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Ok, *finally* today I am get to start decluttering and organizing. We have been painting since last week ... we aren't done, but we finally finished the living area (front room through large hallway through living room through alcove). It was a very long process. But, we are ready to move the bookshelves back in the large hallway (it's a very wide "hall" that connects the front room to the main living area). The boxes with all those books don't need culling, but once those come out, I get to *finally* get to the VHS/DVDs.

Then, that should clear out ds#2's room (his room has been a storage room), and move his furniture back so he can finally sleep in his own room, which means we can finally get into the playroom and start culling old toys, decluttering stuff, and organizing what is left.

I think my mantra today is *FINALLY!* I have been looking forward to starting ... last night I was up until 4 am painting (we had to paint with the baby asleep), and I probably nursed the baby at least 3-4 times during that time, so during my nursing breaks, I went through the FlyLady site and started taking notes. I don't think I've ever been this excited to clean! :

So, I'm going to try to keep track of items so I can see how much we get rid of this month.
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Congrats Mylittlewonders, what a job you did last night! And I thought *I* was tired today!

Today we had a birthday party for my ds2 and as such I decluttered absolutely nothing. I'll do better tomorrow, I promise!
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Today I finally got my butt into gear. So far I have 136 items to give to my best friend for her new baby and 39 items to go to a conginment store tomorrow.

TOTAL for the month: 175/310

Off to do more :
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So far I've sold 46 bottles of paint (those little 2 oz craft bottles), 16 paint brushes, 3 coloring books, 2 small storage boxes I didn't need anymore, an old shoe rack, a candle holder, a pillar candle and box of votive candles, some kitchen cannisters (4), and a string of Christmas lights. Bringing my total thus far to 76.
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Originally Posted by superstella View Post
Congrats Mylittlewonders, what a job you did last night! And I thought *I* was tired today!

Today we had a birthday party for my ds2 and as such I decluttered absolutely nothing. I'll do better tomorrow, I promise!
I did really well too until about 5pm ... I sat to nurse poor teething ds#3 and I thought my head was going to fall off my shoulders!

I forgot that I did get rid of 5 pairs of jeans (well, maybe 6, I can't remember) and about 5 or 6 tee's that my mom had given me. I decided I didn't like the fit, bought some new jeans that I love, and gave hers all back to her. So, I have decluttered approximately 11 items! Now I need to count the movies.
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The store called and my bed is in!!! Unfortunately, our schedule is such that I can't pick it up until at least tomorrow, maybe Friday. But a good excuse to go into overdrive for my room. So far today:

1 dresser top cleared off
1 stack of Trading Post items in a bag to either be sold or, if not, ready to donate
1 hot spot corner cleaned out and gone through (still need to put a few items from this away, but was rudely interrupted by the end of naptime )
10 catalogs thrown away
1 bag of trash

So my new grand total is 18/175. I plan to finish my room today so that we can go ahead and move the furniture around, makign it easier to get the new bed in when we get a chance.
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All right! I started on the toys today, and I'm happy to say that I disposed of waaaaaaaaaay more than 20 old, broken, plastic, never-played-with toys! But, for purposes of the challenge, I'm going to count them as 20 (to keep up with my goal) because I'm not really sure how to count each broken piece, etc. Let's just say my front room is happy today!
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I may have to wait for September

when my dh goes back to work

When he's around he insists on going through trash bags and he has a fit if I try to get rid of stuff. It will be so much easier when he's not around.
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I got 2 more big parts of my room done--I cleared another dresser top and another hot spot of paper stacks (which included our mortgage refi ) and put awy the stacks that were interupted earlier. I need to get 1 more corner done, and clear off/under the bed before we can move the old one out and the new one in. So my new total is 20/175.

Superstella, I count broken toys by the handfuls By that, I mean large substantial things gone is 1 point, the tiny little annoying broken or extra pieces to who knows what, I pick up and hold onto until I get a handful, and then count the handful as 1 point. HTH!
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Today I shipped 2 wraps and a SSC that I sold, and I donated two packages of sposies to a pregnancy crisis center (given as baby shower gifts, we use cloth though).

So that brings me up to 180/310... with 3/4 of the month to go!!!
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Whew - I just counted all the movies and cds we are getting rid of ... 169! And there are probably more we could have gotten rid of, but until I make sure I upload all the songs I want, I don't want to get rid of my most favorite cds. And wow, I just looked up on a shelf in my hutch and found more cds to go through!

So far, my August total is 180 items!
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Ok, I got my room almost completely done today!!! There is still one corner that needs work, and I didn't get through everything under the bed, but I did get an initial sort done, and everything else is pretty much done. I also remembered some figurines that were broken and laying around that I finally put back together last week. Think about 100 very small pieces of several different figurines all mixed together--I had to use tweezers for some of them: It was awful! Anyway, added to my list is:

1 bed cleared off
2 bags of trash from under the bed, everything else boxed to go through later this week
5 hangers returned to ds1's room
3 toys returned to the boys' rooms
1 pack boys underwear to ds1 from under the bed wehre it had lived for who knows how long
1 old cell phone cover thrown away
2 cell phone batteries sold
1 room rearranged with much better flow
5 figurines glued together (about 100 small pieces, though)

So my new total is: 41/175!

ETA: We also got the new bed in and made, and I was able to straighten the rest of the house (bathroom, LR, vacuum in a mad dash before the helpers arrived! )
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I didn't get anything much done today. : But I got rid of three things yesterday.

Tomorrow I'll work on my pantry. That's got to yield at least a few things to get rid of.
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Originally Posted by kissum View Post
20 items so far today. When I get off my rear to unpack some more I have a feeling I will be adding more.

24 since I last posted. 87/200.
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First part of the month got away from me somehow but I am in to declutter 200 items.

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Today I ousted:

3 bags of cans taken to the recycling center
2 bags of trash cleaned from here and there
1 dead houseplant (and accompaanying pile of dead leaves) - not joking
3 books (bookjs are a challenge for me, I love em and need a dedicated library!)
1 old diaper bag I never use to GWill
1 plastic pumpkin that once held hallooween candy, ditto
1 annoying Boobah toy that scared the baby anyway, also to Gwill
1 bag of chocolates, which i ate. It needed to be off my desk!


Tomorrow's goal is to start the process of tackling closets. I have 2 doozies waiting for me upstairs, and I'm avoiding them like the plague... But alas, they must be done sometime, tomorrow's as good a day as any.
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I went through some more CDs today from my hutch. I uploaded what I wanted to my iTunes and am getting rid of them. 3 go back to my mom and the rest to GWill ... so now I'm at 200 items! WOO HOO!!! Plus I'm doing major throwing away of junk in the kitchen and am not keeping track. I feel like I can finally "FEEL" how my house will be decluttered, simplified and organized. We are now in a time-limit because our new carpet will be laid on Monday. Nothing like a happy deadline like new flooring to encourage oneself.
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Superstella - edible clutter is the best!
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