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hello all! my beautiful baby Jude was born 2:02 am Monday 1st October at 38 weeks. After labouring at home for nearly 48 hours, including in the birth pool, I was finally transferred to hospital for the last hour of labour due to a very long (4 hour) second stage and my contractions running out of steam, plus my waters broke early Saturday morning... it was traumatic going to hospital but I'm pleased I still made it thru the whole thing without any pain meds or surgical intervention - just the syntocin drip at the end. My baby needed a little help to get breathing properly and was diagnosed wtih jaundice plus given antibiotics bc of my membranes rupturing so early...i stayed with him in hospital till we were finally discharged last night! What a journey. Amazing support from my partner, sister in law, mother in law and fantastic midwives who did everything they could to support me to give birth naturally. SO divine to be home with my lovely little one!
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devaya, congratulations! I believe that does qualify as the first Oct mama IN october! great job!
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Reposted for Pjmom1029:

Daniel Thomas is here


He was born on 10/3 at 12:01am !

I am working on our birth story

We are completely in love with our sweet little boy and his siblings are absolutely smitten too.

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Reposted for Ashleyhaugh:

another baby is here


Tristan David was born monday october 1st at 1133

i started having contractions saturday night- i noticed when i got up to pee, but it wasnt bad enough to keep me awake. i had contractions all day sunday (back labor, which seriously sucked- i never felt a "regular" contraction) but it was nothing regular, although they were painful. about midnight on sunday, it got to the point where i couldnt sleep anymore- i didnt want to bother david if i didnt have too, since he had class in the morning, so i spent some time in the shower and stuff to see if it would help, but at about 2 i woke him up and told him i didnt think hed be going to school that day, lol...

we got to the hospital at about 3- i was 4cm..... at about 9 i caved and asked for an epidural, even though i didnt really want one, but thouse back pains were killer, lol... i was still 4cm then.... they got all that done at about 930.....david went to get some breakfast (neither one of us had eaten since 8pm, and the nurse pretty much kicked him out- which is good, he needed to eat), and i started to doze off, since i couldnt feel anything anymore.... about 10 minutes later the anesthesiologist came to check on me, and his heart rate had dropped really low- bad enough that she grabbed an OB walking down the hallway, instead of paging mine, lol, and a bunch of nurses.... they tried having me change positions and all that stuff, and nothing was working. i was still only 4cm then- they tried pitocin, to see if it would make the contractions stronger so i would dialate, and it didnt work, it kept dropping, they tried lowering the dose, didnt work, and even after turning it off, it still kept dropping. i hadnt been hooked up to the pump for the epi at that point, so i was feeling contractions again, and they started talking emergency c-section, and called david to come back..... they finished the epi, and people atarted getting ready.... david got back, and shortly after that they took me in to surgery.

Tristan David was born at 1133, and weighed 8lbs 10oz and was 20 inches long. apgars were 8 and 9, and daddy went with him to the nursery while i was finished up and sent to recovery...... it took nearly an hour to get me sewn up (for some reason i kept looking at the clock, lol) and i think it was about another hour after that before david was able to bring me the baby in recovery- he kept trying to, but they kept saying we have to do this, or this person needs to be here, about stupid stuff until he finally said look its been 2 hours, and my wife only got a glimpse of her baby. the plan was for her to get him ASAP after birth, and while i understand why that didnt happen, this is taking too long, give me my baby- he brought him to me in recovery, and i had him with me the whole time after that, except the trips to the nursery for vitals twice a day.....

we were released on wednesday, a day early.... it was great having david there with me, being a nursing student, he was an awesome advocate for me. they were going to keep me on a clear liquid diet overnight, but he talked to the nurse, and i ended up getting something to eat about 10pm that night.... i still had those stupid hose on that are supposed to help with circulation on on tuesday, after i was up and walking around (and they didnt fit right, and were bunching up around my claves and ankles and felt like they were cutting off my circulation), and he got them to let me finally take them off..... i think he annoyed the nurses, lol, but he made sure i was taken care of... he doesnt get much leave, since he cant miss much class, so he went to work tuesday and wednesday, and is took thursday and friday off, then the 3 day, and hes got to go back on tuesday.

