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Meal Plans for this week?

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What is everyone having this week? I'd love to hear your ideas! Here is what we are planning (or already had!):

Breakfast - Raisin Bread (Ezekiel), Scrambled Eggs, Peach
Lunch - Hummus, Pitas, & fruit
Dinner - Baked Ziti, Broccoli

Breakfast - Pumpkin muffin, Pear
Lunch - Leftover Ziti
Dinner - Chicken Thighs with Mushrooms & Onions, Leftover Broccoli and possibly rice

Breakfast - Blueberry Pancakes, veg. sausage
Lunch - Leftovers of chicken & veggies
Dinner - Tacos, Refried Beans

Breakfast - Oatmeal, Fruit
Lunch - Wraps w/ leftovers
Dinner - Black Bean Soup, Brown Rice

Breakfast - Raisin Bread (Ezekiel), Eggs, Fruit
Lunch - Leftovers (soup)
Dinner - Cranberry "dump" Chicken (from freezer), Summer Squash & Onions

Breakfast - Waffles, Fruit
Lunch - Leftovers or Soup
Dinner - Chicken Pasta Salad w/ veggies

Breakfast - Oatmeal, Fruit
Lunch - Leftover chicken pasta salad, veggies
Dinner - Leftovers/clean out fridge
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nobody wants to share this week?
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I'm trying to be more spontaneous this summer. But, I do have a rough outline of what we're having

Wed (yes, last night): pasta with cherry tomatoes, basil, and parm cheese, salad, bread
Thurs: butter beans, okra, corn, and tomatoes, eggplant (probably very healthily fried), hamburger steak
Fri: out of town! a fave Greek place
Sat: out of town! another favorite place
Sun: grilled cheese and homemade tomato soup with pesto
Mon: chilaquiles topped with chicken, sour cream, onions, and cilantro
Tues: spaghetti with sauce from our tomatoes, salad, bread
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I'll share! Though this is for next week, and I'll be out of town on business Wed, Thur, Fri, and Sat morning so I had to make things quick and easy for DW or MIL to make:

Breakfast- Waffles w/syrup, pears, milk
Lunch and Dinner - BBQing and having some friends over, we'll probably have a late lunch and snack on leftovers in the evening
Dessert- Brownies and milk (friends will be bringing their two DC, along with our two DD's, everyone will help make brownies)

Breakfast- Applesauce w/toast (w/pb or j), milk
Lunch- Stuffed baked potato, peaches
Dinner- Salisbury steak w/mashed potatoes, gravy, carrots, and green salad w/dressing

Breakfast- Cereal w/milk, 1/2 banana, orange juice
Lunch- Tuna macaroni casserole (b/c its uber quick and easy ), applesauce
Dinner- Chicken a la King, corn

Breakfast- Waffles w/syrup, applesauce, milk
Lunch- Breaded chicken patty sandwich, 1/2 banana
Dinner- Upside down pizza, broccoli w/cheese sauce
Dessert- Pudding w/cool whip

Breakfast- Oatmeal (w/pb and milk), peaches, milk
Lunch- Frozen pizza (yeah, I know), tomatoes and cucumbers w/dressing
Dinner- Sloppy joes, apple and cheese slices

Breakfast- Buscuits (w/butter and jam), 1/2 banana, milk
Lunch- Leftover upside down pizza, applesauce
Dinner- Pancakes w/syrup, bacon, orange juice (the kids LOVE having breakfast for dinner)

Breakfast- Scrambled eggs, toast (w/butter/jam), orange juice
Lunch- Cheese quesadilla, green salad w/dressing
Dinner- Spaghetti, garlic bread, cucumbers w/dressing

Breakfast- Cereal w/milk, yogurt, orange juice
Lunch- Macaroni and cheese, green salad w/dressing
Dinner- (Mom returns home, yay! lol) Chicken pasta (my own special recipe, and the kids all-time favorite thing to eat), brussel sprouts (also popular in our house), tomatoes and cucumbers w/dressing
Dessert- Strawberry Turnovers

I have the week after planned out too, but I'll save that for later .
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I'll share!

Note: Breakfast, we all eat different things. My hubby usually has cereal with fruit, I have fruit only and water, dd has some dairy or cereal and sometimes toast with egg

Friday (yesterday)
Lunch-sliced ham, lentil salad
Dinner-chicken fingers, baked beans, corn on cob (VERY kid-centric meal cuz it was movie night and we always have her favorites)

Saturday (today)
Lunch-sliced ham, breadsticks, apple/celery/walnut salad
Dinner-beef kabobs, coconut rice, glazed baby carrots

Lunch-leftover chicken fingers, lentil salad leftovers
Dinner-chicken pot pie with any leftover chicken (add in celery, mushrooms and any veggis left in bin)

Lunch-avocado/walnut salad, ham if there's any left (if not, ???)
Dinner-stir fry with leftover kabobs, Chinese noodles with sprouts

Lunch-orzo, chickpeas and feta, grilled celery
Dinner-leftover pot pie

Lunch-any leftovers, clean out fridge LOL
Dinner-tacos with steak mince, beans, spanish rice, avocado

