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Buying new sling-need advice!

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Well, so far we've got two slings. We have NN, which was great the first few months, but it gives me a lot of neck and shoulder pain after a half hour or so, plus DS is not liking it much anymore. I also have an Ultimate Baby Wrap, which DS seems to like a bit more, but I'm not too happy with it. It takes too much time to get it on, and no matter how tight I wrap it, the whole thing feels lose and wobbly and DS gradually slides down lower and lower (plus I feel kind of claustrophobic in all the fabric!)

So anyway, here's what I'm looking for:

1.Easy on the upper back, shoulders and neck.
2. Easy on and off
3. Room for DS to wiggle in or he won't be happy in it.

Any ideas?
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Have you tried a Maya Wrap (or any other unpadded sling)? I know if you can get to PeaPods, they'll let you try out any of the slings they carry.

I have a Maya and a sling I made with the Maya Wrap pattern on their website. Both are great, but I think the Maya fabric is too heavy for summer. Keep that in mind.
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a Packababy mabye or a Suetmi Pack both keep baby's weight really close to your center of gravity and are much easier to get on or off.
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i would second the maya wrap suggestion, but i also agree about it being a bit warm in the summer. i just got a light weight cotton unpadded sling from kangaroo korner. www.kangarookorner.com it's similar to the maya, but has less material, and it has plastic, rather than metal, rings. i live in nyc and the summers are brutal. i love this sling. i've been carrying ds in it all the time for the last week. really easy to use, cozy and cool in the heat.
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I love the Over The Shoulder Baby Holder the best. I tried NN, Nojo and Maya Wrap. I like OTSBH better than them all. The padding keeps your shoulder comfortable, but the padding in the OTSBH is much less bulky than the Nojo.
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I have a Kanga Sling which is padded. I love it but wish it was easier to adjust. I have seen a Maya Wrap in action and want one. The mama with the maya liked mine. Maybe we should have traded.

Don't you wish you had a local AP store where you could try them all and then choose?
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My recommendation would be a Zolowear sling http://www.zolowear.com. The silk ones are very pricey but the cotton ones, especially the organic cotton ones are supposed to be very nice.

I own the silk version and find it extremely comfortable with a 27 lber. It is very well designed so that the shoulder pad stays positioned nicely. The pocket area is also very generously sized so it would provide plenty of wiggle room, but as it is unpadded it is very adjustable for the wearer.

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I'm just getting started selling a new design of slings. Mine has a double fold and is much more comfortable then the Maya. I offer a number of fabrics, including lightweight cotton. Email me if you're interested at littlemuffin@hotmail.com.
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I totally recommend the cotton mesh organic sling from: www.taylormadetreasures.com

Love love love it. It cups your shoulder real nice, never slips on me. It's a ring sling, unpadded and is fabulously made.
My 5.5 month old has done grat in this for several months in the tummy to tummy position. I use to tuck her feet up in it when she was around your sons age.

I also highly (even moreso) recommend a kangaroo korner adjustable fleece pouch... it's the ultimate in comfort and ease of use and it's adjustable with no tail. They also make a cotton adjustable pouch now... I imagine it would just as nice.
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We went to Peapods this weekend and tried on slings and went with the OTSBH. I love it, and so does DS! He lieks to ride facing out with his little legs crossed, and he took a nap in it today too! Plus, my shoulder is not hurting.

I think we might get either a kangaroo pouch or another wrap too. Dh want's one that works for him., and since he will be staying home with DS when I go back to work he wants one that's comfy, and he doesn't like all the padding.
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