im disapointed with the birth as a whole- everything i didnt want to happen did, and it seems like everything that could have went wrong did. and i cant help but wonder if his heart rate dropped because of the epidural, but theres no way to know that.....but baby and i are both healthy, and thats what matters. next time will be different i know... and it worked out i guess- if i hadnt got an epi, i would have had to been completely knocked out for surgery. the hospital stay itsself wasnt so bad

we're adjusting pretty well to being home. the dogs think hes strange, but arent bothering him, lol.... hes nursing well, and sleeps decently at night.... i get one 3-4 hour stretch, so thats not bad. david is a super proud daddy, and loves showing him off.... im healing well, fine except for soreness where my staples are

i have pics in hubby's facebook account, but im not sure how to link that here, or if you have to be a friend to see them- if someone knows, can you help me?
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Caleb Guy
38 weeks
October 2, 2007
7:00 a.m.
7 lbs 6 oz
18 1/4 inches
Natural Hospital Birth
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Reposted for Inspired007:

Anaiah is Earthside after short intense labor!


Well ladies, I have now completed a female rite of passage! I am a mommy!!!

Anaiah Conley Murphy "God has answered" was born today at 7:12 am today, 10/06/07, at 39 weeks and 3 days. She was 6 pounds, 11 oz. and was 19.5 inches long. My water broke at 1:30 am Sat. morning and my first contraction came about 30-45 minutes later. The first two were 10 minutes apart and after that they were 4-5 minutes apart until she was born. We left for the birth center at 4 am since the contractions felt so close together and I wanted to make sure her heartbeat was okay since I really wasn't feeling her move (contractions have a way of distracting you I've found) and wanted to labor in water. They did an internal exam (surprised me that they wanted to do one after my membranes ruptured) and I was only 3 cm. I almost gave up and asked to be transferred to the hospital. I got in the tub about 4:45 am and my contractions were unbearable. About an hour or so later she checked me again and I was 7 cm, right at the threshhold of transition but I was already pretty delirious. The birth tub was awesome!!! In between contractions I slept and during contractions I moaned my baby down. I couldn't have done it without the tub and my dh whispering "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" in my ear. About 6 ish (I am told) I felt the urge to push and this was the stage that surprised me most. I hated pushing!! I expected to like it but it really felt like she was moving to a place where she just shouldn't be! Of course, babies are not meant to stay in the birth canal forever so this makes sense right!? I just wanted to suck her back up in me to alleviate the pressure. I certainly felt the ring of fire as she crowned but when her head popped out it felt good! I thought the worst was over but her shoulders brought a little more discomfort and seconds later she was in my arms! Not a single tear!! So far the only postpartum pain I feel is a little soreness in my bottom. Yaaayy!!

Here's a picture of our little miracle!
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

For what it's worth, I had a midwife appt on 10/3 and was only 50% effaced and not a single cm dilated! I went from basically 3 cms to pushing in 3 hours! And I absolutely BEGGED for an epidural after every contraction!
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Congratulations Jazzpurr88! Welcome Caleb! I hope you are enjoying your babymoon.
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Reposted for Mrsangelic:

A new baby boy!


I don't post much on here, but read a lot so thought I'd share. Our new little one was born yesterday October 7th at around 11:32am after five hours of back labor, unassisted birth, DH caught. Called midwife after to check me for tears (first time I didn't need stitches! just had a small tear) and to get the measurements of the babe. He was 6 lbs 10oz, 19 inches - the smallest. We have yet to pick a name. He's nursing great and has my crooked pinkies.

