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Someone needs to write a book of etiquette for these cases! Some people mean well, but have no idea how painful their words can be. I had a "friend" announce that she believed that god was testing my DH and I to make sure that we really want a child. And...I've had to cut people off before they can say that nasty word (relax). *In massage school we learned that saying the word relax can actually make someone more tense on the table!

Laura - you are quite crafty - love your designs!
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Poet- I am so impressed. Sounds like you are doing some major readings... and an interview by NPR- WOW!!! I've got to get back to teaching tomorrow also. I'm actually pretty psyched about getting back to work for once. I've been pretty lazy over the summer.

You know, one thing that ttc has taught me is to NEVER offer up advice unless you are asked. I know that this process is more trying than most things in people's lives, but if I EVER thought that I made people feel the way I have felt the past year when they said, "Just relax" or "stop thinking about it".... I have really learned to keep my mouth shut unless asked!!! :

Hope the rest of you are doing wonderful today!!!
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mandy, hope you had a good day back! you teach english, right? i sort of feel like i'm in a different time zone today.: thanks for your nice comments, too! we saw some serious flooding in eastern okla--you guys ok in okla city?

rain, yes! a book of etiquette! good idea. i think people really have no clue, and don't mean badly...that God comment you relayed is awful. i'm retroactively sorry about that.

laura, lovely! i love moss agate too. and i bow to anyone who can weave a basket, esp. a pitcher! such craftwork is like greek to my hands. thanks for sharing!

thanks christina, that was a good little thread from jencat, wasn't it?

frog, for William. I'm sorry for the loss of someone so dear.

oh , and if you made it through my last post
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Originally Posted by jencat View Post
Mischievium - haven't heard from you in a while. Everything ok? Or just in lurk mode?
Originally Posted by mandy74 View Post
Oh where, oh where has our mischievium gone????
I'm trapped in The Neverending Cycle (come on, sing along to the tune of the theme song of The Neverending Story, only when you get to the Ah-ah-ahhh-ah-ah-ahh-ah-ah-ahh part, replace it with Argh-argh-aargh-argh-argh-aargh-argh-argh-aargh!!!). Seriously, at what point does a "phase" become an "eon?" Because I think I've finally reached the end of my follicular eon. There better darn well have been a little eggie released, because homey don't play anovulatory cycles. I think the CBE fertility monitor (CBEFM) finally just gave me a peak reading because it was sick of me pleading with it every morning. I had TWELVE high readings before I got the peak one. Twelve is a fun number when you're talking cookies or singing that song with the marble cartoon from Sesame Street, but MAN does it suck when you're waiting to O. Granted the monitor is still in it's "getting to know me" phase (complete with annoying song and Yul Brenner), so maybe not all twelve days were really high fertility (or... maybe I'll be expecting dodecuplets! .

I do wonder what the effect of my sleep-wake cycles being totally disrupted had on this cycle (PS I'm back on day shift now, yay!) because this is definitely the longest cycle I've had since I started charting. Oddly, the shortest cycle I've had since I started charting was the last month (before this one) that I did night shift. I also wonder what effect it had on the accuracy of the CBEFM because it's hard to use FMU when half the week you are nocturnal and the other half you aren't and the monitor will only give you a reading during a certain window of time.

Originally Posted by poetgirl View Post
The wonky thing was yesterday I saw a friend (DH's best friend's wife) who is 12 weeks preg. and it was...interesting. We have the same birthdays so we get lumped together a lot even though we're pretty different. She knew when we started TTC and a few months in made the comment that they better get started since it was taking us so long and then proceeded to get preg. the first time. (not too sympathetic to her complaints). She addressed feeling guilty that she was + and I was not, and I genuinely felt generous with her, like I can separate that we are having diff. experiences and lots of things in my life have probably come easy etc. I felt great about how I handled it, but then later, a bunch of her friends (who all have kids under age 2) were there and she announced that I was trying to gain weight for fertility and of course, that was just so interesting blah blah blah. I fought back some serious tears and gave some hardcore signals to change the conversation, but I had to say later that this was not to be brought up like that again. :
Wow. Just wow. Spoken truly like someone who got pregnant on the first try and who has NO IDEA what it feels like to be crushed month after month when AF shows her unwelcome face. I'm sorry she did that to you.

On a kind of related note, this week has been chock full of reminders of how much easier TTC seems to be for other people (I say, bitterly :, as I enter my 6th month of TTC)-- I found out that yet another person I work with is pregnant and that a friend of my DH's (and mine) who happens to be a resident at the hospital I work at is 30wks pregnant (we've been a little out of touch ) and a good friend of mine from high school had her third baby.

