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August declutter challenge - Page 9

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Whoo hoo!!!! 25 more items gone!!
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Originally Posted by Rikki Jean View Post
8 items gone to Freecycle (like I really needed four bowls that were themed with gross sugar cereal pictures and logos, and the matching spoons :; they were a Christmas present!), and 18 in the trash.

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73 today.
193/200. Soooooooo close!!
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Blah. Stomach flu.
I will have to quadruple my efforts as soon as I'm better.
So frustrating knowing all the crap is waiting for my wrath in the basement!
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I've been a slacking a slacking a slacking (singing)

But, today I'm back on the wagon!

1 big huge bag of wire hangers that I really didn't need, Goodwill (they love me)

8 pairs of pants
4 shirts
1 shopping bag full of... I dunno, stuff?
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Originally Posted by Rikki Jean View Post
10 more things to the trash last night! I'm doing lots and lots and lots of packing today, so I should have some good results to post!

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I stopped counting ... I have filled basically two large plastic tubs with books from our bookcases for the garage sale, culled the children's magazines down to 3 or 4 of the most recent issues so that they all fit in one magazine holder, and pull sheet sets that are old or not used from ds#2's closet for garage sale/GW/trash. I hope to start our closet today if I can. We are still planning our garage sale for Saturday so the clock is a'ticking!

Things are slowly looking better though. The bedrooms are very simple now, though two of the boys' rooms needs the top shelf in their closets purged. We still need to empty the front room and kitchen as they were staging areas for carpet install and all misc. items got "stored" there.
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i haven't done crap:

But i did get caught up on laundry, almost and do some general picking up today. I really need to go through papers when dh is on the computer.....
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I haven't done anything just the first day I posted on here :

I've been busy with work and by the time I get home after 6 and make dinner I'm pooped, so I will be doing my decluttering on the weekend.

I'm gonna work on the entryway closet and hall closet this weekend
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Yay - another big item gone: twin boxspring to a very appreciative guy after posting it on Craigslist.

Other minor victories:
recycled a bunch of cardboard boxes accumulated over years of computer purchased
recycled extra phone books. (I hate that the CONSUMER and MUNICIPALITIES have to deal with the garbage imposed on us, unsolicited, by these directory businesses.)
thinned accumulating magazines (but they were replaced by current issues that arrived the same day, ha!)

I'm not doing so well otherwise, though, in terms of daily decluttering though. This weekend -- Monday is bulky item pickup, and we have a bunch of things to go already.
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Working a little slower--had to get some regular cleaning done, which slowed down the declutter progress. But I did manage to have a few more things go:

1 candle--I had to finish burning it so I could recycle the container--it only had a couple of hours on it, but I had it like that for over a year

1 broken computer mouse that dh was going to fix a few weeks ago--I doubt he will even realize it's gone

1 bag of mail given to a neighbor that was out of town for the last month (her computer is going tomorrow!!) and is now moving

1 bag of misc stuff given to the same neighbor taken from a desk we bought from her right before she left

5 more catalogs (there were more, but I didn't count specifically) plus some junk mail

1 handful of leftover Christmas kisses that I found that looked yucky and old

1 fun dip packet (oh the horror--to have let this go to waste!) that had gotten damaged and was not okay to eat

So my new total is: 161/175! So close--surely I can do it by the weekend [famous last words]
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I have decided to get rid of all our old Christmas decorations and just buy new stuff this year. There are of course certain things that will stay, like the tree skirt my mom made, along with all our hand made ornaments that have been made thru the years and our stockings. Everything else is GOING! yep!

What do you guys do with sentimental stuff? I found my Graduation gown/cap in a grocery bag in the back of the closet.. .I don't want to throw it away or get rid of it, yet, I have no idea where it should go and it's deff something I don't use on a regular basis. Is there a place for those kinda things?:

What kind of system do you all use for shoes? When we first moved into our apartment 2 years ago we had a no shoes in the house rule..well 2 years later and that rule is gone. .I think it lasted about a week? I still go by it, but noone else does. It's very very frustrating. We have a closet behind our front door that I have put a shoerack into and I make sure my niece and nephew empty their shoes outside and put them away...of course when I'm not there to make sure they do that, their mother(my sister) lets them leave there shoes everywhere, along with dumping sand and stuff all over the carpet! I looked in the closet this morning and there were NO shoes on the rack! How do I get my family to listen?
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Originally Posted by Rikki Jean View Post
10 more things to the trash last night! I'm doing lots and lots and lots of packing today, so I should have some good results to post!


