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The NT lunchbox

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My son is starting preschool this fall and has to bring trash free lunches (which I *love*). We're new to NT, but love it and I want some good lunch box ideas.
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my sons prefer "picnic" type lunches so I will often pick from each category:

- yogurt (plain, whole fat with either vanilla, cinnamon, or fruit added...sometimes with stevia depending on the sweetness of the addition)
- raw cheese chunks or strips
- nitrate-free ham, salami, etc
- leftover roasted chicken, pork, etc.
- chicken or salmon salad
4 yo who can spread within the time contraints of lunch :
- liverwurst (packed with, but not on wasa crackers..will get soggy)
- smoked salmon (packed with wasa and cream cheese or butter)

For the older child I sometimes include crispy nuts

- broccoli (with or without Parmesan or butter)
- frozen peas (defrost by lunch and help keep everything cold)
- carrots (steamed/buttered or raw depending on which child...sometimes with a TF cream cheese spread/dip)
- steamed green beans

fruit (anything they don't need help eating - ie no pits, etc):
- fresh, sliced fruit (blueberries, pluots, apricots, banana, peaches, mango, pear, pineapple, etc.)
- frozen chunks (blueberries, cherries, peaches, mango, strawberries, etc.)
- dried fruit (raisins, mango, etc.)

carb (I leave these out a lot since they are hard to be TF):
- pretzels
- TLC cheese or 7 grain crackers
- wasa crackers

Besides "picnic" type things, I will also do some sandwiches:
- natural PB, raw honey and butter
- ham and cream cheese
- salmon salad
- chicken salad
- honey and butter
- cream cheese and honey

I just started making 100% WW, soaked, no kneed bread (see thread in this forum), but last year I made any sandwiches with Food For Life's 7 grain WW pita bread (not soaked or spouted, but thinner and easier for my little guys to bite into) I didn't worry about it since they rarely want a sandwich...they'd just take it apart and eat the inside most days

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Subbing for ideas too!
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Good thread! After being able to come home for lunch for the last 2+ years, dh needs to take a lunch so I can always use ideas. I got him a laptop lunchbox ala veganlunchbox.blogspot.com, but obviously would like some non-vegan lunch ideas. If I ever get up the energy I'm thinking someday I'd like to do a TF lunchbox blog thingy.
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I think the latest Wise Traditions had an article on lunch for kids....
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I don't 'pack' lunches, but something I wanted to start for our family for lunches was meat salads wrapped in lettuce or even on good bread. My thoughts were chicken made into chicken salad (homemade mayo, some relish, some raw cottage cheese is a nice change on occassion, horseradish brings out flavor, homemade mustard if you want......), leftover beef also makes great beef salad (my mom always made this) I even thought about trying to mix in some finely grated organ meats- bet they would hide well in there. You can add some diced veggies for crunch- cucumber and celery I have heard of. WOudl work for egg salad, tuna salad...... You can add raw cheese if you want. Sprouts would probably interesting on it as well.

I also want to start making up some 'salads' ahead and making serving lunch quick and easy- all transport well- potato salad, 3 bean salad, tabouli, broccoli/cauliflower salad, marinated carrots.....

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