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I hope you are doing alright today and not bruised too much!!
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thank you
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oh meant to say, learned a new term today.

i said i was having a vbac when they were filling out my paper work tonite

and she said no

a tolac
you may hope for a vbac
but a tolac
is what you are having
trial of labor after caesearn

ain't she sweet, one of my doula friends flipped her off.
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TOLAC! What a beast you had to deal with! I would tell her to shove her TOLAC in a less than sunshiny place! It is people like this in the medical profession that can make birth so difficult. Why even put negative thoughts into a mamas head?:
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What a total raving bitch!!!! Sorry, there is absolutely no other way to put it.

Sending good positive thoughts your way!
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KJ - That totally sucks! I'm glad you are ok and I agree it sounds like you landed 'just right' Take it easy and rest up today.

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I am glad you and baby are okay after your fall -- keep thinking soothing thoughts to keep that b/p down..... isn't laughter suppost to help somehow???? Maybe I am just wishful thinking on the laughter piece.....

Personally, I think you are going to have a TALAC

T - totally
A - awesome
L - labor
A - after
C- caesearn

AND I think that doula who flipped her off is a keeper!!!!

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Question for Wooby (and everyone else)

Wooby - I was looking at the spinning babies webpage 'cause I'm very concerned with this bed rest I've been on that I won't have optimal position of my babe. My question is this...Do you feet fall asleep when you sit cross-legged? I've been trying to do the exercises but when I sit for more than 4 minutes my feet/legs start to fall asleep! Should I just do it anyway? I've also been doing the cat stretches and sitting backwards on a chair. I need to get my DH to get out and get me one of those balls to sit on. Especially since my back is killing me on this bed rest! Thanks.

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Kathy - I'm so glad your okay I've been so worried. I didn't get home until 9:30 and didn't know if it was too late to call you or when was a good time? And in my opinion those firefighters were super JERKS they just stood there and stared at you and at everyone. They had the blood pressure cuff and that was about all they were good for in my opinion. When we were going to get the car for you they kept telling us no etc. I just wish I could have helped you more. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask. I'll pm you my number (if I can figure out how to type it!)
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Hi August Moms!
Is the heat getting to you too? Its 100+ where I am. I've been feeling so great until just a couple days ago when I awoke to swollen hands, really they were like two giant toads. I guess this happens when we are down to the proverbial "wire".
I have really loved being pregnan and am SOOOO excited to meet my baby. The lists helped me too, thanks Mamas. Bless you all and look forward to reading your beautiful birthing stories.
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From what I understand, it is fine to sit with one leg outstretched and one tucked under. You may feel better trying this and then you could avoid your feet falling asleep! Or, try crossing your legs loosely. I think the key is the leaning forward or sitting straight up part. When you sit on the floor and lean forward just a bit you are making your uterus more like the "sling/hammock" they talk about. This is supposed to help babe slide into the best position.

BTW, my "birth ball" is a $12 exercise ball from Walmart. It is essentially the same as the $40 birth balls you can get at birth supply websites.

I don't think that your bedrest will necessarily hurt your baby's position as long as you pay attention to how you are lying.

Do you know what position baby is in now? Can you feel a hard consistent lump (babe's back) or is your tummy softer? If it is softer (read: hand and feet facing out) your baby may be posterior.

Hope everyone is feeling good today!
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Wow mama's I cant believe all the new news!

Congrats darcy on your new little one, Lil Leo sounds like a trooper and he wasnt that small for how early he was! Many blessings to all in your family!

MamaSoileil!!! What a blessing!!!! I am also blest with a lil boy after having a girl first, and my situation is a lot like yours absolutley no boys in our family at all! I know the exhiliration you are feeling now, For me it still doesnt seem real, what is my lil man gonna be like? how will life change from parenting a girl to a boy? My family is just elated! Thats funny you brought the name thing up because that also happened to me- before we knew the sex the name was going to be Judah River but once we found out and he was a real person, I had this overwhelming feeling that judah was too strong and that his first name should be River a really earthy name my husband was into it though but a little annoyed with how quick my feelings changed and how strong I felt, I think its intuition! Sometimes knowing the sex can give us a better channel to connect with our babies! So I would say just meditate/pray about it and see what comes up for you!
Much love to all the mama's!