Oooh, oooh, oooh! I just remembered that I forgot to count some things that I sold to a girl in my playgroup last week. I still had a ton of stuff left over from DS's first birthday party...almost a year ago... eye patches, tattoos, telescopes, and a few other things; it was a pirate party). I sold it all to my friend! I really want to cheat and count each individual piece, but that would count as 204 :, so I'm going to be fair and just say 17, since that's how many seperate packages there were.

So far today, with packing, I've thrown away 70 items, and one more thing (a bookshelf) has gone to Freecycle. I'm about to list a bunch more on there!

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Cleaned out the garage & part of dd's room today. Another 72 things. 155/500
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We had some company for a few days and I fell off the decluttering wagon but I'm determined to get back on. I'm continuing my preparation for the allegedly upcoming neighborhood yard sale, and today I moved a bunch of things in the basement to a "sell" shelf.

Now for the tough part: as I was moving things to that shelf, I kept finding these cool little things (I'm kind of a sucker for miscellaneous old/vintage domestic stuff... creamers, linens, etc.) that although I don't have any use for them, or any way to display them, I am resisting getting rid of. Little mismatched creamers, sets of 3 or 4 old plates, etc. Some of these things I had completely forgotten I owned but I still couldn't bring myself to put them on the "sell" shelf.

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Originally Posted by Rikki Jean View Post
Two more things gone to Freecycle! I have a bunch of stuff pending pick-up, so hopefully I can add those here tomorrow afternoon!


Originally Posted by goldfinch View Post
I still couldn't bring myself to put them on the "sell" shelf.
Welcome to my life. : Well, the normal me anyway. Pregnancy has done something crazy to me this time. I've become a psycho nesting purging monster.
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Do weeds count? I have a lot of those that need to go!!!
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Originally Posted by Rikki Jean View Post
I had eight more things picked up for Freecycle, and I'm expecting many more to go today!

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I am the queen of declutter today!!!!! I hadn't planned on doing much, but ds2 finally went down for a nap, and the office to be was calling me I have discovered taht I do better when I have a "good cause" to work for. When we did fundraising for ds2 adoption, I had no trouble partig with lots of stuff, and seeing it in terms of $$ signs. So, since I have someone coming to get the other items for that charity sale tomorrow, I added to that pile considerably, and it was so much easier. Here is what I did today:

for donation:
2 pop out lead dinosaur pencils
10 bouncy balls
1 sunchatcher craft
1 parakeet nesting hutch
1 sticker/activity book
4 window art forms
1 magnetic dartboard w/darts (some missing)
1 country style hat wall decoration
2 Shamu lunch pails from Sea World
6 puzzle books
1 computer monitor
1 cadoo mini game
2 photo holder magnets
2 unicorn decorations--this was hard they were in my room when I was a little girl
5 small toys-skeleton, McD toys, etc
62 magazines, some dating from the 80's--really cool games ones, but still :

Thrown away:

1 beautiful, handpainted solar system mobile that was broken beyond repair
1 solar system model that was missing planets
1 broken plastic bin
1 small bag of trash

So my new total is: 267/175!!! I met and exceeded my goal!! I also boxed up some toys for when ds2 is older, recycled some things from ds1 to ds2 room to play with now, and packed up a basket that ds1 needs to go through to decide to keep or go. I still have some more work to do, but my office is almost done! One more good day like today, and I think I will be there. And nost of what is left is the easy stuff--books on shelves, hang pictures, vacuum, that kind of stuff I still need to tackle the closet, but that is for extra office storage, so can wait until after the room is set.
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Well, I lurked for months. I just got a promotion and will be working Mon-Fri now. So, we moved out a small U-HAUL of stuff in 3 days!!!!!!!!!! I am pumped.

Never, ever again. I checked all my guilt at the door. I am sorry that people feel that they need to give us all their old stuff. I feel free. I am so excited!!!
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