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Lucky TTC #1 in our 30's AUGUST!

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Ace age 30 TTC since Jan 2007
adsm73 (April) age 33 TTC since Oct 2006
AmericancatinJapan (Freya)
AngelaM (Angela) age 30, TTC since May 2007
anica age 32, TTC since Aug 2007
B2* age 34
belle67 age 34 TTC since Oct 2006
Boernemama(Angie) age 33 TTC since April 2007
Cattibrie age 32 TTC since Dec 2006 after tubal reversal :
ChristyM26 age 30, TTC again as of 7/07.
Cicely_m age 29
Derun (Esra) age 30 TTC #1 since March 2007
Earthymama2b (Kiya) age 30 TTC since Mar 2007:
Ellien C age 37 TTC since Oct 2006
FiberLover (Michelle) age 31, TTC since Oct 06 :
Frumpy 33, TTC since May 2006
Funnygrace age 35, TTC since 9/05 :
Fuzzy Bunny (Annie) age 35 getting ready to start TTC in Feb 2007
Fuzzycat age 35
Greenegirl (Karen) age 33 TTC since May 2006 :
hae703 (Heather) age 30
Illaria age 32, TTC since May 2007
ItyBty age 30 TTC since Sept 2005 :
jencat (Jen) age 36 TTC since Dec 2006 :
Jilliebean (Jill) age 30 ttc April 2007
kJad29 (Kemi) age 31, TTC since July 2006 (on a break from ttc) :
mhiccup age 32, TTC since July 2007
Mischievium :
Milliemoo age 31
Nony age 32, TTC since May 2007
oregonduck age 33, TTC since June 2007
PatioGardener age 36, TTC since July 2007
Poetgirl age 33, TTC #1 since Jan 2007 :
Radiowave (Aimee) age 31, TTC #1 since July 2007
Red_Lil_Mamma (Jasmine) age 33
Rhon age 30 TTC starting June 2007
Ryan's Princess (Stephanie) age 32
Soc age 30 (in July!) TTC :
Spinedoc age 37 TTC since Sept 2006
VeganCupcake (Catherine) age 31, TTC since August 2007
Wanting2BaMom (Laura), age 33, TTC since April 2006 :
Farmama Nov 2006
PiePie age 35 Dec 2006
Dctexan (Emily) age 33 : Dec 2006
Greengrey (Alex) age 30 : Dec 2006
Beckyphry (Becky) age 32 : Dec 2006
Hazieluna (Natalia) age 35 : Jan 2007
ATD Mom age 32 Jan 2007
Brightside (Beth) age 30 Jan 2007
K9sarchik (Laura) age 38 Jan 2007
Amberbella age 30 : Jan 2007
Shibababy January 2007
jpiper0430 (Jenn) age 30 : Feb 2007
MajorGroover (Dee) age 32 : Feb 2007
Grace24 age 36 Mar 2007
Hezzy (Heather) age 33 Mar 2007
CowsRock (Kripa) age 33,: April 2007
Christine1977 age 30 : April 2007
Kharen (Karen) age 32 : April 2007
Nico DeMouse age 31 : May 2007
xenon age 30 : May 2007
SarahJen (Sarah) age 36: May 2007
Suzywan, age 30 : May 2007
Phillybama age 31 : June 2007
AmericancatinJapan (Freya) June 2007 June 2007
jentina age 33 : June 2007
Jujubie (Judy) age 34 : June 2007
Writerbird June 2007
AngelaM (Angela) age 30 June 2007 June 2007
Melanie_rabbitbarn (Melanie) age 30 June 2007
PinkOrchid2 July 2007:
Cking (Christina) age 30 : July 2007
Mandy 74 (Mandy) age 32 Aug 2007
Anouk (Lacy) age 32 Aug 2007
GISDiva age 32 Aug 2007
Raingyrl (Rain) age 37 Aug 2007

September threadkeeper: mischievium! (Theme: Where all your wildest dreams come true!)
October threadkeeper: ???
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It sure is hard to find an inspirational yet funny quote about ttc! So instead I thought we could start the month with an inspirational quote about our dreams!

Here it is:

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Don't let go of your baby dreams, ladies! This just may be the month for you!!
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Thanks for the new thread Jencat!

I like the quote, she was an amazing woman, wasn't she?

I read through the last page of our old thread just now, and Poet, that sounds very lucky to me! Sending a good vibe your way too.

Rain, woot for the big O! Lookin' good!

Still waiting here, hanging out, trying to be distracted from the 2ww. So far I've hiked with hubby and the doggies a few times, almost finished weeding my huge veggie garden, and watched the sheep and chickens and goats be cute for hours on end.

The garden is growing in well, we've been eating zuchinni and squash, beets and beet greens, radishes, green onions, beans, and should be eating eggplants by the end of the week! I'm really excited for my potatoes this year. I planted 4 heirloom varieties of fingerling potatoes, I've never grown them before, and they're looking so good....I can't help it, I dig down a bit and peek at them .

