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Summer '07 twins thread?

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I know there are a bunch of new twin mommies, myself included, so I was wondering if you would be interested in a thread just for us newbies? I know I am having a hard time finding where I fit it perfectly in all the boards. Of course the Life With Babe, and this Parenting Multiples. But it would be nice to post with other moms going through what I'm going through right now.

So, let me know. I will try to start it up every week or so, but anyone else can feel free as well! And it certainly doesn't have to be limited to just the new mommies, the experienced can post as well!
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I'm in! Of course I have yet to even post my official "the babies are here/birth story" post yet! Thanks for starting this.

My babes are 5 weeks and Finny (baby b) slept 7 hours straight last night! Oh the engorgement! But certainly no complaints from me.

Overall I feel like I am handling the day to day stuff ok- older kids get to playdates, food is served several times a day, etc. But I have moments when I want to explode or cry too often. My older kids haver clearly not had enough of me (my time, my attention, my energy and focus) and it is showing up in their behavior. I know they just need more of me but my instinct is to be firm and push them away. THe anger in my son is scary to both of us.

Well, done nursing so I've got to go, but I'll check back regularly when nursing like I always do.
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Yeah! 7 hours!! That's awesome! Yeah, I didn't see any kind of announcement from you Mumm, so you'll have to let us know some of the details. I take it they were born at the end of June? How far along were you? How was the birth?

My boys both did a 5 hour stretch last night and then were ravenous! But what a blessing. My dd took years to sleep that long!

My older kids seem to be doing ok, I haven't noticed any major issues yet. Thank goodness, I was really worried about my dd who is 3 1/2. Oh, yes I know what you mean Mumm about those times when everything comes to a head and the tears start flowing. I think I am feeling a little cooped up in this house. It's so hot outside that I don't really want to take the twins out in it for very long. So we sit inside. They house is starting to feel all dirty and unorganized which really bothers me.

Ok, question for everyone...what so far has been the hardest thing about having twins? And what has been the biggest surprise?

For me the hardest is carrying them both. I haven't figured out how to sling them both yet. And then even when I'm just holding one and the other starts to cry. They are getting too big to pick up with one hand. Tricky!

And the biggest surprise is how capable I really do feel. I was extremely worried about how I would manage, and yes it's only been 3 weeks, but we are doing pretty good so far. I think most of it is because I have been blessed with good babies! But I told myself when pregnant that I would just hold on and enjoy the ride, and try to keep my sense of humor. (That has come in handy when I'm being pooped on!)
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Sure, I'm in. My twins are 6 weeks now and doing well. But its definitely a lot!
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gotta go nurse, but i'm in! BBIAB.
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I'm in, if May counts as summer. Mine were born 5/23 and are our first(s). I've been double slinging though they're getting heavy fast. It's amazing how, just when I think i've figured out a new trick, they grow and change and I have to reinvent it. truly amazing though.
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Toughest challenge? Reflux. They were feeding and crying constantly the first week. We started them on Zantac and they're perfect angels now! They still spit up, but so much less then before because they're not overfull.

Biggest surprise? How well i'm handling everything. My c-section recovery is going swimmingly (I still have to apply abdominal pressure to my right side when I stand and I don't have as much endurance, but otherwise i'm almost back to normal). The babies are doing well and are almost back to birth weight 10 days later. We have their days and nights straitened out now and they're sleeping 3-4 hours at a time from midnight til 9am. With tandem nursing it's not much worse then nursing a singleton, just more juggling. My DS is not jealous and just wants to kiss and hug his sisters all day. My partners have been going above and beyond taking care of everything (allowing me to focus on recovery and nursing). One of them even nurses them when they are really fussy (in the days before zantac). It's so sweet. I even feel like i'm bonding well with the girls. Oh and i'm still swollen, but i've lost 31 lbs in 10 days! Life is good

I finally figured out how to do a wrap cross carry in my Hoppendiz with two in there. It's awesome watching people's eyes bug out when they realize there are 2 in the wrap! I do have to say I have mixed feelings about the celebrity status thing. It's pretty cool now, but it makes shopping and appts hard because I literally stop every 3 steps to talk to someone who has approached me. I actually stopped making eye contact at babies r us today because I was getting really tired and needed to get OUT of the store and home to bed!
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I'm in. Babies are 15 days old now. Nursing well. Back later.
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I seriously need to learn how to carry both these guys at the same time. Fyre, what kind of wrap do you have? I swear, I can not figure out how to sling a newborn. I have worn them in a pouch, but only one at a time. My dd didn't like being in the sling until she was older and could sit up.