Blessings to us all on the last stretch! We can do it!!!!
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Thanks Wooby!

Thanks for such a quick answer Wooby. I don't know what position the babe is in right now but I can tell you that this tummy hasn't been soft in quite a while. I know it's head down and that is about it. I often feel a lump up under my right breast. I always thought it was a butt. Who knows. That's a great suggestion about the ball. I'll have DH look as soon as he can. He has a tennis tournament this weekend and I'm bummed that I can't go because of bed rest. Oh, well, what can you do? Hope everyone has a great Friday!

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Willow Tree~Yeah, dh and I agreed to wait until the baby is born to decide on the name. I really want Forest, but he said NO. So, we have a few possibilities, and only one of them is one that I like, so hopefully, this will work out!!!: I'm sure it will!!!
I'm going to get my homebirth list this weekend, it all seems so much more real. I'm much more relaxed now too, knowing that if I go into labour, I can have him at home, no need for the hospital!!!

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I know what you mean about gathering supplies and how it make this all seem so real!

I bought the very last of my homebirth stuff today (gloves, bedpad) and now I feel so great! It feels very empowering to have all the little things bought and organized so that I do not have to think about them anymore!

Just 6 more weeks for me~give or take! The midwives think only 3-4. We'll see.. Yippee!
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Good for you Wooby, did you wash and bag the clothes and stuff? Seems a little excessive to me, I mean, I'm doing a homebirth because it does not have to be a sterile/medical event. KWIM?
Why do the m/ws think you only have 3-4 to go?
AH, babe has the hiccups!!!

I can't wait to have my birthing pool set up..Sunday. At last, it will be real!!!

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did you wash and bag the clothes and stuff? Seems a little excessive to me, I mean, I'm doing a homebirth because it does not have to be a sterile/medical event. KWIM?

I keep reading about mamas bagging clothes/receiving blankets in prep for the birth. I did not do this as it seems a bit silly since we are at home? Is this something most people do? Do I need to rethink this? I just washed everything in super gentle soap and put it in a drawer.:

The midwives surprised me when they thought I only had a few weeks left. Reasons: baby has dropped super low, which is odd for a second preg this early, I am nesting like a mad-woman, I am gaining a bit more weight (they think it's all baby like you do at the end,) I am having tons of BH contrax, and I have gotten huge the last two weeks. Of course, they are super supportive and all natural so I was surprised that they were setting me up to be a tiny bit disappointed if I go to term!: However, their track record is scary accurate and I have felt for the last month that I would not make it to Aug 31. I was thinking more like mid-Aug.

Blah blah blah.... Either way I will let my body/baby birth when they are ready. DD was born on her due date but I have heard from several mamas that subsequent preg are a bit earlier?

I want to hear about your birthing pool!
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Hey Wooby! Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks the bagging of stuff is silly. I just washed everything and also put it away. I'll probably do another load while in early labour though!

My birthing pool is actually a rubbermaid trough, and it's oval. It's so great, I've lined it with pillows, and then we put a king size white flat sheet then, a heavy plastic (like the one used for drywalling). It's so awesome, you'd think it was made for a birthing pool. My midwife has been using it for 15 yrs now.

I'm is a sort of same situation, Soleil was born at 37 wks (next wk) So my midwife was saying I'd probably go early too, but I asked her to stop saying that, because IF I do go to term, or MORE, than I'll feel like I've been pg forever, when you know, really, it's just term. It worries me when birth attendants tell their clients they'll go early...it disappoints the mom when she doesn't, kwim? Having said that, my babe has also dropped, and I did read that is unusual for second time pg's, unless labour is imminent...so, I'm getting my hopes up too!! But I've been losing weight, which can also be a pre labour sign!!!
So, we'll see eh????
Keep on keepin on sister,

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During this whole pregnancy I think I relised what a control freak I am about everything . I want a plan , this feels like I'm in the dark about so much. I've gone out of my way to learn about all the intreventions and such , planned our homebirth etc. and now I'm worried what if I can't do this? I feel like I lied on a resume and I'm going to be asked to preform things that I am just not able to do. Can I get a little pep talk?

Question - Is it normal to be totally exhausted most of the day? I'm just kind of tired then by midday I could nap.
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i sure hope it's normal. i'm totally exhausted by midday too. and my FEET are SO sore all the darned time, even just from doing dishes..
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