorders.

Alicia Gromicko has been practicing the ideas in Nourishing Traditions for seven years. She’s been a chapter leader for two years and will be sharing the practical, family friendly techniques she uses in her kitchen.
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Missed you Kyara!

What a fabulous meeting! The focus was on children's nutrition (& their parent's) & a lot of time was devoted to proper digestion & digestive problems - there were a couple of great speakers.

Camphill Kimberton is really beautiful.

Ooooo, and I scored some filmjolk culture off of one of the speakers!

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ah! I know!
we made it up north for our KWS playgroup, but then Jones spiked a MAJOR fever so we've been playing nurse and homeopath for the past three days....sigh

could you PM me and tell me ALL about it??
and whats filmjolk culture? piima? something akin?

hope all is well and would love to hear a synopsis...

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Got my filmjolk! Since you're up this way upon occasion Kyara, I'd be happy to meet up somewhere (Kimberton park?) & give you some filmjolk & fill you in on the meeting.

Samual had a pretty high fever last night - poor guy has gotten 8 teeth in the last month! Hope Jones is better soon.
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that would be very groovy...we'll stay in touch

(hugs to samuel....teeth, in this house at least, are sooo not fun)
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