Fyre, what symptoms did your girls have with the reflux? My boys were wonderful the first two weeks and the last week and a half have been getting fussier. They wake up crying, but it only lasts a few seconds. I pick them up or try to nurse and they've already fallen back asleep. And they will squirm constantly. Yesterday evening I nursed from 1:00 to 9:00 pm continuously, just back and forth between them. I'm wondering if they are on a growth spurt and I'm not making quite enough milk? Although it does seem like the supply is fine. Last night they woke every few minutes to half hour or so, would cry out, but when I went to nurse they were already back asleep. So it seems somethings keeps waking them, but not fully. Anyone have any ideas?

Fyre, I'm so glad that you are recovering well! Sounds like you've got things under control!

Oh, and torio of course you are welcome! And you're going to have to let us in on all the tricks you've learned!

Hopesmom, yes, it certainly is a lot. There has been more than once where I've thought "this would be much easier with only one".
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Ah, the tricks. I don't know that any of them would work for anyone else--heck they often only work for us for such a short time. I think the biggest thing is just figuring out how to pick up, hold and carry two at a time. When they were little 6-7 pounders I could slide a hand under each one and pick one babe up with each hand--pressure under the shoulders with a couple of fingers holding the wobbly head in place. Of course they outgrew that one right away! Now I sort of scoop them up against my body. Works well to carry them one against each hip with heads resting at my armpits. I can get in and out of the rocker with them this way and somehow we've even managed to get all latched on a nursing. Nursing in the rocker is our newest fave because they've really outgrown the boppy. Also DS loves the movement.

I use pouches a lot so far. I have a mei tai that I love, but I just can't manage two of them at once since the babes are still too small to be on my back and they so often end up wanting to nurse while in the sling. Even when I'm using the stroller I still carry the slings along. It's a great way to be able to NIP w/o a whole lot of fuss. It's funny how many people come close to get a peak of babe in a sling only to be surprised that babe is nursing.

A great trick (I have to give credit to wombatclay from my DDC) is pressing baby's knees to belly to expel gas. DH has turned this into a game that both babes love, plus it helps alleviate gas-related crankies. Bicycling their little legs helps too.

I can't believe how big my babes have grown already. I'm thrilled that they're so healthy, but part of me is sad to see how quickly they've left the tiny baby stage behind.

fyrebloom, I know just what you mean about the downside of celebrity status. Every errand takes so much extra time. Makes me wish people would appreciate all kids that much though. At the grocery yesterday a woman was gushing over our twins saying she wishes she had two babies. Her 4 yr old son who was riding in the cart said, "Mama, you DO have two babies. Me and sister!" It just broke my heart.
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S&G24Me: I have two wraps. One is a homemade stretchy wrap similar to the moby wrap. I made two when DS was little. They're good for wearing 1 at a time, but they sag too much for wearing 2. My other wrap is a Dublin Hoppendiz. I've been using this almost exclusively (since i'm the only one in the house with guts enough to wear two) and it works great. I put them in a wrap cross carry.

I suspected reflux because the girls would nurse and SCREAM for more. I would literally nurse for 3-10 hours strait and eventually they would go to sleep. Willow would eat so much she'd throw it all up after. I could also hear them swallowing back after feedings. They were inconsolable for hours and hours at a time. It was hell.

torio: That is so sad. And I feel bad for MY son for not getting as much attention!
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I am in. My boys Lincoln and Pierce are 8 days old! I dont have much time to post but i will check back later
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I'm in. I am about to give birth and will need all the help I can get!! (my mom is here for a month, but what do I do when she goes home???):
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Shuli, Oh good! I get to post something really positive to you after that long one about hospital births...

It's really good to have help while you're still recovering frtom surgery. After your mom leaves you may find your house a mess, but be surprised by just how well you and the babes do together. My mom couldn't come to help and DH returned to work after just 3 wks. I'm pleasantly surprised by how well we three manage on our own. We even get out of the house regularly. But my house really is a wreck and dogs are pretty lonesome for attention. The slings (I like pouches so far) are a lifesaver. Try two babes in one mei tai while they're tiny--mine outgrew that way too quickly.

Good luck w/ the birth! xo
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Hi Everyone-

My girls are now 6 weeks and I finally had one weighed! Finny was born at 6 lbs 9 oz and seemed so little and fragile to me. She is now 9 lbs 8 oz. Not huge, but growing. Her sister was 8 lbs 3 oz at birth and still seems like a moose to me! I hope to get her weighed at some point in the next month.

