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What is this rash?

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Tabitha has developed a rash all over her face. It isn't the normal hormonal pimples or the normal drool rash. This extends into her hairline and scalp and is now appearing all over her arms, legs, neck, etc. Not so much on her torso. It just looks like little red dots, not blisters, the kind that blanch when you press them.

After she got the rash, she has run 2 mild fevers (under 102). She also has some eye swelling/redness. She is very cranky/irritable and doesn't want to eat any food- just nurse.

I looked up measles, chicken pox, roseola, and fifth disease and it doesn't sound like any of them. It isn't a heat rash because it is on the areas exposed to air that stay cool. I don't think it is an allergy because her identical sister is exposed to all the same things so wouldn't she be reacting too (since they have the same DNA)? Anyone have an idea? Honestly roseola is my best guess, but she got the fever AFTER the rash and the rash started on her face, not trunk.

I'm stumped.
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could it just be a viral rash? My dd had something very similar. After a couple of days it just disappeared. We just watched her closely. We did call our pediatrician and she said the same thing, viral. hth.
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Ok, that is what the ped nurse said too. Hopefully it will go away soon.

It seems worse today with the bumps being more raised. And her sister's skin looks like porcelain.
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