Did have a little scare a few hours after the birth. My uterus prolapsed, couldn't get a hold of the midwife, and ended up taking an ambulance to get checked out because I was honestly freaked out to have part of me hanging out like that. It did retract on the way to the hospital and I was sent home with instructions on kegel exercises so hopefully that will help, have to do more research on the condition. I must say that it is nicer to deal with medical staff when you know you can decline procedures - like the paramedic wanted to give me an IV and a cranky nurse wanted to have the baby admitted just because he was a homebirth. The paramedic was a very nice woman and she was amazed that I chose to birth without drugs, it seemed like she had never contemplated that that was an option before.

Well, I should probably try to get some more rest.
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Reposted for Mamaveggie:

Scarlett Leone is here after 18 hours of active labor


I don't have time to do much since this is my first time online in a week. I have a week and a half worth of online banking to do. Scarlett Leone was born on 10/03 at 11:20 pm after 18 hours of active labor. I was stuck at 8 cm for 7 hours. I will post our birth story later this week, but she was 8lbs 1oz and 20in long. Congratulations to all of the new mamas and I will be back soon.
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Originally posted by Echospiritwarrior:

Congratulations Jessitron!


Hope she doesn't mind if I share!

Jessica, the awesome chica that she is, had baby Linda at 5:05 PM 9th October at home.

Weight: 8.5 lbs.
Length: 20"
Head: 37 cm
Chest: 37 cm.

congratulations again mama! Fill us in when you are ready!
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Reposted for Asusan:

Baby Boy is here! Birth story included


Collin Edward Amazeen (lastname) arrived October 8 at 6:25 pm.
8 lbs, 10 oz
21.5 inches
tons of long hair (over an inch long)

Totally drug free labor and delivery, lasting approximately 18 hours. Born in the hospital with assistance from DH and a great doula.

Labor started Sunday evening around 11:30pm, with contractions 1/2 hour apart. They started after a weekend of spicy food, nipple stimulation, sex, and massaging acupressure points. Too hot here for long walks, with record-breaking temps over the weekend. Went to bed and slept in between contractions. By 3am, they were 15 minutes apart. By 4:30am, I could no longer sleep between, so I got up and started timing. Approximately 10-12 an hour. I called the doula at 6:30am, and woke DH at 7:30am. Contractions were then about 12-14 an hour, and I needed DH to give me counter pressure (double-hip squeeze) to deal with back labor. This pattern continued throughout labor. Doula arrived at the house at 9:45 or so, and by 11am, we were on the road to the hospital, an hour away. Because DH could not apply counter-pressure while driving, I wrapped a rebozo around my hips and pulled on the ends whenever I had a contraction. It worked fine except when there were pot-holes in the road.

At the hospital, every staff member seemed surprised that I was not planning to use any drugs. Every single person who came into the room assumed that I was already on pitocin, or had already had an epidural (or would be asking fo rone), or that I was an induction. However, they also told DH and/or doula that I was their "hero." DH said when he went into the hall that I was the only laboring woman making noise, and because I was in a room just off the nurses' station, he could hear them talking about me (not bad things as all - just impressed). This in the hospital that delivers the most babies in the state (about 20 admits came in after me on Monday).

The first nurse drove me nuts because she wanted to ask questions (for the medical history) and otherwise talk through my contractions. I don't think she "got it" that, because I wasn't drugged, I needed to concentrate. I shushed her a couple of times. One time, I flipped her off, but I know she didn't see me. DH reprimanded me and told me to cut it out. (He later told me he talked with her as her shift was ending, and she was one who was very impressed that I was doing this drug free and getting so much support from DH and doula.)

I didn't take advantage of being able to move around a lot. I didn't get in the shower or use the labor ball. I basically felt like lying on one side or the other and mainly got up only when the doula encouraged me to urinate. I was finally fully dilated around 5:30pm. I didn't love pushing. I didn't even like pushing that much. I was, however, allowed to push in and deliver in any position I wanted. I ended up using the birth bar and, for a little bit, the leg holds/stirrups to brace my feet against. OB sat on a small stool at it's lowest level.

