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Thanks again girls...

I'm officially getting sappy - I was just thinking about how our new patio is being laid today, which in itself doesn't mean much, but it does mean that the raised beds for my garden will be going in shortly thereafter on one side of it as soon as the kit comes and then I got started thinking how I'M growing something and, geezus, it gets worse, I won't go on...

At any rate, I'm going to plant some bulbs this fall so that Spring Baby has flowers when he or she arrives. Here's hoping for a "fertile garden" for all!
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yeah! I am excited... I linked my name to my myspace.. yippeee! I will try to get around to posting some crafty pics! Night all! It is humid and sticky here in WV.. UGH!
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Frog - hang in there. If your family is anything like my family - I love them dearly - but being around them when I haven't in a while can be very emotionally charged. Stay centered!

(I say this after I just dropped my nephew off at the airport. It was sad to see him go! I'll miss him. But I'm also sad b/c I feel for him - 14 is such an awkward age and I can see that he feels awkward. Sometimes I worry that if I have a child I'll just turn into a total worry-wart and emotional wreck!)

Anyhoo... I better pull myself together...

GISDiva - is this your first PG symptom (sappy)!? You ARE growing something and it's such a miracle isn't it? Just like growing veggies... only better!

Does anyone else ever feel cramp-like feelings after their period? I feel just a slight pressure today around my lower torso. (My clock ticking? - Body yearning for a child? Stomach-ache?) Also, I asked a question a few weeks ago that no one responded to - maybe b/c we were switching to the August thread. So I'll try again - does anyone ever get a bump on their mons pubis at some point during the month? I only get it sometimes... I think in the luteal phase. It's kinda at the top corner of my pubic hair ( sorry!) off to one side. Just curious if anyone else has ever had this?

Laura - sorry about your weather!! So Cal is hot too. And humid for us but not nearly as humid as the southeast I'm sure!
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Jencat - I think you deserve lots of gold stars for taking on a teenage relative! You know...everyone loves the kittens, but not the cats. Your nephew will remember you for just trying to understand & being real!

Now...the "public hair"...where exactly is that located?
I have no experience with this, but have read about it in a midwifery book. Will try to find it.

I used to cramp after a period - in my early 20s...so I don't think it's about getting old. I'd picture everything getting ready for the "big catch"...coming soon!

Ok...I will leave this thread soon. I'll just miss you guys!


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15 dpo, no AF, temp up, no BFP, another whompin' headache :
saved FMU in a cup so maybe if i get my courage up i'll go get a better non-walgreen's test or maybe i'll just wait it out?
sorry michelle, if this sounds too much like your last month!

jencat~you're awesome! seriously, you're a great "mom" already, positive and supportive and sensitive.

raingyrl~visit as much as you like! are you just walking around with the greatest secret grin on your face?

be well, all
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poet, how long are your normal LPs?

As for me, I'm trying not to obsess about these kids, but here's the thing: any time, now, we should know whether their father terminated his parental rights. And here's the other thing: Bat Girl, Village member extraordinare, has a night-blooming cereus. The last time it bloomed was when they got their referral for Small Friend O. It bloomed last night. TWO FLOWERS.
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frog~i LOVE the night-blooming cereus and your two blooms are a beautiful nudge from nature. so hoping this works out for you!!!

my normal lp is short. i've actually been worried about it. around 10-12 dpo, i spot very lightly about 1-3 days and it's def. here full-flow by day 14 though often a bit earlier, 12 or 13.

this waiting is hard! think i better change my post name to "dopily hopeful"
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poet, I don't think it's dopey to be hopeful AT ALL! I'm hopeful for you, too!
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Hee hee hee - I said "public!" Much better than typing "pubic" at work when you mean "public!"

Thanks for your kind words, ladies.

Rain - it's so nice to "see" you! Please visit anytime and let us know how you're doing!

Frog - hang in there!

Poetgirl - ugh!!!!!! : : Give it another few days and then get a blood test? This must be killing you!!
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thanks y'all! one more thing (and thanks for putting up with the play by play here)--i have what looks to be a little ewcm, yesterday and today, me who only visibly gets a day or so if i'm lucky during O. ???
lastly, is it possible i have my O wrong? the OB said she'd put it at day 13 vs. day 12, but that didn't make any sense to me.
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If anything, you may have o'd earlier than 12, IMO.
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Poet...sorry, so frustrating! I'll be dopily hopeful with you though because the lovely AF hasn't shown, your temp is still up...and EWCM. Maybe acupuncture is changing your LP?

Yes - I am all the time inside, but I am still very cautious. I'm moving forward in positivity, but after having a m/c I know the possibility is real. I give DH about 2 more days before he tells someone... he is just so happy!
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If anything, you may have o'd earlier than 12, IMO.

I agree
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Poet, on the roller coaster ride with you!

Fingers crossed and ready to ride!
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Poet - your chart looks very promising!

: :

: :
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oh you are all so sweet! seriously, the support of this forum makes such a difference. thank you thank you thank you!
but sadly, AF is here 16 dpo. and i must say those extra 2 days can really make a girl batty. i think rain was right on about the acup. extending the LP, that was my first cycle on it and (besides getting me +) that was one of the things we were trying to do, so . . . i guess it worked. it's never been so long before.
onto the next . . . now, where do i get one of those fertility bracelets?
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Oh, poet! : I was totally pulling for you, grrl.

GREAT luteal phase though! You go!
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thanks frog! i'm pulling for you too
hey, also i didn't have the days and days of spotting. it's just flat out AF. i think that's a good sign too.
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Miss you guys!

Just stopping bu to say Hello! I miss you guys already!

Poet- I'm terribly sorry about AF. I really thought this was it for you. I had great luck with my Ovulation Predictor Kit and would recommend it. I used the Answer brand and got a + on CD 13! Plus, it's kinda fun to pee on something that actually gives you two lines at some point!! I know, I know- I was crazy. But it worked....

Everyone else- I am 5 1/2 weeks now, and trying very hard not to be concerned about every little twinge and pain. I don't go to the OB until Sept. 5th so the suspense is killing me! DH and I couldn't keep it a secret. We are terrible at that sort of thing. (More him than me; I've never seen him so happy) I hope, hope, hope that everything goes well. I have a really good feeling, though.

to all of you!
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Poet - I think we were all holding our breath for you this month. Here's to a long, healthy LP that will ultimately bring about a healthy child!

I make fertility bracelets that are rather simple - stones on sterling links...all handmade: the twisting and linking. I'll post one on the blog I just started last week. gypsy There isn't much there yet, but I plan to work on that soon.

SarahJen posted a website address called "stones for fertility" ? several months ago on the TTC forum...and I think there are others. Or..if you are crafty, you can make your own!

Mandy - I think we need to start a new thread in the PG forum....I feel like I'm joining a party at 2 a.m. No offense to the lovely ladies there, I'm just way behind you.
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