Shuli- You'll be surprised at how much you can do. My first week was really hard. I still felt awful and was VERY weepy. Dp was home for almost a week and then went back to work. (A pilot who is gone for up to 6 days a week. Typically she is gone for 5.) My house is bad, but not un-livable. We still eat ok AND we've been sick. (Strep throat for me and my 4 year old. Swimmer's ear *really painful* for my 4 year old, Lyme disease for my partner, me and my 4 year old and I broke my toe two weeks ago. Oh and I happened upon a bees nest- dozens of stings and a left arm swollen for 3 days to the point I couldn't use that hand.!: ) Honestly, I think dealing with the illnesses has been harder than the babies!

Aimes- I'm sure you are really busy, but congratulations! I hope it is going well. My neighbor had preemie twins. One was in nicu for months. He is now the most enormous 14 month old. A rock! I hope you are finding a way to also take care of yourself. Sending good wishes for strong growing!

Fyrebloom- Glad to hear it is going better. Nothing like baby girls! I really wanted boys, but must say my girls are growing on me. :

Torio- I hear you on picking them both up. These girls are going to be really flexible if I keep carrying them in these weird contortions! I have a moby wrap that I could carry them both in, but 1- It it too damn hot! and 2- they hate it! I've been using a ring sling for one, but my core strength is so poor that it feels uncomfortable. If I need to have two hands for something, I try to enlist one of my older kids to "help". They love being needed and the babies usually are happier being held poorly than being put in the bouncy seat.

I feel like I am doing pretty well for being alone so much and think I'll be able to do **ANYTHING** once we are all healthy. I'm up at night more with my older sick kiddos than I am with the babies.

What do you all think will change with nursing at they get older? I'm not so good at nursing at the same time. The milk comes too fast, they can't stay latched on. So when I try to fix one the other comes off, etc. Then they end up all frustrated and full of air. I'm hoping they can keep themselves latched on better when they are older, but already my lap is overly full. What will it be like when they weigh a combined 35 pounds, not 25 pounds, kwim? I never tandem nursed my older kids.
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Originally Posted by S&G24Me View Post
Yeah! Ok, question for everyone...what so far has been the hardest thing about having twins? And what has been the biggest surprise?
I am in for this. The hardest thing has been that my baby girl seems to always want to be held, my other younger kids some times bug the babies. Some of my girls think they are dolls and are not a gentle as they should be.

What has suprised me the most is that I pictured my self before I had the babies and tadum nursing and having no problems at all. I have never had a problem with nursing and would do it any place any time and just flung a blanket of me and never even had to see what I was doing.
I never thought of having a struggle with this.
I can't get out much because having two little ones at home and plus my other 7 kids. I am starting to get a little drepressed. I have had a little bit of that before with my last births but it seems stronger this time.
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Originally Posted by mothtomany View Post
What has suprised me the most is that I pictured my self before I had the babies and tadum nursing and having no problems at all. I have never had a problem with nursing and would do it any place any time
I assumed the same for myself. My breasts are so much larger than they were and I am self conscious of that and my still bulgy, wrinkly, stretch marked belly. I *hate* nursing them at the same time even in my own home. They don't stay latched on and I think we are all frustrated at the end!

My mom made a comment that really hurt re: bf. She said that I don't ever let the girls linger, but once they are done eating I take them off the breast. HELLO?? You see me for an hour every few weeks, how do you know what I always do? I know it hurt because it rings of truth, but I'm doing the best I can.

I think that talking about your depression and your feeling may help to overcome or lessen it. I've recently started feeling blue also- but I've had a household of sick people and now that they are feeling better they are whiny, fussy and of course we are all over tired.

How it is today (or this hour or this minute) is not how it will always be. That is what I try to keep reminidng myself.
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Too lazy to type much one handed... but I'm in for sure! We've survived 10+ weeks so far!
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Ok, I'm gonna start a new thread for this week, but I just wanted to reply to a couple posts..

Mumm: do you have a EZ2 nurse pillow? I would not be able to nurse them both much without that thing! It is a life saver! I can nurse both of them and have both hands free. And I hope you're doing ok with your baby blues. Do you think it could be more? Do you have someone watching out for you that would let you know if they thought you needed to see someone?

Mothtomany: I hear ya on the getting out of the house thing. I could really use a little time away from here, but it can be so tricky with babes that are ready to nurse often and trying to nurse both of them at the same time out of the house it extremely difficult!

Ok, off to post the new thread......
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Ok, question for everyone...what so far has been the hardest thing about having twins? And what has been the biggest surprise?

I think the hardest thing for me has been having to let one cry. I am just not getting the hang of dealing with two at the same time. My other kiddies barely cried, because I never gave them a chance to do so

The second part of this is that because of the above, I haven't really enjoyed them the way I did my other kids. I will just get snuggled with one and about to feel that all gushy feeling and the other will start screamig.

The biggest surprise is that my family actually came through to help me out in the first weeks. I really didn't expect any help at all. But I have had help since a week before the girls were born.
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