Despite the fact that the baby's head ended up being in a smaller percentile rank (10%?), I tore quite badly. Second degree toward the rectum, and the other tear went up through my clitoris. This makes me cry every time I think about it. The repair was quite painful, and I lost a lot of blood. I did get to hold the baby right away, but they had DH take him because my blood pressure was remarkably low. DH watched the repair of the tear, which took quite a while. Baby tried to suckle on his bare chest. I was finally able to hold him again after they gave me oxygen and iv fluids (and I drank lots of my still-frozen grape juice drink boxes from TJs). The IV fluids needed a new line, because the Hep-lock I agreed to had been blown by the first nurse who put it in.

Doula left - and made a run for Ben & Jerry's for us - and returned when we were in our recovery room. I still was dizzy when I got up to use the restroom, so I had to be cathetered. That was the WORST pain. They had to call in a nurse "who used to catheter people for a living."

The baby is a barricuda when it comes to breastfeeding. He's all about the sucking/biting. Not so good at the wide mouth and latch. That's our homework for the next day or so. My milk has come in, so no worries there.

The rest of the hospital stay was rather uneventful. Visits from one family member and our close friends. Lots of hospital traffic. Now that we're home, baby is sleeping. DH is rearranging the bedroom to accommodate the co-sleeper. We're crashing to sleep soon.

Pics when I can figure out how to get them online. DH says he looks like an ancient Mayan.
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Reposted for Eachospiritwarrior:

What a BIG surprise!


She's huge. and a GIRL!

I was so wrong!

pics and birth story here:


I'll bet there are several new moon babies joining us!
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Reposted for Naismama:

Our baby boy has arrived!!!!


I can't believe it! Our baby boy arrived this morning, October 10th (his due date!) at 7:05 AM. He weighed in at 8lbs, 2oz, 22 inches long.

I won't go into the *long* version of the birth story now. But yesterday all afternoon I was having contractions that were pretty strong and trying to work into a pattern. I still wasn't sure it was labor though. Then around midnight, things really started to pick up. My husband rocked me through the contractions. Luckily my 26 month old dd stayed asleep through my moans and screams My midwife and her apprentice arrived at 5:30 AM. In the haze, I remembered that I wanted to give birth in water and got in the tub. DD woke up and came into the bathroom at 6:30. She calmly and quietly watched me push her brother into the world. I was so proud of her and so proud to be able to show her a beautiful gentle birth. Our baby boy is beautiful and we are all doing well. My mother flew in this morning and was in the air as the baby was being born, but I think it all worked out for the best. I just keep looking at my family and I can't get over how blessed I am.

My first birth was a traumatic hospital birth. I had a doctor inflicted 3rd degree tear, and my spirit and body took a long time to heal. I knew I wanted to have a home waterbirth, but there were moments when I wondered whether I was strong enough. I couldn't believe how intense and wonderful it felt for my body to be pushing all on its own. I sustained no tears--just a tiny skidmark! And I don't know how much dd will remember, but it was important to me that she witnessed this birth. For those mamas hoping to have a gentle birth experience after a "less than gentle" one, IT IS TOTALLY POSSIBLE. It really really is.

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Linda Birth Story

Linda arrived on Tuesday afternoon, after about 7 hours of labor, safely into my own hands at home!

Contractions were irregular for days. They started again Tuesday morning as soon as I got up. They were sligthly more serious than before, pulling at the bottom of my uterus. I knew they were serious when they didn't stop once I left for work. I dropped my daughter at preschool and then drove back home. Contractions were infrequent (10-15 min) but felt serious and lasted a minute each. I called my friend Sam over for labor support, emailed DH to come home at lunchtime, and called my midwife. Since contractions were 1 min long and I was starting to feel spacy, she headed over. Meanwhile, Sam and I went for a short walk. I could walk or talk through contractions, but not both. The weather was fantastic, with a bright blue sky. Come out, baby, and see this beautiful day!

The midwife arrived around noon and checked me: 3 cm and 90% effaced. Great! It took forever to get that far last birth. The three of us (four after DH arrived) hung around in my room and chatted between contractions. They moved from 5 to 3 min apart, and I started rocking through them. Sam applied counter pressure to my back. Some time in the afternoon I felt like sleeping, and lay down for a short nap. By the end of it, I was moaning a bit with each contraction.

