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last baby?

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Just wondering if this will be anyone else's last baby? Dh and I are 99% sure #3 will be it for us. I'm kind of surprised that I feel sad about this sometimes. On the one hand, I'm really looking forward to closing the pregnancy/baby chapter of our lives and having our family be complete. And yet I still get bummed out that this is last time I'll grow a new life and have a teeny little baby. So, anyone in the same boat? Are you totally happy this is the last one or is it bittersweet?
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This is our 3rd and last too. We are totally happy with the thought of having just 3. (like 3 is no big deal......lol)
I'm actually nervous adding to the 2 I already have....lol. I am like you, I am ready to be past the baby part and start doing more and going new and fun places. We took our 2 boys (ages 2 and 4) to Seaworld this summer. It was alot of fun, and look forward to Disneyworld, the beach etc.. Not that you can't do all that with a baby, just don't have to pack as much..
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It'll be our last. I had to lobby hard to get this one. I'm content. I've always wanted three. Just focusing on enjoying every stage of this as much as I can.
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Our 3rd and our last. I think there will always be a little tiny part of me that thinks, oh I would have tons of babies if time, money, etc was not an issue but in reality....I know what's right for me and what's right for our family and 3 will be enough. If we were to ever add to the family again (not that we are in any way shape or form though) it would be through adoption. Dh is planning to get the snip snip soon.
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This will be our second baby and dh says he thinks this is enough. He is nearly 40 and doesn't want to be doing the newborn thing over 40. I get it too, lack of sleep exacerbates depression in me and mood issues. 'Tis not my favourite part either. But I don't think I'm really ready to be done yet. Not sure. I feel like I'd like my kids to have one more sibling, but I'm weary of the PPD and stuff. ((shrugging))
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This is our third and last. I feel pretty happy about finally feeling like my family is complete. Though, every now and again, I keep telling myself, 'this is the last time I'm ever going to be 15 weeks pg' - lol. I think I've said this every week and I'm sure I will right up to the end.
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This is our last and its def. bittersweet lol.. so happy about it because now we can move onto the go out and be spontaneous part of our lives but at the same time, after this baby is a few years old, Im really gonna miss the whole baby time.. ughhhhh but 4 is def. the right # for us
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This is our second and I think at this point it will be our last. When we first got married I thought that I might like 3 or 4 (or more), but given our financial situation I just don't know if that's a wise idea. We just moved to a new area and are buying a new house. It's much smaller than the last one we had and I guess that's another part of it b/c I can't imagine fitting more than two children there.

That being said, this will be my first vaginal birth/homebirth. I suppose depending on how that goes I may very well become addicted and change my mind!

I'm right along with pps...regardless of whether or not this is actually "it", I'm just trying to enjoy each and every moment as if it is my last time.
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This is baby #4 and most likely our last. I love being preg and have a tiny baby, and I will miss that very much, but I am also ready to move onto the next part of our lives.
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Third and last here too (plus one m/c). I really wanted 4 or 5 but dh is past done so we won't be having any more. I'm ok about it, get kind of sad sometimes but I'm happy to think about moving past the sticky hands/stinky diapers stage
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Third and probably our last as well. We have always talked about having 4, but the morning sickness was so severe this time that I just don't think I could handle another pregnancy. DH is turning 40 this year and he is feeling done as well.

Bittersweet, but okay. I have had a good run and feel like it is time to close this chapter in my life.
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This one will be our last I believe. I always thought 4 too, but I think 3 will complete our family.
I'm a little worried that I'll be 38 when this one comes and to think of adding another after that is just too much.

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Third and last for us as well.

I was really looking forward to having #3 about 3 years from now when the girls would have been old enough to really learn about pregnancy and birth and they would always have memories of their mother birthing at home and breastfeeding their youngest sibling.

Since #3 is coming SO MUCH sooner than planned, it is bittersweet that my DD's will not have those memories. I've NEVER wanted children this close together, and I'm frankly very resentful that it's happening now and not when I had planned for it to happen. :
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Looks like #3 will be our last also. I'm okay with it. I thought i was done at two, but the urge to have a 3rd was huge.

I need a nap!
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I think there will always be a little tiny part of me that thinks, oh I would have tons of babies if time, money, etc was not an issue but in reality....I know what's right for me and what's right for our family and 3 will be enough
yeah this is pretty much how I feel. Dh will be getting snipped, too so maybe thats part of it. Its just so permanent! I know that we really can only handle three (heck there are days when I can barely handle two!) and truthfully the baby stage is not my favorite!

Looks like there are several of us having a 3rd and last child, interesting.
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The hardest stage for me has been the 18 months to 2 3/4 years. That's a long stage huh? But goodness its been tough on me! Before and after that it was okay for us.
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I'm only on #1, but this brought up some interesting things. First of all, my partner and I are ZPGers (he more than I). But! I was an only child and I often think that 3 kids would be really great. Then each will have more than one companion, and when I get old and decrepit and need someone to take care of me, the responsibility can be shared by 3 instead of 2.

I just don't know--I guess I feel my philosophical urges conflicting with my heart's urges. Has anyone experienced--or better yet, resolved--this quandary?
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We haven't decided yet between 2 or 3. I think 2 may be it, but we'll see.

DH really wants a mini-van and I'm not ready for that but told him I could see it if we had 3 kids. So now he wants 3 suddenly. I told him my uterus was busy, he'll have to wait!

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This is our second and last. I'm not sad about it, actually I'm really happy about it. We thought for a while that dd would be an only. My first pregnancy was so blissful and stressfree. This one - not so much. I'm soooo tired and sick, we've had so many miscarriage scares, then the DS scare. . . I'm ready to be done with this already and I'm only 15 weeks. I will *never* be able to do this again. It's just too difficult on me physically but even more difficult emotionally.
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baby love

Yes. This is my third pregnancy and last. I do have a step daughter who is very much my child too. she is the oldest. i thought we were done at 2 (3) my hub. said he was getting snipped but just .....forgot. and low and behold i got pregnant. Now i feel like my family is complete. i was sad before. 4 is enough. we love to travel, low income and all and i don't see us going anywhere for a while not. just to expensive.
we at least got a puerto rico trip in with all 3 ( and it was great) /
i don't think a woman is every happy about the decision to stop having kids logic and all not included.
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