Lunch-white bean and dill salad, sauteed mushrooms, cheese puffs (gougeres, if you wanna be fancy about it)
Dinner-out on Date, pizza for DD and sitter

Lunch-nachos with leftover taco stuff
Dinner-chicken wings, couscous, carrot salad with apple (Movie night!Will set aside raw carrot for DD before I mix the rest to make salad. I'll also make some brownies)

Lunch-??? possibly mix leftover carrot salad with leftover couscous and add some beans?
Dinner-lamb meatballs, papardelle, grilled zucchini

Lunch-out for Chinese
Dinner-grilled celery and mushrooms, avocado salad, lemon risotto

As you can see, in this weather, we are eating lots of bean salads. My daughter doesn't like beans mixed with all the other stuff, so I give her plain beans before I make the salad for me and DH. Easy!
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SAt: tonight sausage, pork, onions, peppers, corn on the cob, watermelon
Sun: B-blueberry scones
L- ethiopian restaurant
D-cavatappi w/ mozzarella, heirlooom tomatoes, olive oil, basil
watermelon for desert

Mon: L- leftover cavatappi
D- stirfy: chicken, green beans, brown rice, more watermelon

Tues: D- salad w/ mixed greens, lemon cucumber (never had it before!)
pasta w/ pesto sauce

Wed: Tomato sauce w/ ground sausage & rotini
Thurs: still thinking
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Thanks for the ideas everyone! I will be posting ours for next week later tonight, I hope.
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Ok I just wrote mine, but I only plan dinners because we both WOH.

M - chicken thighs in maple/orange sauce, green beans, and polenta

T - halibut fish and chips, with a green salad

W - split pea and ham soup, dinner rolls

Th - ribeye steaks, roasted potatoes/corn/broccoli

F - eggplant parmesan knock-off

Sat - shrimp and pasta with garlic bread and salad
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B - Pumpkin Muffin, Fruit
L - Out, Mama Fu's
D - Turkey Stuffing Casserole, Broccoli

B - Bacon, Blueberry Pancakes
L - Leftover casserole
D - Spinach, Bacon, & Mushroom Quiche

B - Oatmeal, Fruit
L - Leftover quiche
D - Red Beans & Rice w/ Sausage, Mixed Steamed Veggies

B - Raisin Bread, Fruit, Eggs
L - Leftover red beans & rice
D - Whole roasted chicken, Zucchini Orzo, Steamed Carrots

B - Apple Cinnamon Muffins, Fruit
L - Leftovers
D - Chicken, Broccoli, Rice, & Cheese Casserole, Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls

B - Appler Cinnamon Muffins, Fruit
L - Leftovers
D - Lasagna, Broccoli or Salad, Garlic Toast

B - Oatmeal, Fruit
L - Leftover lasagna
D - Leftovers or if there aren't any clean out fridge/pantry night

Snacks are fruit, crackers, cheese, etc.
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I am pretty new here, but have been lurking and getting some great ideas.
I have been planning dinners for 5 years or so, but have recently started with breakfast, lunches and snacks to get some more variety. We had been falling into the rut of having cereal every morning and sandwiches almost every lunch. Ugh! Our son is a picky eater, but the girls do well.

B- cereal with milk, juice
L- leftover white bean soup, spare rib meat, cookie
D- taco soup and salad for us, grilled sammys, cukes, and apples for the kids

Snacks: granola bars, teddy grahams, snap peas
Tasks: Browned and froze extra ground turkey, made double batch of soup and froze 1/2

B- scrambled eggs, toast, melon
L- leftover soup with tortilla chips, green beans
D- cheese pizza sticks, coleslaw, fruit cocktail

Snacks: raisins and nilla wafers, crackers with jam
Tasks: make double batch pizza dough and freeze 1/2

B- cereal with milk, juice
L- pb and j, cheese crackers, cucumber sticks
D- mac and cheese, carrots, applesauce

Snacks: granola bars, oatmeal cookies
Tasks: make cookies, put beans in crockpot, make muffins

B- blueberry muffins, juice
L- leftover mac and cheese, snap peas
D- chili, cauliflower, pears

Snacks: pb toast, teddy grahams
Tasks: freeze 1/2 of the chili

B- cereal with milk, juice
L- grilled sammys, chili, nacho chips
D- zucchini casserole, salad, garlic toast

Snacks: crackers with peanut butter, nilla wafers and apple sauce

B- oatmeal, juice, milk
L- leftover casserole, bread, green beans
D- upside down day! eggs, pancakes, peaches

Snacks: granola bars, cheese crackers
Tasks: make and freeze extra pancakes

B- cereal with milk, juice
L- pb and js, cucumber dippers, cookie
D- crockpot chicken, potato wedges, carrots, pears

Snacks: banana muffins, teddy grahams
Tasks: make muffins, get meat off of chicken
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Here's mine-

Mon-Baked seasoned chicken, angel hair pasta, salad
Tues-Beef tips, onion soup, potatoes, carrots in the crockpot, salad
Wed-Spaghetti, Texas Toast
Thurs-Make your own pizza night
Sat-eating out
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Jumping in! Yesterday was my first day back on the wagon after having my babe almost 4 weeks ago.