I ate hard boiled eggs and cottage cheese, and drank plenty of water. I made sure to pee frequently, because that was a problem last time. When contractions became difficult, I kneeled on the rug and leaned forward on DH, a birthing stool, or the ball. A tablecloth and some pads underneath me protected the rug, as my water still hadn't broken. A lovely breeze blew through the open windows.

By 3:30 I was in transition. I still had breaks between, but it was harder and harder to welcome each contraction. It was more intense than last time (and much shorter). Everyone encouraged me, and their focus was on helping me the whole time. Transition morphed to pushing around 4:15. Pushing was even more intense. My midwife encouraged me to let my body do the pushing. It was doing plenty of it! I worked hard to stay out of the way. My water broke at 4:45, not a big gush since the head was in the birth canal. There was a small rim of cervix, and eventually the midwife massaged it back during a contraction. Not fun, but effective. Soon after that the baby moved all down and started crowning. Perineal massage and warm compreses on the perineum helped.

At 5:05, Linda was born! I pushed her head out as slowly as my body would let me. The midwife helped guide her hand across (it was up by her cheek) and then she swam out. I reached underneath my body to catch her, then rocked back to hold her. Her cord was a bit short, so it was awkward until the placeta came out, with one small push, maybe 15 min later. Then I held her to my chest.

The midwife cut the cord and helped me to move to the bed. DH and I admired our second daughter while the midwife examined the placenta. She is a lovely newborn. Her 37 cm head is not coney and barely bruised. I had no tears, not even a skid mark, and minimal bleeding. Linda munched on both sides and DH and I called people for a few hours before she was weighed and measured. Eventually DD came home to meet the baby. Oh, it was lovely being in my own bed! no bright lights, no noise, just a beautiful new baby to hold.

Breastfeeding is going well. My chiropractor stopped in and adjusted us both the next evening, and we slept fabulously after that.
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Reposted for Cherubess:

Kyla Emily is here


hi ladies,

My beautiful daughter Kyla Emily was born on 8th October 2007 at 12.30pm via non elective c/s.

She weighed 5 pounds 12 ounces / 2640 grams and 18.5 inches / 47 cms.

I went into hospital on Monday morning for an ECV which didn't work. That same morning I started losing the mucus plug and add to the other signs I had been getting over the last week I was showing signs of imminent labour so it was decided that she would delivered that day.

It wasn't a vaginal birth as I had hoped for but I am fine with it.
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Reposting for Seekingtruth:

SHE'S here!


Our baby GIRL was born today!
Born at home, gently brought into the world with the love of her mom, dad, older brother, dog and midwife surrounding her at 9:04 a.m. after just under 4.5 hours of labor. She's 9 lbs., 21.5 " long and her favorite activity is nursing! Everyone is doing just great!
She does not yet have a name.
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Reposted for Gottaknit:

Ruth has arrived! (Yay I got my VBAC!)


Our daughter Ruth Amaia was born via VBAC Tuesday at 12:38pm, after about 9 hours of labor. (I was probably in labor longer than that, but I'm only counting the hours that hurt! ) She was born in the birthing tub at the most wonderful free-standing birth center in the world. I am sooooo happy to have her here, and so happy to not be pregnant any more! She is a little darling and a pretty easy baby so far.
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Reposted for Mimiharshe:

Just want to pop by and say she is FINALLY here!


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Reposted for Rik8144:

Welcome to Asher David!!!!!


Asher arrived at 6:12 pm on Oct. 11 after 7 whole minutes of pushing!!


