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Arya June is here!

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Arya June was born on 7/7/07 at 12:48pm via emergency C-section. We were in labor from 4am on Friday morning of the 6th, with contractions starting up pretty quickly. My midwife came over around 8pm that Friday evening, and by 5am on Saturday morning, I had been wavering with dilation, and went from 8cm back to 5cm, back up to 8, and was trying to push to get the baby to move down some but she wasn't budging. I ended up pushing for over 6 hours and when my water broke we had meconium so we had to get over to the hospital since she was stressed. They had me get an epidural to help me dilate all the way because I was still wavering back and forth, and an hour later I was 10 cm and started pushing again. By then it was 9am, and by 11am still without a baby after pushing and still not progressing, it was recommended that we have a c-section. I'm glad that my baby is alright but I am still very disappointed that I wasn't able to have her vaginally. Recovery has been tough but the last week its gotten much better, and I'm able to do everything for myself again! She is really beautiful, and I love her so much. It was hard to be able to bond with her after surgery but we're catching up.

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Oh my goodness, she's lovely!!! Congrats!
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oh, she is beautiful!! congratulations on your new little one! i'm sorry your labor and delivery didn't go as planned, but i hope you are enjoying your babymoon!!!
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Happy babymoon mama! I'm sorry things didn't go as planned but she is lovely and I'm glad you're healing well!

hugs and congrats!
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