Hugs to all!
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Ahh, here's the new thread!!!

Hopefully it will be a lucky month for all of us!

That garden sounds WONDERFUL Michelle. My garden is struggling along. *sigh*
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OK, I'm new at this, do I just say that I want to be added?

Age 32, trying since February '07! (Not charting. Yet....)

I'm getting really excited, too excited probably don't want to jinx. I'm nearing the end of my 2WW, my luteal phase already longer on the Vitex, and I don't feel AF coming either...I'm going to test on Thursday, which may or may not be early, but we're going on vacation on Friday and it would be nice to know...here's hoping joining this list will give me luck!

FiberLover, your garden sounds awesome! I'm hoping to get a plot dug by fall for the garlic, as we just moved to a different house, so didn't get it done in time for this growing season, which is so very short in Wisconsin for some things...
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I so love a new thread...new possibility. Thanks Jen - and great title!

Congrats to Mandy!!!!!! (She posted on the July thread.)

Welcome GISDiva - this is a good place to be.

Michelle - your garden sounds yummy. I don't garden much anymore because of our dogs. One of them ate my tomato plant to the ground last spring! I think it's time to ask DH to help me build a fence!

Poet - I love the intention you put towards this month. I did the same with a long yoga session - then I called DH inside.... and, yes, I love all this energy coinciding with the full moon. May this be a very good month!
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DUH!! I was sooooo excited about my BFP this morning that I forgot that it was August!!! I posted on the July thread, instead.

I am still in absolute shock!! As I posted in the other thread, my DH stayed home today because he strained his back last night. I decided to go ahead and test this morning and two beautiful lines popped right up. We laughed and also shed some well-deserved tears. I tested again 2 hours later because it seemed so surreal.. (not to mention I dreamed 3 times last night that I tested and got a positive!). I had to make sure it was real!!

I knew this was the month!! I think the OPK and Pre-seed did the trick for us. (I have very little CM). I also drank green tea every day leading up to O.
I have really good feelings about the rest of you this month. You guys have been amazing for me and my mental state. I really appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you so much for all of the love and support.
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Just copying the parade over


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Congratulations Mandy!

everyone else! There are some nice looking charts here right now! Here's the month's first "dusting."

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: : : :
TO MANDY! YAHOO FOR YOUR Beautiful Finally Positive!
Soooooo HAPPY for you and DH!
Big hugs for a happy healthy 9 months.
August is lookin' good!

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And thanks Jencat for the new thread! I love the positive start.

I guess now I'm officially in the 2WW as temps were up again today, so methinks O has occurred.

Rain, I'm thinking your chart looks like some good timing!

Michelle, how are you doing with about a week or so to go?

Also, Christy, I'm really sorry for all you've been through. I truly hope you get some clarity on your situation and are on the path to a healthy bfp soon. Thank you for sharing your story.

Frog, I was thinking that if you got triphasic when you weren't ttc, then the Fall could be very sweet to you. When do you plan to insem.?

to GISDiva

to all!
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: :
Congratulations Mandy!!!
: :

Wow!!! It IS going to be a lucky month! Our first BFP!!

Ok, who's next!?
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Ask and you shall receive. I'll add you to the first post momentarily!

Maybe tomorrow I'll move you to the graduates, who knows!? Let's get this party started!
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Originally Posted by Michelle
I can't help it, I dig down a bit and peek at them
That is so funny! Your garden sounds incredible!! WOW!

I decided to do some chart stalking...

Kiya - you're working on a long cycle over there, wow... everything ok? Have you tested?

Michelle - my chart buddy! How are you holding up? Is the whole house spotless?

Kemi - looks like you are going to O soon! GL!!

Mischievium - temping is a little difficult, eh? I don't remember, are you on nights right now?

Poet and Rain - go bananas, go go bananas!!

Laura - wow, a site other than FF! Cool! Looks like you are just a little behind Michelle and I. How did you get four days of + OPK's??? I just barely got one when I was using them. You must be SUPER FERTILE!

As for me, I'm about 6-7 DPO or so. Long ways to go... I feel exactly like I do every month. BBS are starting to feel "heavy." A few minor twinges. I won't be surprised if we didn't catch this month with the HSG just a day before possible O. Which reminds me, I need to try my Diva cup soon. I'm scared!!

Oh, my gosh!! I almost forgot - I get to move Mandy to the graduates!!! Cool! Better go immediately and do that. Check it out Mandy!
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Ahhhh Eleanor Roosevelt.... that is my MySpace quote! She was quite an astounding woman! Congrats to all the BFP's this month and contiued +++++++ vibes your way! Crossed fingers for those still trying (which hopefully will be me again next month... ahhhhh 29 days and counting)!