Asher David Allen
8 pounds 1 ounce
20 inches long

We are over the moon in love and his big sister just wants to hold him and kiss him!!
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Reposted for Jessicarae:

Stellina's birth story


Hi October mamas! Stellina Love made an early -- and fast, and natural! -- arrival on Monday, October 8, at 10:57pm. (Her due date was 10/20.) I labored at home from 10am to 6pm w/ 1-minute contractions 10 minutes apart. Let me tell you, I got more done that day -- bills paid, desk organized after putting it off for MONTHS, laundry -- the nesting instinct finally kicked in, haha! -- then they went to 5 minutes apart, passed my plug and water broke at 7pm, got to the hospital at 7:30. The BEST advice I got from our doula-led childbirth class was to labor at home as long as possible to best avoid any medical interventions. I also wrote a birth plan and had gone over key points with 2 OBs from my practice, but there are 5 so it would be a crap shoot who would attend my delivery. I'd toured the hospital birthing ctr twice and felt as comfortable as I think I could being in a medical environment. I had decided for a few different reasons on hospital w/ OB vs home birth and it was definitely the right decision for us at the end of the day, but -- surprise, surprise -- if I hadn't been really informed and self-advocated for the kind of birth I wanted it could have gone so differently. We got to the hospital and I was gushing fluid, laughing hysterically from an endorphin rush mid-contraction, and wearing a tiara that said Mother-to-Be from my baby shower. So I guess I was an unusual sight at the maternity entrance -- because, you know, birth is Very Serious Business. The nurse who greeted us (my mom, aunt and partner Michael) looked up and said, "Take that off, I don't do crowns." I said, "What?" and she repeated herself -- she meant it!! Then I told them I'd called earlier to reserve the one room with the jacuzzi tub to labor in. My doctor -- not one of the ones I'd seen recently -- said, "Not if your water has broken." I said another doc in the practice had said it was fine. She said, "It's against hospital policy." I said, "Actually, it isn't. I asked about it on my tour and they said there's no protocol -- it's the doctor's decision." She said she'd look into it. Nurse Ratchett said, "well, if you want to do this all-natural, get out of the frickin wheelchair." The security guard had insisted I get a ride in, and since I was mid-contraction and doubled over and spouting fluid, I thought it was a good idea. Yes, she really said that. I felt like the floor was caving in. "This is the nightmare stereotype," I thought. "They profess to support natural childbirth but in reality are hostile toward it..." Then she showed us to the room -- she was supposed to be our nurse!! I went in the bathroom, took a deep breath, thought, no one is going to change this around but you, and said calmly through the door, "I'm not coming out until I get a nurse who supports natural childbirth." My mom, with equal calm and firmness, relayed the request and another nurse came in, who first apologized for her coworker (and later, as it turned out, reprimanded her, b/c our new nurse was in charge that night and furious for Nurse Ratchett's attitude and behavior), then said she totally supported us, thought it was courageous to ask for what we wanted, and was just fabulous for the duration. She and my doctor, who OKd the tub, went over the birth plan, asked questions and gave input, and followed it with the only exception being immediate clamping/cutting of the cord because it was very short and wrapped around Stellina's neck. I labored in the shower -- after all that, the tub was running rusty water! -- on a birthing ball, on all fours with arms on birthing ball, on the toilet, just moved around a ton and received massage and drinks from my birth posse. I went into transition at about 10:30, started bellowing like a banshee but regrouped and focused on breathing her down and quieting my mind with great guidance from the nurse. I bore down with my contractions, envisioned her moving through...it was incredible. Opposite of an out-of-body experience (in-of-body?). I was on my knees with chest against the back of the raised upright bed, grabbing handles behind it, biting a pillow. 4 or 5 pushes, with a mad scramble b/c they didn't realize she'd come so soon, and out came Stellina (which means Little Star in Italian). I nursed her while birthing the placenta -- she latched on immediately and basically hasn't stopped eating since! -- and while the dr stitched a tear in my labia. (The baby came out with her arm over her head.) I could go on but am typing one-handed at this point. I feel so happy about the birth we had, madly in love with my daughter, and although we had to deal with that negative nurse at least I know she was held accountable and it was a reminder that the better informed I am, the stronger the intention I set for a situation and its envisioned outcome, the better an advocate I'll be for myself and my family.
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