On the upside, while I was in Seattle visiting mi familia, I bought my much sought after and coveted iPhone, my "happy 30th birthday to me" present. And I love it! And it loves me! Yay! And, DH and I went to see Superbad last night and it didn't disappoint.

Frog, my dear, I have not forgot you, I'm keeping my : for you and turtle and those babies.

Welcome, of course, to all the newbies-- Anica, mhiccup, PatioGardener, and VeganCupcake!
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Thanks everybody for the welcome!

Poet girl, you want me to kick that woman in the shins? I'll do it!
I suppose a non-violent method would be better, but maybe it's ok to imagine.

Frog, good luck with the kiddies. Thanks for sharing about your family. My partner lost her father to suicide a few years ago and a cousin a few years before that. She rarely talks about it and I always treasure any insight into what she is feeling surrounding those losses.

As for me, today is 8dpo/iui. Last month I was convinced by this point that my bbs were ENORMOUS and sore, but I'm resisting the urge to think that this month. I was exhausted last night and have felt vaguely like I am getting a cold since we returned from New Hampshire where we stayed in a musty cabin. I am studiously assigning everything to non-pregnancy factors to keep myself sane. No test for me until next Tuesday has come and gone with no AF (I'm not charting, so no temps to play crystal ball with).
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Hi Everyone!

Sorry its been a while, but I'm in the part of my cycle where I'm just waiting, and watching, and it kinda makes me a lurker, that good old waiting to O phase.

The good thing is, I'm having more fertile CM earlier, with no intervention, I'm wondering if I'll O earlier than normal? Normally I O btwn 16-18 or so, so a few days earlier, I actually wouldn't mind!

The official BD marathon starts tonight regardless, hee!

I spent the weekend at home spinning, gardening, cooking, and cleaning, then last night an old friend came over, had dinner, and spent the night. We had a great time chatting. And, we tried hubby's first brews from this batch, and they were great!

hiccup Keeping my fingers crossed for you! I know what you mean, two cycles ago, I totally convinced myself I was pregnant around the same time. Neutral, remain neutral!

Mischievium Thanks for checking in, and I'm kicking your never-ending cycle for you. Grrrr. So frustrating! I'm glad you're back on the day shift, and hopefully that will help with the TTC.

Wow, good for the book stuff! And, I'm kicking the rude people for you too. Grr.rr.rrr. Why I wonder. why, must they.

mandy Hi!

Rain That is very interesting that saying the "r" word can actually make people more tense. I totally believe it!

Laura Great baskets! I love them! I've never thought of making baskets before, how cool.

Christina Hi!

Good luck this cycle, and welcome, welcome!

Frog Still keeping my fingers crossed for you, Turtle, and those two little tadpoles!

Grace Hi! I like that you guys are still sorta lurking to check on our progress. I kinda do that in the Pregnant with #1 in out 30's thread too!

Anouk Hi too!

Judy Hi!

And, just stalked everyone's chart . Ah, unfortunately it looks like we're all in the same waiting to O or get crosshairs, or confuzzled phase!
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Hey ladies,

Once again, I'm re-emerging from lurkdom!

As I suspected, I botched my timing for the last set of inseminations, so now I'm waiting to O again. My next batch of sperm arrives on Thursday, and hopefully I'll be inseminating this weekend. When I called the sperm bank to order, I found out that there was only one vial left of my first choice donor! Though I realize that it's ridiculous to get so attached to this person who I'll never meet, I was quite upset, and *really* hope it works this time.

All else is well. I'm finally back home after an extended house-sitting sojourn on Cape Cod. It was sooo nice being by the ocean, though I ended up with about ten minutes to myself the whole time, between my mother and various other houseguests. It's amazing how popular you become once you have a house on the Cape at your disposal!

So, I met with a new nurse-midwife yesterday just to check in about my charts and cycles and what not. She said that everything looked really great, which is good. I also asked her about using a prescription progesterone supplement. I had a very early m/c the first time I inseminated, and have been concerned that perhaps my progesterone is too low. She gave me a scrip, though she said that it most likely wasn't necessary. It doesn't hurt to take it, but once you start, you have to do it all the way through the first trimester. So, now I have to decide if I want to go ahead with the messy, goopy committment of three months of progesterone suppositories, or take my chances and just have my levels checked after I inseminate. I know that waiting and testing would probably be fine, I'm just sooo freaked about doing anything that might even slightly minimize my chance of having a successful pregnancy. Anyone else faced this decision?