B: out (doctor's appointments)
L: out (still out of town)
D: spaghetti & crescent rolls

B: waffles with syrup, strawberries
L: leftover spaghetti
D: pizza with my parents

B: cinnamon streusel muffins, bananas
L: baby shower
D: grilled chicken, mac & cheese, lima beans

B: scrambled eggs, toast, oranges
L: leftovers from Saturday night
D: crunchy & soft tacos, black beans

B: pancakes with syrup
L: turkey & veggie sandwiches, baked fries, apple slices
D: something with chicken...not sure yet
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becoming - looked at your kiddos on your links, and they are so cute! especially the tiny baby. congrats on your new addition. did you do any freezer cooking prior to the babe?
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Originally Posted by wife&mommy View Post
becoming - looked at your kiddos on your links, and they are so cute! especially the tiny baby. congrats on your new addition. did you do any freezer cooking prior to the babe?
Thank you!

Nope, no freezer cooking. I really should have! We have been eating an atrocious amount of junk since mid-July. Oh, well. I think I'm getting back into the swing of things as far as cooking & meal planning go.
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Well I'm obviously a little late getting this up.
Here is what we had and will have the rest of this week:

Monday - Veggie Fried Rice
Tuesday - Spaghetti, Garlic Bread, Salad (was supposed to lasagna but I forgot to buy ricotta cheese!)
Wednesday - Cobb Sandwiches, Salad
Thursday - Beef Stroganoff, Peas & Carrots
Friday - Porkchops with Mushrooms & Onions, Green Bean Casserole, Steamed Carrots
Saturday - Cranberry Chicken, with leftover Green Bean Casserole & Steamed Carrots
Sunday - leftover day!
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Well, I will keep posting, hopefully some more people will join me!!

Breakfast - Egg & cheese sandwiches
Lunch - (lunch out) probably sandwiches & fruit or chips, possibly salad bar
Dinner - Steak (Dh's request), Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli

Breakfast - Oatmeal, Fruit
Lunch - Sweet Potatoes w/ toppings
Dinner - BBQ Pork Chops, Corn on the cob, leftover broccoli

Breakfast - French Toast, Fruit (Freeze extra for later)
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Lemon Chicken Linguini, Steamed Carrots, Peas

Breakfast - Pumpkin muffin, fruit
Lunch - Leftovers or sandwiches
Dinner - Ham & Pineapple Couscous

Breakfast - Oatmeal, Fruit
Lunch - Ham & Pineapple Couscous
Dinner - Roast whole chicken with potatoes & Carrots. Salad

Breakfast - French Toast, Fruit
Lunch - Sandwiches, raw veggies
Dinner - Chicken Pasta Salad

Breakfast -
Lunch -
Dinner - Leftovers/clean out the fridge/pantry/freezer night
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I ran a menu swap last month in TP. We exchanged a week's worth of menus with recipes and grocery list. I'm going to do it again in September - I hope some of you will join since your menus look great!

I'm using one of the menus from the swap this week:
Day 1. Veggie burgers with Cajun black beans and corn on the cob

Day 2. Veggie Quesadillas and chili corn

Day 3. Mexican Tomato Lime Soup with salad and corn muffins

Day 4. Spinach Pizza with fruit salad

Day 5. Garlic bread sandwiches with blueberry salad

Day 6.Pineapple Tofu Stir Fry with steamed broccoli

Day 7. Ravioli with sauteed veggies and salad
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Breakfast - pancakes and canteloupe
Lunch - hummus and veggie wraps on ww wraps
Dinner - Roast chicken, roasted potatoes and onions, gravy, garlic beans and carrots


Dinner - Mexican chicken soup (made from the rest of Monday's chicken) and a green salad w/ vinagrette

That's as far as I've gotten
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This week...
tues: B cereal w/ bananas, toast, cottage cheese
L: leftover cavatappi w/ fresh mozzarella & tromatoes, cantaloupe
D: Chili spaghetti w/ cheddar cheese, green beans

wed" B" 7 grain toast w/ jam, blueberries, cereal
L: whole wheat pizza w/ peppers
D: pesto w/ pasta, salad

Thurs: B: cereal w/ blueberries, toast
L: tuna, ww pita, bananas or cantaloupe
D: mushroom risotto, salad

Fri: B: muffins? if i make them by then
L: leftover pesto pasta or whole wheat wraps & swiss cheese, cantaloupe
D: ?
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I desperately need to plan for the next few days, so I'll post here & plan at the same time!

B: hardboiled eggs & fruit juice
L: mine will be a Lean Cuisine, DS is taking lunch to school, & DD will be with her dad
D: crunchy & soft tacos, black beans (getting really bored with this meal!)

B: chocolate chip muffins & fruit (oranges & kiwi)
L: chicken & dumplings, lima beans, biscuits
D: leftover chicken & dumplings

B: pancakes & apple slices
L: three cheese penne pasta & green beans
D: leftover pasta & green beans

B: cereal & orange slices
L: out
D: Catalina chicken & corn

I'll have to go grocery shopping sometime between now and Tuesday, because that's all we have!
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