Jen - ha ha ha... I don't know about the super fertile thing (at least not until my appt. the 30th of this month) but I did get 4 days, yep 4 days where the OPK test line was AS DARK if not darker than the control. Is it even possible? I have been preggo before (each time we have tried actually) but just won't stick! Maybe progesterone but hoping to find out. Yeah I bought the TCOYF online charting (was oblvious about FF being free... whoopsie!) It is a nice program, not as colorful or with the bells and whistles that FF seems to have.

Looks like accupuncture seems to work to "loosen things up". I did some research but couldn't find one locally. Have to travel about 40 minutes or so but I think my insurance will cover some. I have been trying to eat healthier and walking at least 3 days per week, 6 miles. I will be honest though, I am living it up a little since we are not TTC this month. I am back on track to being a good girl though. A nice brew in this heat is refreshing! I am super excited to see all the postive vibes and hope that results in lots of other positives!!!

I think I O'ed this month... I had the 4 days of + OPK. I am so new to this temping and testing. I always figured that once we were ready... *poof* I would be pregnant and we would have a healthy lil one. Wow, was I sorely mistaken. It took me a whole year to get the first M/C and then 2 more in a row had me getting serious about this. 1 1/2 mths of charting isn't too revealing but I hope it will provide something to the doc. I did have a wierd sensation today. It was like a slight pop on my left ovary side then a warm sensation and what felt like a bubble down there. I was talking to one of my clients and thought I had started. My cycle is off this month due to chem. preg. last month. went to the bathroom and nothing... almost 12 hours later and still nothing. I did have a little cramping (if you would even call it that) today for about 3 hours after and a little now but other than that, nothing.
GOOD LUCK Ladies of the 70's.... whooooooo hooooooo!
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So much to catch up on...

Congratulations Mandy!

Second, AngelaM, I'm : for you. I can't imagine how much harder this TTC journey must be when you have to try and pinpoint your body's behavior so precisely. And I thought regular TTC was : crazymaking.

Third, WELCOME to GISDiva, HTH that your stay here is short !

Fourth, Jencat, you big ol' chart stalker, you : . Yes, I am on nights and even though it's only three nights a week, it really screws up my circadian rhythms on my off days (as in, I stay up later and sleep in later). I even missed the "window period" for using the CBE fertility monitor yesterday (you have a six hour window period, but I thought that started at the set time I picked, but it's three hours before and three hours after the set time). I also did my half of the Fertell test and it came back normal-- I have never been so happy to not see a line in my life !

Oh, and I will officially volunteer to be the September threadkeeper, if you'll have me. I can copy and paste with the best of them! I even know the keyboard shortcuts! Vote mischievium for September threadkeeper and all of your wildest dreams will come true!
Seriously. All of them. Even the crazy ones where you're naked at the grocery store and your mom's there--but it's not your mom, and the checkout girl is criticizing your choice of laundry detergent, but then she turns into your best friend from college... All of them .

I think it's time for me to go to bed .
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I initiate the yea vote for Mischievium's Sept. threadkeeper campaign! Do I hear a second on the vote? (plus I LOVE the location... in a van down by the river!) I loved that S-N-L skit. Hope everyone has a healthy and productive day. For some reason I feel fabulous!
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I second the nomination.
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mischievium - you're on as Sept threadkeeper, baby!
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Wooo! Temp edged up a notch again today! I definitely am testing on Sunday now....11DPO here I come!

By then my chart should hopefully give me a clue too.

May it be 9 months of a healthy, happy pregnancy.

GISDiva, Welcome! We're a pretty nice bunch here if I do say so myself, so make a home for yourself!

Thanks for all the compliments on the garden, I've always loved gardening and home grown veggies, and since we moved to the "new place" about 15 months ago, I have all the room I want, so I can grow all kinds of things. I put some nice organic fertilizer on everything yesterday, and did more weeding, I should take some pics. I made a really good soup last night, Summer squash, roasted garlic, and roasted red pepper (pureed, topped with plain yogurt with basil and lime) gotta love fresh veggies for cooking inspiration!

My garden looked bad a few weeks ago, then all of a sudden, BAM! Everything grew in. I wonder if yours is going to do something similar?

GISDiva That reminds me, I need to order my fall garlic! I'd better do that today...where do you get yours?

Rain Yep, if my doggies weren't fenced out of the garden, I wouldn't be able to do it either, a fence is definitely in order!

May it be a good 2ww! I'm getting a bit nutso now the chart is looking good and I only have a few days left....I've been trying to channel energy into productiveness in the garden though.

jencat Ohhh yeah, cycle buddy! House, spotless? My house? heeeee! nope. But the garden is getting more weedless every day...

mischievium I can imagine how tricky it is to temp with that work schedule, but I think you're doing an admirable job! I vote for you as next threadkeeper too!

Laura I'm hoping you get some answers as to your non-sticky baby issues. BIG hugs. I'm really glad you feel fabulous though, and heck, I'd indulge in a nice brew or two too if I wasn't TTC this month!

Grads Hi! Nice to see you guys! How is everyone, how are the babies? The symptoms, etc.?

And...now, time to head to work.
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