Congrats to those who have graduated while I've been away, and good luck to everyone else. Frog, I love the new hair, and Poet, I'm psyched that your reading went so well. Hope we all have good news to share soon!

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OK you caught me lurking too. Sarah's pregnancy story was too good to top! I've also done the vomit-so-hard-you-pee-your-pants thing, but without the bonus nosebleed. I've mostly enjoyed being pregnant despite the gas, anemia, hemorrhoids, and swelling. I'm now snoring for the first time in my life. Thank goodness for those good pregnancy hormones - it's definitely a crazy ride.

Anyway, I just wanted to weigh in on Angela's progesterone question. I'm really surprised that your MW gave you a script for progesterone. I had 2 early losses in 2 months (before I started charting) and consulted both my family doc and OB about hormone levels, specifically progesterone. Both said that the losses were normal and they don't start testing until you've had 3 losses. I was really frustrated and disappointed with that answer at the time, but it turns out that they were right. Humans have a relatively high rate of early loss but low rate of birth defects. Most early losses are chromosomal abnormalities that prevent proper development. Also, I'm not sure there's any data saying that progesterone actually prevents m/c. Some docs/MWs prescribe it so women feel like they're being proactive in preventing loss, but usually low progesterone is a sign of a failing pregnancy rather than a cause. I hope that helps you make your decision and I wasn't too blunt in my explanation. Good luck - I hope the last vial is the lucky one.

Michelle go bananas!

Frog :

everyone else!

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Angela - I had an early loss last year, and, after too much time online, and talking to a local midwife who has worked with over 800 women...I decided not to use progesterone. (Same conclusions that Dee mentioned.) The side effects don't sound fun either!

Instead of using the "r" word, I say, "breathe"....very softly. I guess I'll have to remember this in case I end up peeing in my pants!

Good luck to everyone this month. I really can't wait for you to join me!

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Angela! Good to see you here again, and hoping that this month is a lucky one for you!

Dee! Yay, brought out another lurking grad! Hi!

Rain! We all hope to join you very soon!

So. My chart is making me crazy today! Temp up, a few days before I should have Oed. I'm really hoping I didn't O already because our timing would not have been so great. It seems odd, I've never (since charting) Oed before CD 16, and if I did it would be CD12. I wonder what that means.

I guess tomorrow's temp. will let me know, it will go up, or back down and then we'll see.

The sucky part is DH just started teaching again, and coaching for the year, so he's been super, super tired the last few nights, and I don't have my eager mate. Ah well. We can only do our best!
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Michelle, I looked at your chart. Tricky because you had .4 of a jump, should be .5 right? but you also had the ewcm? Keep BDing, today tomorrow (when we are tired from teaching, I try to instigate early vs. right before bed). But if you did in fact O, you still had those 2 days which are well within the time, esp. for making a nice little girl. See what happens with ewcm today and think positive. Sometimes after all this effort, it happens during the less obvious month. Maybe your cycle was catching up after AF was a little late last time?

i have to get ready for work, more later!
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I think it's time for me to leave this thread again. TTC isn't looking like part of the plan anytime soon.

I'm hanging out in the NMY tribe, if you're looking for me.

Thanks--and best of luck and tons of sticky baby vibes to all of you!
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Originally Posted by frog View Post
I think it's time for me to leave this thread again. TTC isn't looking like part of the plan anytime soon.

I'm hanging out in the NMY tribe, if you're looking for me.

Thanks--and best of luck and tons of sticky baby vibes to all of you!
Good luck, Frog! We'll miss you here, even those of us who just spend most of our time lurking!
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Thread Starter 
Hi everybody. Happy Hump Day.

Frog - We'll miss you and I hope to hear from you again sometime. I hope you're ok.

Michelle - I agree with poetgirl. Even if you did O early, your timing was still good. It's months like these that anything can happen!

mhiccup - good for you for staying strong! We're with you!

mischievium - nice to hear from you again. Sorry your cycle is so irritating! That must be really tough. But you never know... Since your schedule was crazy and temps all over the place... could it be you're PG? Looks like according to your past cycle lengths, you are due for AF (if we ignore the O date ff gave you). ????

Originally Posted by mandy
You know, one thing that ttc has taught me is to NEVER offer up advice unless you are asked.
Mandy - great advice! I really need to remember this more - I'm kinda a buttinski sometimes... Thanks for the reminder.

Laura - awesome crafts!!

Poet - congrats on your notoriety!

Me - nothing goin on really. Just hangin. We got a LOT of BD'en in over the weekend. So, we did all we can... now we just wait. I'm not stressed (yet!) Lately, I've thought at times that I'm ok if we don't have kids. Sometimes, I'm not even sure I want them 100%. I think we all have our doubts sometimes. And kids are hard. I really like our freedom right now. And DH and I are such a good team. Life is good.

Go doggie style!
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I broke down!

I had heard so much about the land of cheap and easy HPTs and th Dollar Tree that I had to check it out and lo and behold they really do only cost a dollar. . . so I bought five. BFN, of course. Though it is only DPO 10.

These allergy/cold-like symptoms keep hanging on (not prone to allergies) and I had to go to bed last night at 9PM, very early for me. Nothing else remarkable, so maybe I really am catching a cold.

Laura, your crafts are great! I'm terrible with my hands, so I always find it so impressive when people can do that sort of thing. Turns out that I'm mostly good at talking, not so impressive.

Good luck in your travels, Frog!
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Hiccup, hugs on the BFN, but it could simply just be too early. When I was pregnant, I got a BFN on 10DPO and a BFP on 12! And that reminds me, I need to stock up at the $ Tree too!

Jencat I feel the same way about the kid thing sometimes. I really do want them, but I'm sure there will be a small part of us that misses our total freedom. I think when you wait til your 30s to TTC you really appreciate having a life with your partner first. And I'm stalking your chart this cycle!

Frog Big hugs. I'll keep up with you on your blog .

Poet Hmm interesting theory that my body might be catching up after a little longer of a cycle last month. But I'm starting to think I might just have longer cycles? The things you never knew about your body!

Me Chart still about the same, the good thing is, I'll eventually figure it out! Still thinking I'm gearing up to O.

Ah, morning with coffee, and watching the animals jump around out there. I never knew sheep could be so entertaining!

They run and bounce around like little kids sometimes when its nice and cool out in the mornings and evening. They race around like a little group runners all pushing to be first.
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Poet- Yeah, this year, I am actually teaching English, Biotechnology and Journalism. I've got my hands full!! As for the weather here, we really lucked out. We had a few down tree limbs, but everyone around us had way more damage. I'm counting our small blessings!!

Mischievium- Nice to see you again. You always crack me up.

mhiccup- Good luck keeping your sanity the next few days. I actually got a bfn at 10dpo and then my bfp at 12dpo!! There is always hope!!

Frog- I hate to see you leave, but I completely understand. Pop in whenever if you need some love and support.

Rain- I still can't make myself commit to the other thread. I like everyone there, but they are in a completely different place than we are. Pinkorchid is in a "Due in March" thread... I wonder if they would let us join there??

Jencat- Good luck the next few days!! I'm pulling for you!

and love to all!!!
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Lately, I've thought at times that I'm ok if we don't have kids. Sometimes, I'm not even sure I want them 100%. I think we all have our doubts sometimes. And kids are hard. I really like our freedom right now. And DH and I are such a good team. Life is good
Funny....That's exactly what I was saying about this time last month! I think it's a really good place to be.
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michelle-and you're a little down (temp, i mean!) today, seems maybe like you're gearing up to O? you sure seem fertile with all that ewcm--keep bding! lots of dust to you.

jencat-you do seem in a good place! thanks for sharing. your messages are always really uplifting to me, good attitude, keeping it in perspective. i need that! thanks! tried to stalk your chart, no temps, but lots of well-timed BD! you go!

mandy-glad you were spared in floods. sounds like you are super busy at work. hope you don't experience too much morning discomfort and sickness. have a great year!

frog-we'll really miss you! best of luck in all you and turtle do. drop by absolutley anytime.

mischievium-great to hear from you! and really sorry about your cycle that never ends. i hope by the time you read this you are feeling better.

hiccup-hang in there! this is the hard part. hugs to you.

angela-great to hear from you and glad the summer in cape cod was good for you despite the insem. frustrations. i hope this vial is the lucky one!

me, nothing much, just trucking along. my teaching asst. is 7 1/2 mths. preg. hoping she'll rub off on me...
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michelle, i feel like such a copycat...last month we both had the late AF.
well, check out my chart and the temp spike i just had at day 10 :
day 10? i used opks and on days 8/9, i had a faint line but was told it had to be really dark to count. we did bd with pre-seed last night but that was like 8 hours ago...i feel like we probably misssed the egg, if i did O. every once in a while i have one really short cycle, i hope this is not it. my sister who's been ttc for a year just O'd on day 10, so that was why i tried to start the bding a little early. i just hope we caught it. only time will tell, do the temps stay up,
what do the opks do...guess i should go back and read my own advice!
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